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Tara & Rama Report 8-27-19
Tara, “Greetings!” 
Rama, “Greetings!”
Tara:  Thank you, Eli, and thank you, Mother.   Make no mistake, we heard it all.  
So let us just say that we are living in the most incredible time and let’s just start.  And Lord Rama, you put in your two cents as we go along, okay?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: This is an amazing report, Everybody!  And this is for today, and Rama is speaking here: About mid-morning today I went up to the mountain to the fairy ring and I set up a Jedi Council, and I could feel Susan’s presence in the fairy ring with me.  Then the King of Egypt showed up first, along with Professor Z. Tell us again who Professor Z is, Rama.
Rama: He is the former scientist who was working for one of the deep underground bases. He escaped and became a whistleblower.
Tara: And he’s a quantum physicist, right?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And he’s been on the Ashtar Command ship, The New Jerusalem?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And so again, the King of Egypt and Professor Z, and then Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and then the Poppy Lady, they all said to me, “Lord Rama, at this great transfiguration time with this New Moon in Virgo coming in this Friday, August 30th, at 3:37 AM Pacific time in the morning, the return of the great Mother Goddess is assured.”
Then the King of Egypt said, “There is a real tough situation happening between French President Macron and Brazilian President Bolsonaro, though on the surface this is about wanting to level the Amazon forest to raise soybeans and cattle for farmers, and to mine things under the floor of the Amazon, as well as do logging, as Bolsonaro has been claiming, it’s about something deeper as well.
It’s about the ancient treasures of the South American empires connected with the Seven Cities of Gold and Pacha Mama. The first one is called Quvira, the second one is called El Dorado, (this is in this area, I’m understanding) the third one is called the City of the Caesars, mythical South American city of great wealth. The fourth one is called La Canela. The fifth one is called Katiti the legendary lost city of gold, silver and jewels, said to lie east of the Andes in the Amazonian rainforest. The sixth one is called Lanka, as in Sri Lanka another name, after that the mythical capital city of Ravana, written in the epic Ramayana, meaning the story of Rama and Sita. And the seventh one is Johannesburg, or place of gold.
And the seven cities of gold were set up by the Ascended Masters and space commanders as great learning centers of the wisdom of the ages and the great ashrams. Back to what the King of Egypt is saying about this situation between Macron and Bolsonaro, KOE said, “This is about on the surface, rude comments Bolsonaro made regarding Macron’s wife, yet underneath that, is as Bolsonaro has said, “where money is given, there are always strings attached, and that you and your cronies, President Macron, must most certainly want something from Brazil, not to mention that you consider us a colony which you can manipulate and control.”
There are some words of truth to that.  That doesn’t mean that he’s a saint. He’s a fascist overlord that has done many murders, Bolsonaro, I mean.
At this point, the King of Egypt said, “The cities of gold are protected by force fields of Light and they are only enterable from the Fifth Dimension and higher of consciousness. Even though they are also physical to a certain location, they will not open unless there’s consciousness and it’s time for you to go there.”
Then the conversation changed, and the Poppy Lady said, “There are more and more starships showing up in our midst every day, Lord Rama, and the pilot of one of these starships, Sasquatch starships, of my female Sasquatch friend, and the friend’s name is Fingdell Knorr. I am here to let you know that Ashtar is very close to giving the word to announce full disclosure.  As that word is given, all the wars will stop, the guns won’t work, the tanks won’t move, the planes will no longer fly. The submarines also will not move.
Also, radiation poisoning from the nuclear reactor that actually exploded two and a half weeks ago in Russia on 8-8-8 Lions Gate, the Ashtar Command has been cleaning up the radioactivity as they did in Chernobyl.
Ashtar appeared to Mikhail Gorbachev, the czar of the then Soviet Union at the time in 1986, prior to Chernobyl, and implored him to set up scientific research teams of 9,000 scientists, which he actually did, to fully develop the bio-superfood at that time, in time for Chernobyl to blow, which saved thousands and thousands and thousands of lives at that time.
And so this is a symbol of how the Ashtar Command are working with the people from Earth through their leadership. And that’s a very big deal that Gorbachev did at that time.”  And again he’s a contactee, still and yet. And to this day, people are living at ground zero at Chernobyl and are unscathed by the still and yet leaking nuclear reactor there. ‘Superkids,’ we are called at that point. The times have changed. We are in Sat Yuga. It is all about consciousness.
This week the astrology has indicated it will influence the entire next six years of all of our lives. Live it as the masters that we are. All masters we are! Remember who we are! Live from that Samadhi Heart we all have. And that’s the case. Believe in the magic of who we all are truly. We are ascended masters all. Remain in that consciousness and stay there.”
The King of Egypt said, “As these dark ones attempt to go to their respective underground bases and hide out, they cannot hide from Mother [Sekhmet], as she walks through walls. As I work as Anubis directly with Mother and her future self, Lady Master Maat, I have witnessed firsthand Mother doing just that, innumerable times, over lifetimes - nowhere to hide.
“Let us be all that we can be as this week astrologically determines the tone, as we’ve already said, for the next six years to our firm steps into Sat Yuga.  Let us stay in our Samadhi HeartsHuge things are going on behind the scenes, freeing captured ET’s, and releasing them through portals on our Earth. Also freeing many who have no name all over this Earth, above and below, from the captivity of the dark ones.”
