Tara& Rama Report 9-11-18
Tara & Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: Everybody! That was so beautiful!
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Thank you, Brother. Thank you, Sister Isis. It kind of synergizes the moment we are in and the start of it is - we are in change. And that is what our people at the Faction 3 White Knight level are saying every time that we get together with them.
So we are going to start back on last Thursday. And many of you have been hearing these things, hearing them in the flow of each day coming together brings us the awareness. And we are definitely experiencing a new part of us along with the Satvic Yuga, like they just figured out that there is a brain in the heart with actual brain cells that are connected to the heart. There are actually brain cells connected to the chakra, the solar plexus, and then we have these brain cells in the brain, but they are mutating and they are becoming exponentially connected with consciousness. These are the backdrops of the kind of change we are talking about, learning how to use these new tools that have been there forever. We just haven’t been quite ready to relate to that level of consciousness, yet the energies that are coming in are accessing it for us.
So, I'm going to start on Thursday. And Rama Speaks: I received a call from the King of Swords today and the King of Swords said, “It is over; they are all watching arch criminals supposedly investigating other arch criminals. It is all coming to an end right in this moment. Watch the Reptilians run to the overlords, yet their overlords have no power. They have all been stripped of their riches. They have become frightened Beings. They believe ‘We The People’ are going to do to them what they have done to us.” The King of Swords went on, “We can do better. We can take this to the highest level of all Creation. What I am saying, Lord Rama, is with Lady Master Nada being a special lawyer of the International Court of Justice, and at the same time being the representative of the Galactic Law as Head of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn, our corrupted system of Justice will be realigned with the Laws of Heaven right here on Earth, again.”
The King of Swords continued, “The fallen angels have lost all claim to Mother and her children. It is time for a Debt Jubilee. As we approach 9/11, send even more Love than we have ever thought possible; they are caught in their own mis-doings. Remain calm and focus on the Violet Flame, releasing all codes of separation, inside and out.” I asked the King, “Are the Faction 3 White Knights ready at their stations to complete the final step of accountability to all of the people of Earth?”  The King of Swords answered, “We will be seeing each other very soon, Lord Rama. Live long and prosper.”  I responded, “Peace and long life, Sir.” and the King was gone. To us all - let us remain vigilant and blaze the Violet Fire. And be positive!
Okay. The next one is Friday the 7th Rama Speaks:  “I received a call from Lady Master Nada late this morning.  She said to me, “This is the latest message from the Dalai Lama, quote, "In our modern society everything seems geared to material development, even our systems of education. As a result, we no longer pay sufficient attention to our inner value, which leads to mental unrest. In order to address this imbalance we need to pay more attention to our High Heart."  And that's the word from our brother the Dalai Lama.
Then Lady Nada said, “I am here at the United Nations and there is a solution to the situation in Idlib. (I need to remind people who don't know the facts. Idlib is a city of 3 million human beings. And there are 30,000 that have fled in the moment, now.) This solution comes from the stars. I'm not saying; yet I am saying there are hundreds of thousands of starships concentrated over Syria right now. Lady Nada went on, “As things may escalate in Syria, inner-stand, over-stand the Galactics may just shut down all war technology there. The people will all be okay. This Galactic operation will be televised across this Planet. It will not be allowed to be suppressed. Blaze the Violet Fire. I must go into a meeting now, I'm being called. The Force is with you, Lord Rama, and all the people on this Planet.” And that is the message for today. In these moments, let us commune with the Great Divine Director and the Solar Logos. And Peace is on the way.  InShallah and Sat Nam! NESARA now!
Okay, so there is no message to speak of on Saturday. So this is Sunday, the 9th of September, a very interesting day because it's a 9-9-11 day, and if you add 9 and 9 you get 18 plus another 11, you get 29 which is another eleven. So, it is a 9-9, 11-11 day on Sunday that we have.
