Tara & Rama Report 9-25-18
Greetings! Everyone!
Here we are again. And we’re really at the fire side of things with Aries Full Moon, and that was our fire kitty here, Tabitha, listening to everybody.  Before we go on, I just wanted to ask if everybody could help us. Last week we weren't able to get any food because there weren't any donations towards getting the food. And we noticed the button to donate for Beneficial Farms changed whereby you weren’t able to put in ‘family and friends.’ So today Ross took that button away and put a little note that says send to Tara and Rama directly to their PayPal donations and then you can click ‘to family and friends’ and it won’t take any money out of your donations. 
Our sister Penny in Canada, she tried to make a donation on that button to Paypal and in Canada they jacked it up that you have to pay $3.00 for $15.00 to actually get through that company. What they are doing is making things in a more and more difficult manor for the people.  That being said, another beautiful sister did contribute so that we can get some food. She contributed $150.00 for food this week, yet still I just ask from our hearts that you could start contributing for the next $150.00 that we have to collect [for Beneficial Farms]. And thank you very much in advance for helping us. Thank you so much, and we need a little help too for kitty food and such, and thank you, thank you so much.
Tara: Another thing just came in tonight which I thought was very interesting and it has to do with our sister Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her credentials and bona fides on the topic she will be asked about on Thursday and there is a little paragraph here which says, ‘Republic Judiciary Committee Senators are making a very large mistake as they think having a woman sex crimes prosecutor question the accuser and the alleged perpetrator is going to help them. In reading the professional bio of Dr. Ford it looks to me as though she would be more than qualified to be called an expert witness for the prosecution in a sex crimes case.  I would be interested to know if she has ever been one.’  So the best news is that there is no way she can’t handle whatever they give her as the questions. She will speak with her knowledge of higher truth to all.
The other thing is that Mr. Michael Avenatti was talking about a third person that has come forward and now there are more classmates and people who witnessed things that are happening there, and there’s more that is being said now, that Mr. Kavanaugh was part of a bunch of men who were arranging at various parties lineups in the party house wherever the room where the girl was, who was also having had alcohol or even drugs, and there was a lineup so that Mr. Kavanaugh along with Mark Judge and other men were gang-raping the women.  So this is a very, very long story and that’s an interesting piece because that high school that Brett Kavanaugh went to, Georgetown Prep High School, was founded along with Georgetown University in August 1789, the exact year that we went into the Constitutional Convention and the year that our first President was elected, which means that the Vatican and the only Catholic Prep High School in the country to this day (and the Kennedy’s went to this school as well as Mr. Gorsuch and a number of other politicians, many, many, many) which means that this particular Prep School has been a railway to getting the Vatican propaganda and the Vatican proclivities, in and of themselves of the priests, for abusing children. And so he has been abusing children many more times than the three cases and he’s not the only one.  The Kennedy’s also had some problems with this kind of thing. It’s systemic, Everybody.  So I thought that was an interesting piece.
I’m going to start back on the 20th, Thursday. So on Thursday, Rama Speaks: I received a call from Dr. Z and Tom The Ring-tailed Cat today.  Dr. Z (who is a quantum physicist) said there is a story on RT [Russia Today] that is talking about a janitor working at the New Mexico Observatory, suspected of using the Observatory’s wifi to download child porn and that the FBI shut down the observatory for 11 days to investigate the matter.  I’m going to simplify this, Dr. Z went on to say, “This is a fake story put forth to the news wires by the FBI in order to cover up the fact that the observatory was tracking for a very short time prior to this 11 days shutdown, thousands upon thousands of starships coming through the portals in our Sun, Sol.” 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: “This was alarming our ABC agencies enormously.” What Dr. Z and Tom said is that the energies coming in from Sol and the incoming ships are called the Sun Codes of Unity.  These unity codes are providing Mother Gaia and all her children with the possibility to receive, by our open-hearted choice, the highest LoveLight energies of all of Creation.” 