This is a major relief to everyone; and Rama looked up what it means to be Anubis as the King of Egypt is. And this is what it says. Anubis was an Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife, as well as the patron god of lost souls and the helpless. He is one of the oldest gods of the ancient Egyptian hierarchy.
I am going to read the epilogue* now from ‘Secret Places of the Lion’:
“When man again shall conquer the ocean, and fly in the air on wings like the birds, when he has learned to harness the lightning, then shall the time of warfare begin.  Great shall the battle be twixt the forces, great the warfare of darkness and light. Nation shall rise against nation, using the dark forces to shatter the Earth.  Weapons of force shall wipe out the Earth-men, until half of the races of men shall be gone. Then shall come forth the Sons of the Morning, and give their edict to the children of men, saying: ‘O, men, cease from thy striving against thy brother. Only thus can ye come to the Light. Cease from thy unbelief, O my brother, and follow the path and know ye are right.’”
This is from the Emerald Tablets which will come forth from Thoth and they are buried in Williamsburg, Virginia, right now in the underground Bruton Vault.  That’s what they’re called. And there are Bruton Vaults all up and down the 5 major cities of the East Coast. Meaning from Williamsburg, Virginia that goes through tunnels and the Bruton Vaults are under Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York City, and then Boston, Massachusetts. And there are some more tunnels that go all the way to Santa Fe, and those are tunnels that are under St.John’s College. 
That’s where Leonaro works at the holographic library, where Rama gets to go see her, and she’s 20,000 years of age and she doesn’t look a day over 50. And that’s the case that we were told between the last time we spoke and now is that, what did Lady Nada say? - she said that nobody ever needs to die ever again, we never needed to get old, never needed to be sick and we never needed to ever die.”
And that’s what this is bringing about is the remembrance fully of that which we just stated that we are. We are all ascended masters - just remember who we have been all along and had the veil of forgetfulness. No more death, no more sorrow, no more pain, no more suffering, no more getting old. Okay, and so we will go on here: 
“One great cycle of time is now ending - shortly a new cycle begins.” (The Christ which is already begun; this is a little bit older book). “The Christ knocks on the door of the heart of the world. Those that bid him enter shall be the “Children of the New Covenant.”
“Those who thought that perfection could be attained by eliminating and smothering all desire will learn a great universal truth:  Man is never judged by the things that he does not do. He is judged by how he lives, what he thinks, says, and does; never by what he does not do!
“Men are not accountable to anyone in matters of Spirit, except Jesus the Christ (Ascended Master Sananda Kumara) who rules this system! Therefore, the authority for this work lies in the fact that future discoveries will prove the information contained herein, accurate! Quote, “The memory of man runneth not to the contrary.” Unquote.
“Besides discoveries made in the earth, great finds will be made in the field of science on the earth. In the past, man explored unknown continents; in the future, armed with curious instruments fashioned for the purpose, he will explore the unknown realms of light, color, sound and consciousness.
“Now we are entering the “twilight of the gods,” (Quote, unquote) when the final destruction of the Old Age will take place and man and the gods will be regenerated and reunited! Man will have revealed unto him a true vision of his eternal heritage--that earthly things may show him the nature of his spirit!’ Quote,’
“Out the East come vast secrets: great conclaves of elders sit together, having loving designs on earth to men and women moving in earth. These conclaves of elders sit on earth and descry it for that which it containeth; verily do they see the treasure house of experience to be revealed, that now is covered. Great, great is the wealth so buried, so great that the mind of man conceiveth no idea as to its scope. Civilizations once born and perished shall arise out of the ruins of time…and bare their secrets. Verily, the work hath but begun.”
This is from the Golden Script Number 86, Chapter 46, verses 32 to 35.
“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” That’s from Psalms, Chapter 91, Verse 1.
And then the last quote:  “Surely the Lord will do nothing. Yet he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. The Lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy?” (That’s from Amos, Chapter 3, Verses 7 and 8)*
And I just want to say that ‘The Secret Places of the Lion’ have opened now. We are beyond what’s even being said at the end of this book in the epilogue. We’ve already arrived.
And again, let’s just know that this whole next week, we stay in the truth of our Samadhi Hearts as that’s going to guide the whole next six years of laying down the foundation of Sat Yuga. Together, we are the ones we have been waiting for - and nothing less. Remember who we are.
And thank you ahead of time!  We need a $150.00 for assistance so that we can get our food next week at Beneficial Farms. And I just want to thank Susan and Fran as they got us started in this long ago with the whole family, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have this kind of healthy food to eat in this time
Rama: Yes.
Tara: that all things are going through much in terms of the suffering situation. ’Free at last, free at last, free at last’ as Martin Luther King, Jr. said. ‘And I have seen that mountaintop,’ he said. ‘And I will meet you there.  I may not get there before you do, but I will meet you there.’ That’s what he said. That’s what the man said. No more harm. Do no harm!
NESARA now! And Michelle for president of the wise council of elders. And there’s a great wisdom to what they bought in terms of their home. It has nothing to do with the propaganda out there. That’s sitting on a portal of great Light and they are assisting in releasing all of these captivated Beings through that portal from that house. And that portal is going to serve us in the future as we learn about what that’s all about. 
All right, I pass this talking stick to my sister Fran, and it’s got Angels and Fairies and Gnomes and Menehunes and Hobbits and Crystals and Rainbows. Here it comes to my sister Fran. 
Transcribed by Rita, edited by Fran.
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