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Tara & Rama Report 9-08-20
Greetings!  We don’t have questions* but there are some interesting parallels. And regarding JFK, JFK was never killed, and he is in a safe place and he will be a hundred and four years old on his birthday next year; and there was a staging of a clone that they did this demonstration. 
And as our good brother* has been saying all through this, the sinister recalcitrant ones have been trying to use fear to take us off the path to Love.  And that we have camaraderie with them.  The story has always been to stay in the power of the positive thought.  Blaze the Violet Fire and remember who we are.  And as they say, “Jack will be back.”  And he will. 
And there have been a lot of intervention going on where things that Nostradamus in his quatrains, always coupled what he was saying that as the Light does not take in hand their power and intervene with Love, that this is what you are in for.  So there’s a camaraderie there that the Light has won, and we have done our work. There have been a few glitches along the way, to say the least.  But the power of Patience as a virtue is truly critical right now. 
And there was an intention and a launch of a nuclear weapon in 1961 during the Cuban missile crisis from Cuba, and they intended to create a stir by going to the economic center of LA and destroying it along with about 3 million people. And the Ashtar Command came in and we took that weapon out of orbit and into space and neutralized it there. This has been going on behind the scenes. And there are many stories now that we are ready as a people to accept the presence of the Ashtar Command and the intervention modalities.  So things are really moving quickly now.  So that was an important one, and we could talk for another 40 minutes at least and keep going. 
And let’s just say, on Thursday, Rama speaking here, and he is representing his spiritual name as Lord Ari, as he is the son of Ashtar.  So he has an important role in terms of in helping to introduce Galactic presences on the Planet.  And again, the consciousness with the Light coming in is that people are choosing to say “enough!” and we are going to stand in our power with Love and non-violence.   And so that’s the key. 
So on Thursday, Rama speaking here, he says, “I went over to see my friends Professor Nicodemus and Dr. Steve at 11:00 this morning.
Rama:  Professor Nicodemus is a 4 foot rat and Dr. Steve is a quantum physicist nuclear scientist from Los Alamos, too.  Both of them escaped because Dr. Steve was forced to create nuclear technology and in the upcoming event they want to play with this stuff and they are actively working on that now and they said, “no way!”
Tara: Right.  And between 1991 and 1993 the interventive modality of the Faction Three White Knights with the help of the Ashtar Command was on the ground. The King of Swords is the title of the person who is representing Ashtar.  He’s got a Starship and it was issued to him by Captain Ashtar in 1999.
Back in 1991, these ones presented an Executive Order for George Bush, Sr. to sign.  And they came in with phasers to encourage him and he did, and it’s called The Pickford Case which goes back to the farm claims.  And the farm claims and the Pigford Case goes back to Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation which, what was supposed to happen, was all of the slaves were supposed to be freed and there is a second part of it, they were supposed to be granted “40 acres and a mule.”  That term means they were supposed to be given land so they could prosper the land and prosper the people and till the land and have what they needed, which is represented by the mule tilling the soil and working with them.  And that didn’t quite manifest, let’s put it that way.
And so the Light gets to make a move and then the dark.  And the challenge is to remain in unconditional divine neutrality.  And teach Love and Peace and peacefully work together. So these two have been helping that to happen and they have been around for a long time.  And they are both quantum physicists, they are not small characters in the play, let’s put it that way.  They did a lot of experiments on Professor Nicodemus, which is explaining the form he is in, and it wasn’t nice; and anyway that worked out in terms of them staying on their path.
I asked them about the different super civilizations before the flood. Some examples: I asked about one super civilization before the flood was called Oz. 
Rama: Yes. 
Tara:  Hence the play that was “we’re off to see the wizard.”  And another super civilization was called Shamballa the Greater.  These civilizations didn’t go away.  They’re working at higher levels and these ones are part of the Ashtar Command, and they are also working with the Ascended Masters and they are assisting us for those who ask for knowledge of their presence. So now we can call on them.  So that’s the point. 
So they said to me, “Lord Rama, yes, these civilizations honored the Goddess. They were framed with their path of peace, of love, of balance.  These civilizations spoke about pheromones, and the Wise Council of Elders.  They would come together in a round table, as you will, and come to a consensus, and the talking stick was passed to each one in the circle and they would share their viewpoints of how the community would move together to provide the whole with those physical needs as well as the spiritual processes in order to walk in Beauty.” 
So going back to 1991 to 1993, that Executive Order was signed granting the merit of the Pigford Case or the black farmers case which wasn’t really accomplished in 1863.  So they weren’t really freed. And that’s been, you might say, the challenge of our Founding Fathers, too, because the Founding Fathers spent 13 years with the Iroquois Grandmothers as a Wise Council of Elders. And Benjamin Franklin was Secretary/Treasurer of that coming together, and Deganawida, the Native American teacher name for Sananda Kumara, was present, as well. 
And so this is why we are doing what we are doing here, because the Grandmothers were the teachers and the leaders and they made the policies. And that’s what was exhumed.  All of these notes, researching all these years of notes from Benjamin Franklin, they were exhumed in 2008 from the Smithsonian Institute.  And Amy Goodman, on Democracy Now, actually presented them to the public on one of her shows back then.  So this is what is happening now. 