At this point Tom said this is why all the agencies and governments worldwide are completely overwhelmed and are afraid that they are going to have to face their own demise very, very shortly. The world has been awakened and the war criminals will be held accountable - soon, soon, soon - for their crimes against humanity.  Tom and Dr. Z said together, “There is no need to be in fear of Galactic intervention as we and all the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light come in total Love,” and that we all need to know how to love everyone - good, bad and ugly.  In closing they said, “Use these energies of this upcoming Saturday Autumnal Equinox to re-balance to the next higher level, these new energies zooming in and remember, the Goddess continues to call, as Robin LaPlante said in her September planetary influences report, ‘The Goddess is awakening us to the need to change the relationship we as humans have with the natural world.  Her voice is getting louder (Mother Gaia) and we can no longer ignore the impact our decisions will have on our water planet for the next seven generations on from now.’  Namaste, thirteen thank-you’s, honey in the heart and no evil. NESARA now, Sat Nam, Michelle for President of the Wise Women of the Council of Elders.
Friday: Rama Speaks: This is the message I received from the Dalai Lama today. “We are intelligent; we have seeds of compassion from birth. Using reason and intelligence we can enhance our sense of compassion and come to understand how its opposite, anger, is harmful.”  Then, I got a direct message from one of the head Lama’s, who is one of the Holy One’s closest assistants of the Dalai Lama said, quote, “There are many ships landing close to the Potala, in Lhasa.  The Chinese Red Army has tried repeatedly to use their technology to neutralize or destroy the starships, and they cannot.  He said, “Frustrated at their inability to harm these ships, they tried flying military aircraft over the ships and bombing them. And as the bombs hit the force fields around the ships they just exploded and turned into dust, leaving the ships intact.” “Then His Holiness’s assistant said to me, “We know your friends of the Ashtar Command are showing up now and taking matters in hand on this Equinox moment. Our divine mission as a Family of Light is to use these energies for Divine Compassion, Peace and Love.” Then he said, “Remember - the Hippies have won!”  I thought that was great.
After His Holiness’ assistant said that to me, I got a wild idea to ask, quote, “How old are you, sir, might I ask?” Then the assistant said, “I am 102 and I feel as though I am 60.”  In closing, the assistant said, “See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One, Lord Rama, and Namaste.”  I responded, “Thank you for your time, Your Holiness. Namaste.”
Okay, so now we’re going to go to Saturday, Rama Speaks:  I got to hear Katrina van den Heuvel for 45 minutes on the Retaking Our Democracy radio show this morning. Katrina spoke of how the bad boy billionaires and their politicians stole the 2016 election. Also she spoke of how Hillary Clinton and her minions stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  She said the whole Russia Gate story is larger than Watergate, larger than Roswell, and this goes into the realm of MJ-12, meaning Majestic 12, Henry Kissinger and the 13 families, along with their Reptilian overlords who have been waging an extraterrestrial war against the Forces of Light, and most importantly against the Goddess for the last 13,000 years.  And they have lost.  
Katrina said that the Supreme Court nomination has turned into a three-ring circus and bad reality show.  She spoke of how everyone is seeing how the Reptilian oligarchs and their wealthy overlords have bribed and been bribed and have blackmailed and been blackmailed in order to get their way in their pursuit of money and the illusory power it brings over Love.  She said that in spite of the obstacles of disingenuousness of the uncaring Republicans, the Goddess will and shall prevail – the cause for Love always wins. 
As the sun enters Libra tonight, Saturday night at 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Lady Master Ma’at shows up with her scales of justice seasoned with Divine Mercy, Divine Wisdom and Divine Compassion.  She is here calling us to awaken and to reset our goals toward a higher sense perception on how to bring balance into our slightly imbalanced world.  Time for a global evolution/revolution, as we move from confusion into Harmony, Justice, Peace and Beauty. Thirteen thank you’s, honey in the heart and no evil. Sat Nam. Michele for President of the Wise Council of Elders.
