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Tara & Rama Report 8-8-17
Tara and Rama:  Greetings, Everyone!
Rama: Happy Lion’s Day!
Tara: Happy Lion’s Day 8 8 8 8, there are actually 4 of those 8’s and it depicts a change, 32 so 2 and 3 is 5 - change – emerald green change  and I want to thank Susan for speaking of feeling like we are not wanting to change; and what it’s about for me as I’m going through it is feeling those feelings that we have kind of pushed off to the side, things like sorrow and sadness for what we have had to witness; it’s been very challenging. It hasn’t been coming from the best place, yet to have the divine open-hearted neutrality, that Violet Flame of Divine Alchemy in our heart and the Emerald Flame also there.  Violet Flame and Emerald Flame have an equal vibration of healing and transmutation of all those things that we have been asked to volunteer to come here to anchor the new Era of Peace as  Patty Cota-Robles calls her website; and that’s really the biggest mission of all, isn’t it, Everybody? 
Mother Sekhmet came in on July 27th and she spoke of the 144,000 really awakening now and it’s just such a beautiful guiding energy frequency, as she said here.  She said, “Sitting in the sacred I AM Presence, connecting with my Higher Self and in the presence of my beloved guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team, I have the following message coming forth to you this day.” Mother Sekhmet sends “Blessings to all you Children of Ra! Nama sika; veniya benya, I AM the One; I AM the Whole. I greet you beloved family; I reach out from my heart to yours, I reach out and embrace you in the energy or the space of wherever you may be in your life upon the Earth.”
And she goes on to let us know that the planet with its gravitational pull is shifting in a great way that could also make us feel not so good and bring up stuff, as the essence of our divinity can emerge out of the muddy waters, you might say, of All That Is. And it keeps on reminding me of how the lotus flower grows out of muddy waters, the muddier the water, the more beautiful the lotus flower. That’s a beautiful metaphor for what we are going through right now. And we’ve just had a Galactic New Year and “the Lords and the Ladies of the Karmic Board are now proceeding to assess the energy at the universal level and the progress thus far with the awakening of the 144 plus 144,000 Beings of Light that have agreed to come forth to this Earth Plane to oversee the great shifting of Gaia into the New Golden Age.”  That’s just enormous!
And Rama took a little bit of his crystalline friends with him on a journey; he took off on a little drive all the way up to the top of the mountain.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And it was the perfect climate today. It was very, very overcast and it appeared as though it was going to rain. That is the most perfect time to make contact with Ashtar and the others of the Command.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: In these recent weeks we have all been getting activated and our crystalline light bodies centered. So Rama took out a diamond crystal from his bags of crystals; this crystal is about 4 inches in diameter – it’s huge; and Archangel Michael gave it to Rama at Galactic Center at 26 degrees Sagitarius.
Rama: Yes.
Tara:  So he thought this would be a good time to bring this crystal and he put it on top of a multi, multi, multi-faceted crystal grid that he keeps under his chair in the car when he is driving around, and then he took out his cellphone battery and he had some copper wires; and he connected the battery
Rama: to the grid.
Tara: to the grid and then another copper wire from the other end of the battery to the diamond crystal and then put that on top of the grid.
Rama: Right.
Tara: Okay, so then you’ve got to tell the rest of the story, Rama, what happened after that. This is how we can activate our diamond crystal codes in our 
crystalline light bodies. That is why we are speaking of this and why he was guided to do this. Go ahead.
Rama: And then I started spinning my crystals, my crystal wands, in a counter clockwise manner for about 15 minutes. Then I got this really incredible feeling of ecstasy and I started looking into the diamond-shaped crystal and I got to see Lord Ashtar sitting in his chair on the Bridge, and I said “Happy Lion’s Day, Captain” and he said, “ Happy Lion’s Day to you, Sir.” And I said, the reason I am contacting you Commander is the situation on Earth right now with the fear stories about North Korea and miniaturizing a nuclear triggering device to put on a missile, and I said to Captain Ashtar “It appears that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un announced he has a mini-nuke that he can place inside the cab of the ICBM which can be launched and reach anywhere from Chicago and Los Angelis, and is saber rattling with it, threatening the Grump that he will use it and the Grump is threatening back.”
Then Captain Ashtar said, “Rest assured we have the situation very well in hand, and no nukes. As I have always told you, there will be no nuclear war on this planet, yet these ones are using the final fear card to agitate and push for war, as they think it can solve the political and economic dilemma that they, by their own misdoings, are in right now “(with all of us as guinea pigs). Ashtar said, “The Total August 21st Solar Eclipse is the final nail in their coffin. Send more Love, more Light, and work with the White Fire Core of Being Energy and the Violet Flame.”