So Rama Speaks, “Doctor Z is a professor of quantum physics and at the time good friend of Dr. Carl Sagan and presently a friend of Jack Sarfatti, Stardrive.org. Anyway, Dr. Z gave me a call today. Dr Z said (as a quantum physicist like the other two) that all the extremely high frequencies flowing into Gaia are making all the megalithic structures across the Planet begin to glow a soft golden tinged with pink light. All these megalithic structures have an image imprint on them, so that they look like computer circuit boards. The caretakers of the ancient pyramids on the Giza Plateau are noticing both the soft glow as well as the circuit boards covering the pyramid surfaces. Tourists are also noticing this phenomenon and are beginning to talk about it at the local cafes and on the streets there.
Dr Z. the professor continued, “What the locals are saying is that the return of the Ancient Masters is at hand. What I'm saying to you, Lord Rama, is these Ancient Ones are here indeed to usher in this new Golden Age.” On another subject, the professor said, “Mr. Putin may just bring out the video tape sooner than later; that is all I can tell you about that story today, Lord Rama.” Continue to be positive and focused on bringing in the Light, blaze the Violet Fire and the Truth shall set us all free. Namaste! Michelle for president of the Wise Council of Elders!”
Note: Three deep state satellites have gone dark at the hands of the Forces of Light. As well, Rama, you said something about?
Rama: As well as numbers of computers
Tara: of the Deep State
Rama: Yes, and they cannot be brought back online.
Tara: In other words, all their information has been erased and cleaned off of those boards, which is a very wonderful thing right now. Send more Love. Also, one more thing Dr. Z. reminded me of is all of the North and South Pole ice caps on all of our neighboring Planets’ poles in our Milky Way Galaxy are all melting simultaneously, at the same time as ours are. So this shows us that something bigger than us here on Planet Earth and our political zig-zags through time and space is going on, on a Universal scale beyond polarity, beyond our individual conflictions. This does require of all of us surrender to a higher power beyond the known universe.
Something is going on. This pole in India made of metal from meteorites in space is also glowing pink and gold. The pyramids in Central and South America and Mexico, especially in Mexico, Tikal, the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque, the Pyramids in Chichen Itza in Quintana-Roo, and the Temple of the Magicians in Uxmal, and the sacred sites in Tulum where Sananda Kumara appeared to Sister Thedra and allowed her to take a picture of him, and so on it goes. May the light of ten trillions suns be with us all. NESARA now! World Peace now! Om shanti, shanti, shanti!
And so we go to the next one here. This is the 10th, Monday. And Rama Speaks, “I received a call today from Lady Master Nada who was at the United Nations. Lady Nada said Mr.Drumpf is closing the Palestinian Mission in Washington D.C. This Mission is similar to an Embassy. The only reason they do not call it an Embassy is because Palestine still and yet does not have the dignity of full status as a State or a Country. Lady Nada continued, “Mr.Drumpf wants to get rid of the International Criminal Court and John Bolton is backing Mr.Drumpf up, backing him up 100%. Both of these men are guilty of mass murder, genocide and international war crimes. The only reason they want to get rid of the ICC is because the ICC is now prepared to hold these ones accountable for their crimes against humanity.
“Lord Rama, just as a reminder, President Obama signed the United States onto the ICC early in his second term. And it's not reversible. And though these characters are threatening to shut the ICC down, they have no authority whatsoever to do such a thing.
On another subject, both Russian and United States scientists have found copious amounts of water on the Moon which is a temporary Moon. We have 2 Moons that are stored in Ganymede a satellite of Jupiter.
Rama: That's right.
Tara: And they will be back, yet in the moment on this present Moon insert that the Ashtar Command placed there when the Atlantean Crystal was crushed (they created this holocaust of our Moon so we've got this temporary Moon), massive copious amounts of water are on this Moon. NASA right now is planning another manned mission to the Moon. This time they may not be using conventional rockets; instead they will be using some of their secret anti-gravity space technology. And in the final analysis it will be proven that the secret government has had this secret technology all along since post-War World II.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And they will be held accountable for withholding it. And then Lady Master Nada in closing said, “Lord Rama, please blaze the Violet Fire in lieu of this upcoming date of the 17th anniversary of 9/11. The truth will come out about who did it very immediately. Remember that the dark side has already lost. There indeed shall be resolution in the Middle East any time now. All that is good and just is forthcoming. Thank you for your dedication, Lord Rama, and for your service in the name of Peace all over this World. Sat Nam! Namaste! Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders!"