Now we go to Sunday. Rama Speaks:  I got to hear a story today on Transitions Radio Magazine, with our friends Alan [Hutner] and Elizabeth Rose, who began this weekly Sunday morning set of shows 35-plus years ago and now there are others carrying on. Deva Premal was the guest.  She was talking about vertical gardens in high rises showing up in buildings across this Planet.  She spoke of how these vertical gardens were transforming older parts of cities where essentially there is no land to garden in at ground level.  These vertical gardens are providing sustenance as well as natural beauty to a once concrete jungle.  Deva Premal said, “This is going on in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Frankfurt, Germany, New York City, Detroit, Michigan and even in Bejing, China, to mention just a few places. 
Other than this delightful story, I got a short text message from Tom the Ringtailed Cat.  Tom said, “Surround Professor Ford with the Violet Flame energy and she will blaze a path for the return of the Goddess in all aspects of our human family and society.  Magic is afoot, Goddess is alive, Michele for President of the Wise Council of Elders.
There is a little note here that Michele Obama, our former First Lady, is kicking off a new initiative today, Sunday, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at a rally there.  The new initiative is called “when we all vote.org”. Its purpose is to promote voter registration and civic participation.  The group is hosting events across the country, over 2,000 of them this week.  As part of its week of active voter registration drive, subsequent events being held this week in particular, are special events: September 24th with Faith Hill in Nashville, TN, September 25th with Tom Hanks in Pittsburgh, PA, September 28 in Miami, FL, again with Michele Obama, and on the same day in Los Angeles, CA, Sean Devine. Valerie Jarrett, spokesperson and board chair of “when we all vote.org” is the former senior adviser of former President Barack Obama, and also the former chair of the White House Council of Women and Girls.  So we are finished with that. 
I just wanted to re-mention, Everybody, that Mr. Bolton came out this last week saying he will not listen to anybody about the ICC as going after the United States government, nor will we fund them anymore.  Just wanted to remind everybody that early in Barack Obama’s second term, he signed the United States onto the ICC and they cannot change that. They cannot, they can just bark.
So then Monday, the 24th, Rama Speaks:  I received a call from the Poppy Lady late this morning and she said, quote, “There are more and more starships showing up in the Middle East in the hot spots and these starships are also showing up more and more here in Afghanistan.”  Then the Poppy Lady introduced me to a friend of hers.  She said, and I quote, “I would like to introduce you to my friend, Dr. Isaac.”  Then Dr. Isaac introduced himself to me, saying, “Greetings, Lord Rama, I am a doctor of quantum physics and I have been helping American soldiers here in Afghanistan, who have deserted their posts with the help of many local tribal people.  They bring the soldiers to myself and the Poppy Lady here. At that point, we, the two of us guide the local people with the soldiers, to an undisclosed place in Afghanistan, in the Afghani foothills where we have a Galactic vehicle called a land-speeder that is cloaked.  There we board the soldiers, in the presence of a protective force field onto the surface land-speeder.  Then the local people go back to help some more deserting soldiers. 
Meanwhile, we carry the soldiers high up into the mountains to the Sasquatch People. There myself and the Poppy Lady and the soldiers board the Sasquatch People’s starship.”  Dr. Isaac continued, “There on the ship, I have created new crystalline limbs for these soldiers who are injured in their limbs. These new limbs work in conjunction with the amino acid computers on the ship.  What happens is that after these soldiers receive these new limbs, they are immediately connected to 5th dimensional consciousness and they have a spiritual awakening and they choose to study war no more.  In addition to this miracle, it only takes a few Earth hours to make all of this happen from start to finish.  How the local people reach the soldiers and get them safely to us without being detected is classified information.  Yet I can tell you, Lord Rama, whether the soldiers are physically injured or have PTSD or anything else in between, the local people know how to physically connect with their hearts and minds and they always get approval from the soldiers that they are open to and have asked at the spiritual level to help. 