Professor Nicodemus, at this point, said to me, “Lord Rama, all these civilizations communicated with the Five Elements and the Elemental Beings, from the tiniest Pixie up to the Archangels and the eternal and the ancient, eternal Supreme of Days, the Solar Logos. These Beings would physically show up and sit in that circle as co-equals with the Grandmothers and the Founding Fathers, and share the wisdom of The Force, the Universal Energy of Love.  We are returning back to that Wisdom now. “ 
This was a little time out, and it went into some sinister, you know, the Fallen Angelic presence who thought they could just come in and just occupy a Planet of a Human race.  And their idea is to bring Love into the story and do it with non-violence. “So we are returning back to that wisdom at this time.  Go in peace and share wisdom of the ages through and in the Light of the Most Radiant One. Sat Nam.”
Okay, so we are going to the next report that I want to talk about.  On Sunday, Sweet Angelique the Cat, a member of the Ashtar Command as well, and she is a Paschat and she has taken on form and she lives in Paris.  So she is reporting on Sunday, the 6th, on some things that have been going on there and she said to me, “Greetings, Lord Rama, I am prowling the streets of Paris looking for, as John Robert Lewis would say, trouble.  The people involved in the Charlie Hebdo magazine quote/unquote terrorist attack which was another fear based operation to put the quote/unquote fear of the Lord into the people. 
And that occurred on the 7th of January, 2015.  All of the people involved in the case were exonerated, due to manipulations by the deep state.  Yet one gentleman who was driving the getaway car, was a former police officer and he was sentenced to 25 years. I am just remaining neutral in reporting this, so please keep all these peaceful demonstrators everywhere in the world in the circle of support, because the Light and Love prevails over all darkness.  Only Love exists, so Sat Nam and Namaste.  Blaze the Violet Fire.”
Okay, so here we go on Monday, this is Rama speaking, “I went up the mountain just a bit to the faerie ring, about a quarter of the way up from the Ski Valley, from Santa Fe, about 9,000 feet. It was mid-morning.  I sat in the faerie ring.  There’s a faerie ring there. And I talked to the trees and the energies of the forest.  What I saw was different molecules.  First there were little sparkles of purple, then electric sapphire blue, emerald green, an iridescent lime green, which is the color of the Being that I go up to the New Jerusalem with, and I have been doing that since I was 13, thousands of times in the physical. 
I am a go-between the Ashtar Command and the ground team, the Faction Three White Knights here. And I have this mission to bring these messages and Sister Fran, and at that time, Susan as well, and she is really here, right in the wings here. And she is working with Metatron and Neptha El Ra, and the Praying Mantis people at the Antares-Arcturus Midway Station, helping people who cross over to reintegrate into Galactic Law so that they can also root for what we are doing together with Love, to change this scenario back onto the pathway of Love here.
So what I saw was all these sparkles. Then these sparkles began to organize themselves into geometric shapes, an eight sided octo-dodecahedron, a seven-pointed star, and many others of these shapes which represent principles.  They are the higher principles of teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedeck does a very good job of teaching what these symbols mean and how to make them real in our world.
These then showed up on a screen in front of me suspended in the air, and I saw on a ticker tape recording these words. ‘Stay in a state of Grace’ as the ones on our television screen are yelling, or bullying, or screaming, shower them with love. Stay in that vibration and the Light Beings are here.  All we are made up of are these particles of light. As we observe more light, we become lighter.  We have won.  Remember who we are.  Then I saw this OM symbol. OM Shiva.”  And that is the end of that message. 
So now we come to today, and I called the Poppy Lady about mid-morning today. It was 10:00 AM.  She said to me, “Lord Rama, the Commander in Chief has violated his oath of office in regards to subscribing [alleged] fundamental mis-qualified blanket statements to the military forces who are here in the highest principles to protect and serve the people.  And there are rumors of a military coup d'etat in the works. 
The Galactics are over-lighting this process.  This involves the Joint Chiefs of Staff who know St. Germain is waiting in the wings to order the King of Swords to order the Provost Marshal General to order martial law.  Meanwhile, there are stories of the Deep State playing with false flag events as the sinister ones again wish to create more fear as the elections approach.  Then they are planning to take the asteroids coming in here. There are four asteroids coming in.  
And it has to do with Mother Sekhmet’s Starship, which is called the Nibiru, coming in, too.  And so these asteroids are scheduled and the first one on 9/11, I think 3 days from now, if I count right.  And the second one is coming in close to the date of September 20th.  And the third one is scheduled to come in on November 2nd, the day before election day on Tuesday, November 3rd.  And the fourth one is coming in this very, very near to Mother Earth, around December 20th to 21st.  
These are here for a good reason.  They are here to make some Cosmic adjustments to redirect our Planet’s trajectory onto the path of the Goddess and the Light. And it is not to be feared.  And fear is not real, so false evidence appearing real. There are all these other interventive modalities that have been going on. So again, I am so grateful that you are here, Brother,* because there are others here that might not know about these things and it might parallel a lot of these things that you have been guided to learn. 