The energies continue to rise. Yesterday that Schumann Resonance went up again. It like doubled what it has been. Okay, about the 3rd week of June or so, the Schumann Resonance went up to 120 and then last Monday night, not yesterday, but the Monday before [7-31], the Schumann Resonance went up to 360 - that’s 3 times higher than 120. Then it went the next day up to 538 point something, point 6 or something, and then the next day it went up to 1006 point something. That’s a lot of rising energy; and then yesterday it doubled the 1006, double high. So this isn’t going to stop, and this is being brought up by Ashtar to frequently send Love and work with the White Fire Core of Being energy and the Violet Flame often - and the energy continues to rise. So reach for the stars, Love and Light are fully ours!
These ones know they have lost and do not know who they are or where to turn.
Send only Love and only Light. Be the Peace. Be Divine Mercy and Divine Compassion. And yes, Helios and Vesta are Sananda Kumara’s parents, in case anybody knows; that’s where we call the Sun Behind the Sun, it is Helios and Vesta; and Rama’s got Helios and a Vesta crystals that are very large wand-like stones that he can use to call in Ashtar, and has done so many, many times.
Also, Rama sent a happy birthday little email to Barack Obama on the 4th of August.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And he also wished both he and Michelle were in a very blessed place and Michelle for President and NESARA now, and Barack Obama sent a peace sign back to Rama. That’s a very wonderful story. I get good vibrations while I tell this. Yesterday Rama went up to visit Fenn, and Fenn wasn’t home but he has always been told that he can go there.  There’re 2 of these Tesla coils with a pond of warm water, so he can get in there and it creates a …
Rama: a plasma field like in the movie Thrive where you can actually talk and interact with the plasma field and it will speak back to you.
Tara: The only thing is that Rama kind of started nodding off and Fenn called him up. I guess he is very intuitive.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and he gently told him not to drift off in the pool.  Then he came home and he gave Rama some tea.
And then Rama’s phone rang again and this time it was Number 15. This is the 2nd time within weeks. That has never happened before. Number 15 called him again and said to him a lot of fear-based armageddon reports on the internet regarding the August 21st total solar eclipse and beyond; do not buy any of it. Nibiru is not going to hit the Earth. There is stuff out there saying that. 
“What is going to happen is the full exposure of all the 13 families and their deep state agenda. (It’s already happening, Everybody.)  Know this; that we are here alongside with you even as it appears as though there is no one around to assist us. Blaze the Violet Fire. I am on my way now. Namaste; Michelle for President, NESARA now.”
These are such good moments.  So this goes on a little bit. The old energies are presently lifting completely off of Mother Gaia and are being transported into the ethers for healing and transmutation. So the classes of these said energies are necessarily a part of the process. Let’s just encourage each one of us to just stay on that Good Red Road path and the new phase for humanity to fully and finally shift Mother Gaia into a new heightened awareness is right upon us now.
Sirius and Orion will align once more with the Great Pyramids of Giza bringing in the new vibrational love from the god star Sirius to assist with the download of high resonance frequencies to activate further our DNA blueprints into the Homo Divinus light body consciousness. With the frequencies coming forth from 7777 the Blue Lodge and the White Lodge Sirius A and 8888 Lions Gate Portal now open again to assist in the manifestation of the sacred energy 0000, meaning Zero Point resonance from Source to assist many further with the full anchorage of their Diamond Light Codes in their Selves.
“On September 20th, 2017 precisely at the Great Pyramid at 5:42:24.333 AM will be a major alignment that we have not seen for Eons and this the long awaited for [time]. Venus will begin conjunction with Regulus at this time. So at this moment Venus the morning star will be aligned with the king star precisely at the Christ angle. This cycle will involve many planetary and astrological events including the alignment of Regulus and Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo. It is also forecasted that Nibiru, currently in alignment with the Sun, will be entering into alignment once more with the Earth on and around 24 October 2017 on our Earth, bringing forth a fresh wave of enlightenment.
“Many will see this as the End of Time, for this will be the end of the old paradigm finally and will bring the Earth into a new phase, a destruction of all that has passed through over the Eons and a grand shift of consciousness coming forth. This grand awareness is to finally shift Gaia from the trappings of the false matrix that has held her captive for Eons.
“We are shifting now for many masks are coming off, for many are awakening from their slumber. The connection throughout the dimensions is as intended.  
Many more disclosures are coming as Earth is moving into the final stage of a fully awakened consciousness. The glorious days are coming forth once more as we enter the glorious days of the Golden Age of Gaia.
Love and Blessings and Namaste, Everyone!
And we need some blessings; we don’t have anything and we’ve got all these bills.
Rama: Yes we do need help.
Tara: very seriously because we are needing to have enough that helps us to continue this work and I have so much love in my heart, and thank you for listening to all this. I hope that HOPE is in everybody’s hearts. Namaste. 
Rama: Namaste.
Tara: NESARA now, and Michelle for President. We pass this talking stick with fairy dust and emeralds and diamonds to our sisters Fran and Susan. 

Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.



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