Tara & Rama Report 8-28-18
Tara & Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: Everyone!  I just wanted to say that Rama has a little message; he saw something going on with new kind of craft that have been put together with the old debris of Earth that the people sent up to the stratosphere and the ozone and everything. Tell them a little more.
Rama: Michael Salla’s website is saying they’re going to recycle technology that's been sent into space. Certain members of the Secret Space Program out there which is part of the Air Force and NASA, (‘never a straight answer’ is what NASA means)
Tara: (giggling)
Rama:  are building space stations out of recycled parts of old rockets and other materials, and it's really cool. Just go to exopolitics.org and see it.
Tara: All right. Thank you, Rama. Is there anything else you want to tell people before we start reading what was Rama Speaks is saying here?
Rama: Just that everything is moving so fast, and right in Divine right timing with the energies that have been moving us forward at quantum light speed. Everything that has happened since the last Eclipse and 8-8 Lions Gate is just exponentially moving so fast and higher; this is what we are watching, the absolute unraveling of the chaos that has increased exponentially, and I do mean it is huge because the rats are cornered
Tara: We are going to send them Love like Mother Sekhmet said,
Rama: We’re going to.
Tara: and not forget that all Creation is beautiful whether the insights of those who inhabit it are flawed. We are more Love than we even know, and we have no idea how much we are Love.
I'm going to go back to last Friday’s Rama Speaks - that was the 24th. I received a call today from Larry, Curly and Tom the Ring Tail Cat: They said Mr Drumpf’s chief financial officer Allan Weisselberg has been granted immunity in order to cooperate with a subpoena to testify before a Grand Jury in the Southern District of New York regarding his involvement with payments with Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels as hush money about their allegations that Mr Drumpf  had sexual encounters with them, these 3 added in chorus,‘and Mr.Weisselberg also knows where all the dead bodies are. So as the fallout continues to pile up, do not get caught up in the fray. As we approach 9/11, the rising consciousness of the quantum field as we tune into it through prayer, meditation and the power of the positive thought, will and shall avail Humanity to change everything.
That being said, there is this undertow of the disparate energies of people set up with the old paradigm and many are becoming aware of new ideas, new solutions, new energies. These new solutions are coming up through the various Rainbow Crystal Children with their holy innocence and a clear channel to the quantum field. And also many inventions have been shelved and suppressed by these characters.  However, as we have said, Lord Rama, numerous times - we have already won! So be positive. Then they said, we want you to listen to the Music of the Spheres, the music all around us, the musical notes of the Solfreggio scales, the dolphins, the whales. In this Full Moon coming in on Sunday (last Sunday already passed) which is Equality Day as well, let us respect and call in the Goddess energy, and walk in beauty and do not worry - be happy. Please assist Tara and Rama.’
Yes, we need some assistance and thank you. It is at the end [of the month] and the squeeze is on everyone; there is small group of folks helping and yet there is extra to help for. So I just wanted to say that. And thank you, thank you, thank you in advance.
Rama: Thank you.
Tara: We are going home all the way now to the Fifth Dimension - no more turning back. 13 thank you’s. Okay.
So on Sunday, Rama Speaks: I got a text message from the Poppy Lady today and the text message said: ‘Blackwater, now called Academi, founder Erik Prince now wants Mr Drumpf to privatize the entire war in Afghanistan.’ And the Poppy Lady said to me that there are top military brass as well as intelligence officers who are willing to come forward now and spill the beans all the way back to 9/11. People such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, John Kuriakou, Julian Assange, Ray McGovern, Valerie Plame-Wilson, [former] US Representative Cynthia McKinney, John Pilger, who will be reporting at Going Underground on RT as they come back from summer break on Wednesday September 5th. Which means John Pilger and Afshin Rattansi will have 3 shows to report about 9/11 and what these military folks are going to bring forward before 9/11. These top military brass, the Poppy Lady said, these ones are now ready to whistleblow and they will indeed come forward about 9/11. Yet, no names.
The Poppy Lady went on, ‘With this Full Moon send Love to all the situations that are creating chaos and distractions right now. Do not get caught up in this gossip and speculation about what is going on, or what might happen. Then the text message said, "I will be in contact with you in the next few days about the larger story of Full Disclosure. Go in Peace, and use these higher energies with Divine Compassion and Unconditional Divine Neutrality. Namaste! Michelle for president of the Wise Council of Elders!”
Okay. Now let's see. Now we go to Monday, the 27th, Rama Speaks: I received a call from Lady Master Nada today. She said to me the creepy clown show is getting creepier by the hour yet the halls of justice are imminently closing in on the Drumpf family. And also Hillary and Bill are in the center of the cyclone along with the Bush crime family and all the 3-letter alphabet agencies. Lady Nada continued, ‘Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise; there are many stories I could go into, yet I choose to focus on the message Patti Cota-Robles gave in her e-vlog, “Victory Is Ours!” article from the 32nd Annual World Congress of Illumination, just out today, Monday. In both the video and the article, the theme is the same - the Light pouring in on all of the lightworkers working with that new Light that has never been here before, has tipped the scales in the 99% favor and the 1% will be assimilated by Love.
Then Lady Nada said, There are many things going on regarding the necessary exposure of the war crimes that continue to this day, since the morning of 9/11. The reason we specify 9/11 as the starting point here is because they used advanced galactic technology they had never used before. This technology called a magnetic particle beam weaponry literally vaporized thousands upon thousands upon thousands of human beings’ bodies that morning. This is one reason most people do not know that many, many more people died the morning of 9/11 than the official government public data is saying (between 85,000 and 90,000 people).