And so behind the scenes, in reference to this NESARA bill, [as a result of] that Executive Order that President Bush, Sr. signed, in the presence of the Galactic intervention of the Faction Three White Knights in 1993, a study was opened up of the entire old economic system, and Heidi, and Lady Master Nada and some others that are working with the Faction Three White Knights, opened up the Bank of International Settlements in Geneva, Switzerland.  It took them about 6 years to go in there and correct the course of actions, to align with NESARA law, which brings us back into free health care, free education and there are technologies so we could bring them in that have been being suppressed for about 60 years. 
And there are 60,000 of them, so these 60,000 technologies of Galactic technologies which go together with the enactment of NESARA law.  It had to be prepared for the law to be put together and a group of about 15 members of Congress along with Barack Obama, who was Senator in Illinois at the time, has a role in this to play.  And so, and there was one of the Senators of Congress, Ron Paul, he completed the writing of the document and it was presented to Congress on March 9, 1999 to be considered to become law.
And President Bush, Sr. who didn’t want to go there, and wanted to keep the struggle going on and keep the old timeline going on, took that off the table and he created something called National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act and put that in its place, which was an effort to keep the old timeline continuing.  And so that happened.  And again, intervention takes a little deviated term.  And we do the work of keeping the positive thoughts and teaching and healing and continuing on. 
A year later, with the Ashtar Command intervening again, they made another adjustment, and so the Faction Three White Knights ushered the entire Congress, all of Congress, into the White House and there is access to a Starship from there, which is one that the King of Swords was issued by Ashtar.  And so all of Congress were ushered onto that Starship and then they were surrounded by the Faction Three White Knights and the Galactic Beings and St. Germain was there, and they did have their phasers out and they said, “It is time to vote that NESARA become law.”  And they all did do that.  It looks and sounds like duress, and duress, indeed, for the sake of Mother Earth saying, “This has to change, the trajectory is on a timeline where it has to change, and it has to change.” 
So intervention occurred.  So all of that being done, March 9th, they voted NESARA to become law, and on the 10th of October, Bill Clinton literally signed that NESARA bill, the true one, National Economic Security and Reformation Act into law on October 10th. So the minute that became law, then the commencement could go in a much more earnest direction.  Remember the Galactics will never violate free will choice. They will intervene in our civilization’s development for the sake of survival, for the sake of staying on the path of Love. 
So in 2003, the Faction Three White Knights working with a group they call the Sovereign World Militia Forces, which has 16 million Galactic members of the Ashtar Command on it, and 4 million Faction Three White Knights from all over the world.  And they have been working together with the people of Earth and the people of the stars have been working together on the ground.  And the Sovereign World Militia Forces, 20 million strong have been guiding this and there have been a lot of attempts to keep people in fear and continue to play the game of war. And that’s Amy Goodman’s story on Democracy Now - the War and Peace Report. 
And so in 2003, the first War Crimes Tribunal was formed and it was called the Patrick Fitzgerald War Crimes Tribunal.  And then in 2005, the second War Crimes Tribunal was formed and it was called Franklin War Crimes Tribunal.  And then the third war crimes tribunal was 2006, and that’s the International Court of Justice War Crimes Tribunal.  And then the fourth one was formed in Kuala Lumpur called the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.  And that one was formed between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. 
 All these war crimes tribunals were set up to in absentia to try, prosecute and convict 500,000 people for participating in war and persistence of maintaining the old timeline and keeping that in a period of endless war for all this period. So that’s called doing the work.  So they did indict, prosecute and convict all these 500,000 individuals for all the different things they were responsible for doing in absentia.  And it holds, it’s by the law, you can do that.
And in the meantime, there have been arrests of these characters and there are these ship prisons that have been cloaked and have been contained up the shores of all the continents.  So these people, you might say, have been contained so they can’t continue to do things. And I don’t know how many there are all together, I just know there’s other things that go on.
The fact that Bill Clinton signed this into law, is very huge. And we will send good vibrations to all of those who have to be held accountable. So we are getting to the end of the story here.  I know that these recalcitrant ones are planning, at the moment, the ones who are still running the show, or appearing to, are spreading these false stories in an attempt to create fear regarding these Galactic events.
Stay in the power of the positive thought.  Allow Grace to guide us all on our way home.  Only Love is real. Only Love can heal. I love everyone and thank you for your attention into the wee hours of this report. 
And Rama and I ask some blessings, some support for us to continue the Mission, for us to keep ourselves on point here.  Thank you so much all of you. 
Rama: Thank you. 
Tara: Do you want to say anything, Rama? 
Rama:  Just that we are in such a divine moment of Grace hitting this Planet and it is huge. You can feel it.  Every single day it is getting lighter with the energies and more intense at the same time.
Tara:  Walk in Beauty.  I pass this talking stick with faeries and feathers and angels and crystals and rainbows and all the Love that we can all hold, to my Sister Fran. 
Transcribed by Rita and edited by Fran.
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