Okay, we have one more, don't we? And it is 9/11 today, Tuesday. Rama Speaks, “I met with Natasha today up at the Fairy Ring. Then I parked (and when I said that right now Susan just showed up - I'm just saying we've got our sister with us.) Then I parked my vehicle Star Sapphire and joined Natasha in her car. Then she took me to this mini-Stonehenge near the Governor’s Palace here in town. There we sat in the circle of very large stones. (It's like a mini-Stonehenge so these are stones, you know, thousands and thousands of pounds each, set up in a circle here. It's in a local neighborhood though, so you have to watch yourself.) I brought my crystals with me. Together we started chanting the Maha Mantra, the mantra of all mantras. 
(When chanted the maha-mantra is a petition to God: “O Krishna, O energy of Krishna, please engage me in Your service.”)
Tara: Om Shiva!
Rama: Om Shiva!
Tara: The Great Destroyer of all that is not appropriate at the moment to make a clear path to the higher path at hand. So we chanted together for about 5 minutes. Then I was led to go and stand in the portal and hold in my left hand Ashtar’s laboratory-grown Crystal made on the New Jerusalem; it's called Selenite. (The Selenite Crystal is gorgeous, Everybody, very long.  And so he held it in his left hand.)  As I was holding it, an electric blue mist started to form around the Crystal. Natasha saw it and let it be for a moment, and then she said to me, “That’s enough, Lord Rama, we don't want to alarm the neighbors.”
So we went back and sat in the center of the circle again. There Natasha pulled out her Galactic Pad and showed how close Nibiru is now to Mother Gaia. What I can say is that it is very, very, very close. And the government scientists are very, very, very concerned, the reason being that Great Mother Sekhmet herself is here to collect all her wayward children and take them to Dracos in the Orion Constellation to stand trial for the intergalactic war crimes and crimes against Humanity.
This is why National Security Adviser John Bolton and Mr.Drumpf want to shut down the ICC right now because it is the first stop before Mother takes them to Dracos. Meaning, Lady Master Nada, special lawyer of the International Court of Justice who also has been working directly with the ICC over the past 35+ years preparing and gathering research regarding 500,000 war criminals who have designed and architected this downward spiral, and now can be arrested, very imminently by the Sovereign World Militia Forces for international war crimes and crimes against Humanity with the documented evidence in place. They can try to stop this process, yet this is a Galactic operation - and they can try, yet they will be assimilated by Love. Now is the time, Mother Gaia is the place, by her request on behalf of all Sentient Life.
Natasha went to another subject for a moment and she said, “On the epistle David Wilcock has put out in the last few days, bits of it have some truth such as the satellites being taken down by the forces of Light and the computers of the Deep State being taken down as well. Yet it is a complicated story, because in general they, meaning David and Cobra and Ben Fulford and the White Dragon society, etc., are similar to the metaphor of mixing apples with oranges in their information. Therefore, their over-story is compromised, especially because they are linking it to G-sara and to currency revaluation, which is all part of the old order. The old order is cancelled, along with the Kali Yuga!  We are now in Sat Yuga. The only program that is in Sat Yuga with all of us and Mother Gaia is NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.
“Let us hold all the people who left our Planet the morning of 9/11, 17 years ago, which is now 90,000+ people who died that morning, let us hold them in our hearts and in the circle of support. And since 9/11 over 2,000 of the known first responders have died from the aftermath of the toxins they worked with at ground zero. There are another 8,000 more first responders who are suffering in various stages of cancer and other maladies from their ground zero exposure. And more will show up. In closing, Natasha just said, “Allow the higher energies pouring in from the 5th Dimension and higher to raise us all up and bring living, healing Love and transformation to all of our lives. This is happening, and is so momentary - we are in the NOW moment for all the old to just be a bad dream from the past.”
Remember who we are, as the ones to lead with our hearts, to teach only love and to be positive. Commit random acts of kindness everywhere. A note on the side: Natasha did comment on the incoming Hurricane Florence that she is a man-made distraction of the so not-so-happy campers in DC. Move out of her way to safety as indeed it carries a serious bite. Follow all the evacuate orders. And know that the transformation of our consciousness right now is so exponentially amazing.