Then Lady Nada said in closing, ‘Place all of these things in the circle of support and Blaze the Violet Fire. And now I must go and teach a class in Tai Chi. And then because the dark side has already lost, yet the task of rounding them up is going on now, stay low key. Do not intimidate a rabid animal as they are being put out of their miseries - send more Love, and stay in Love. May The Force be with us all. And all of us at this time remember the path to the Heart. Listen to the sound of one hand clapping as we will be able to share the Music of the Spheres. Sat Nam!  Namaste! Michelle for president of the Wise Council of Elders.”
Note from this week’s I-Ching: “Concentrate on bringing all our forces together. Be still! And make a plan. Look to the strength and flexibility of our bodies and spirits to help us to remain calm and on center. Clear our minds and look to our intuition to access the truth in the situation at hand, not our minds. Our ego will attempt to have us abandon our intuitive force. Lead our inner legions from our heart of knowing. In this way we care for the soul and are triumphant.” 
Okay, then we go to today, August 28th, 2018, Tuesday. Rama Speaks: I received a call from Rana Mu and Natasha today. The first thing they asked me to do was “go and look at the picture we sent you on your cell phone" I did and I chuckled. You will see it on our website. So it's a picture of a cat looking at a mouse through a camera while the mouse is right on the other side of the camera lens. Then they said to me "This is how close we are to the end of this story." And the cat, by the way, is Mother [Sekhmet] and the mouse is the ones that need to be the mouses at this time for Mother.
They went on, "Nibiru continues to be very close to the Earth. And it continues to raise the energies up. This is affecting the dark side big time. And the US State Attorneys of New York have subpoenaed Michael Cohen this time to testify before another Grand Jury. This appointment is coming up we believe before 9/11 in early September. Also more and more evidence is coming forward linking the unnatural multiples of fires in California, linking those things up to the Hutchison Effect that was used at ground zero on 9/11."
Then Natasha and Rana Mu went on and said that there are more links to incidents around the world to the use of off-planet exotic weaponry for triggering people by mind control, to create very tragic violent incidents in an effort to control people by fear and terror, so as to, they hope, keep the world population under their thumb rather than lose their grip on money, greed and power.
Then they said, ‘Because the Light of God/Goddess All That Is that never fails continues to pour in at this time higher and higher frequencies, it becomes more important every moment to raise ourselves up to meet these tremendous openings and tremendous portals with joy and happiness and create, share in higher consciousness, the good news that we have won. They continued, ‘Place all the trouble spots around Gaia in the circle of support. The reason it feels so intense right now is that Mother/Father God is lifting everyone with their Mighty I Am Presence up to the 100th dimension and higher. We are all Solar Beings now and we can embrace that energy by acknowledging the assistance we, as well as Mother Gaia, are continuously receiving from the Cosmos.
Natasha and Rana Mu said to all of us here, ‘Use the power of coming together tonight remembering as Patty Cota-Robles also said and now we reiterate in our own words, this frequency of Transfiguring Divine Love flooding Mother Gaia is amplifying the divine intentions of the light work of every person on Earth 1,000-fold, preparing the way for endless miracles that are continuing to be created by all of us working together in order to purge all of humanity’s mis-creations, negative thought forms, and behavior patterns that keep coming up and have accumulated in the psychic astral realm surrounding this Earth. Together let us become the open door to transmute and transfigure all this dense and very dark accumulated energy for the sake of blazing a clear path and a clear mind for this light- love flow from all the hosts of heaven for the activation of consciousness codes of the holy innocents to be taken up and fully magnify divine intervention now - going on now and this now moment as well, and every now moment.
We are definitely in the middle of the greatest cleansing process to ever engulf Mother Gaia and her children. No turning back!  As Patti continues, 'To begin the cleansing process, St. Germain sounded a cosmic tone, signaling his Violet Flame Archangels to begin blazing the most intensified frequencies of the Violet Flame of infinite transmutation that Cosmic Law would allow, through, around and in the psychic astral plane of Mother Gaia. Instantaneously the Violet Flame has shattered every thought form, every pattern, every archetype and matrix that humanity has either deliberately or inadvertently mis-created since our fall from grace, eons and eons ago.'
Since the beginning of this 11 year of 2018 many, many processes of transmutation and transfiguration have been completed, and the old Earth no longer exists. And only a very small amount of negative residue from Humanity’s mis-creations remain to be transmuted into the Light-Love and now in and through in all of us together. Natasha and Rana Mu said in closing to keep lifting ourselves higher and do not be distracted by the creepy clown show. Now our work as Beloved Sons and Daughters of God/Goddess of All That Is begins in earnest. As Patti said, ‘Victory is ours!’ And we second that motion! Sat Nam! Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders.
And now with the holy innocents leading us, all Humanity will be able to co-create together the new patterns in the Fifth Dimension for the New Earth in ways we have never even dreamed of to this point. Be positive. Be the open door that no one can shut. Know that all is new. 13 thank you’s, honey in the heart, and no evil. Peace, Freedom, Love, Truth, Divine Justice and Beauty be for all of us. Aloha! Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa. NESARA now!
The numbers for today's date are 8/28/2018 and they add up to, very interestingly, 9/11, where 9 stands for completion of the whole cycle of divine unconditional all consuming love, 11 stands for ‘as above so below, Heaven on Earth now.’ So mote it be! And I bless and thank all that we have been given. The gifts of Heaven are upon us, let us use them wisely. And so many 13 thank you’s, honey in the heart, and no evil to everyone.
Rama: Thank you!
Tara: Rama do you have anything more to say?
Rama: Just blaze the Violet Fire! Thank you so much!
Tara: Thank you, thank you so much. I pass this loving, fairy dusted rainbow, crystal talking stick with all kinds of divine fifth-dimensional energies back to my sister Fran.
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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