I wanted to say a few things from our brother Greg Braden.* He said that one of the new discoveries that we made as recently as 1991 is that scientists have discovered about 40,000 specialized cells in the human heart that are called sensory neurites, essentially brain-like cells, except they are not in the cranial brain, they are in the heart. Scientists call these cells the little brain in the heart. They function the way the cells would as they were in the brain; they think independently from the cranial brain, they remember independently, they sense and feel independently. As we have a deeply emotional experience or an emotionally significant experience, we register that experience in two different places. So as we address the experience only in the cranial brain through conventional clinic techniques, what about the memories in the heart? Now that we understand this, we can go through healings that are more complete.
We are also learning that we have the ability to do this for ourselves to self-regulate in a way that no other life form can. We can sit in a moment in time and say in this moment, ‘I chose to awaken the longevity enzymes that are dormant in my body’ and this is what triggers a healing response and reverses the biological markers for ageing. ‘I choose to awaken a super immune response, I choose to open the door to a subconscious conversation with myself’ and this is where affirmations of healing and changing unhealthy patterns would apply.
Yet we have got to speak to the subconscious in a language it recognizes. All this is self-regulation, ‘I choose to become more resilient to create greater resilience to the change I am feeling in my life. I choose to awaken deep states of intuition on demand, not as it happens, rather as I need it, so that I can understand, over-stand, inner-stand and truly empathize as well as sympathize with people.’
All of these things and more are available through this ability to self-regulate the systems in our bodies, while they all boil down to the relationships between our heart and the brain. The better we know ourselves, the better equipped we are to deal with what life is bringing to our doorstep. The better we know ourselves, the less fear we have of a changing world and the less fear we have of other people. The better we know ourselves, the less fear we have of other people, because we trust ourselves and our ability to embrace what it is that we are seeing in our lives. And that's got to do with something called the Institute of Heart Math. And this is all finished already.
And the other thing that is the final thing that he was saying is that there's a relationship between cosmological cycles and human conflict: “...those cosmological cycles include magnetic fields of the Earth, shifting the magnetic fields of the Sun, and the Solar cycles of the Sun. So as the magnetic fields are strong, we tend to be less aggressive, more cooperative, more willing to work together to solve our problems and the more we are willing to give one another the benefit of the doubt. As issues arise as the magnetic fields are weak, we are less cooperative, more aggressive, more fearful, more suspicious.
"Beginning in 2014 we began the uptick of the cycle of conflict. The magnetic fields are weakening and the cycle peaks in the year 2020. This is the weakest point in those magnetic fields.” The fact is that there are 3 converging cosmological events in one single lifetime that have not happened in the 5,000 years of recorded history that has gone by. And these are the climate cycle, the economic cycle and the cycle where people hear about the cycle of human conflict.
What has happened by coming together as we have been doing for years and years and years, well before 2014, that’s probably close to 20 years now, what we have done is strengthened this group work, this ability to self-regulate. We are all doing World group service - this is what time it is, this is why Mother [Sekhmet] is here, this is why Isis came to actually speak to us in this way. We are that which we have been waiting for. Lead now, Everyone!  NESARA now is all there is - only Love.
And we ask for some help, donation-wise; we require some food money for our Beneficial Farms and we also require help at the moment.  There is a lot going on in everybody’s lives, so as more people could assist just a little bit extra that will help to close that gap. We are so grateful, and we love everyone. NESARA now!
Anything you want to add, Rama?     
Rama: Just that we are in tremendous magical times. Thank you so much!
Tara: Namaste! And I pass this magical fairy-dusted crystal-laden emerald-serpent- feathered talking stick to my sister Fran.
Fran: Wow! I love it! What an awesome message from Everybody, including Isis, starting off with change! Change is NOW. And she also said, “Our dream now is here,” which I really liked to hear – that is the keynote of her speech and yours.
*Begins quoting and paraphrasing this article: https://myconsciouslifejournal.com/articles/interview-gregg-braden/
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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