For those with the PTSD, I am teaching them how to do the Sufi seeker practices and the Sufi dancing, even teaching them, those who wish to know how, to do whirling, a Sufi Dervish practice.  After they are complete with their return to wholeness, soldiers dress in the Afghani manner and they are taught Pashtun or varying different dialects of Pashtun and they totally dedicate their lives to helping other soldiers as well as the Afghani people to also make contact with the Sasquatch People and receive the help they need.  Dr. Isaac told me, “There are pieces of this story that remain undisclosed, yet understand that this is a Galactic operation, whereby, the Galactics also taken other interventive actions to reach these soldiers families and friends in order to assist them in knowing their beloved family members in the military are safe and in very good hands.”  In closing, Dr. Isaac said, “Go in Peace, Lord Rama and share the wisdom of Rumi and the radical teachings of Love. Rumi is and still through all of us a radical teacher of Love through the art of the dance. Let’s dance. Remember, All There Is is Love, teach only Love, be Peace in the World.  See you in the Light of the Most Radiant One, Brother.”  Sat Nam, Namaste, Michele for President of the Wise Council of Elders and NESARA Now.”
Okay, and now we go to today. Rama Speaks, the 25th of September, Tuesday, I received a call from Natasha and Tom the Ringtailed Cat late this morning.  Natasha and Tom the Ring-tailed Cat said, and I quote, “Benjamin Fulford and the other Faction 2 people, including Q-Anon, and Cobra, and Intel Dinar Chronicles, Dinar Recaps and NESARA, G-SARA, etc. are all putting out disinformation to the point of lies because the empire is continuing to collapse. These sources’ possessive overlords are part of the collapse and want to create through their spokespeople the illusion that everything is not collapsing.  All these sources are part of the Empire, so these sources will be gone and disappear as NESARA is enacted.  All that being said, there are some pieces of the Faction 2 reports that carry some validity.”
What Natasha and Tom the Ringtailed Cat went on to say is, quote, “There are eye witnesses to 9/11 who will come forward and bust this story wide open.  This can happen anytime, yet President Putin has folks ready to come forward and tell the whole true 9/11 story, and they will be backed up, by both good folks in our military and good folks in the Russia’s military.”  Natasha went on to say to me, quote, “It may be so that the Jewish Khazarian Mafia, referred to by Benjamin Fulford as the, quote-unquote, the Swiss branch of the Rothschilds, namely the Bank of International Settlements and the Elders of Zion, sent a representative last week to Japan to negotiate surrender to the White Dragon Society.  Yet the Ascended Masters and the Inter-Galactic and the Inter-Universal Space Command have Mother Gaia and our Solar System completely encircled by Lord Michael’s legions upon legions of starships, Mother Sekmet’s fleets upon fleets of Paschat Warriors and the Blue Avians and fleets upon fleets of the Bird Tribe starships and many, many more Galactic Beings’ starships.” 
At this point, I asked Natasha and Tom, quote, “What about what the King of Swords told us some weeks ago that the United States will be totally bankrupt by midnight on October 1, 2018, the first banking day of fiscal year 2019?” Natasha and Tom replied, “Yes, the United States will be bankrupt by midnight October 1st, yet here the story gets complicated and convoluted and the fake news out there from previously mentioned, Faction 2 groups and others, are pushing the global currency reset and G-SARA, which are both the collapsing Empire’s tethers to the people, trying to mind control people into believing that the Empire is not collapsing, and that Mr. Drumpf is a hero of the people and that he was informed by the US Treasury, per the No.10 point in the ‘Restored Republic’ article, via GCR Update of September 25th, yesterday, 2018, which is a Dinar Chronicles Report and that the Chinese Elders were paid last Thursday, on the 21st and many others. Mr. D was told, they say, by phone from the US Treasury, as we said, yet these are all fake stories. None of this is true, nor did any of this ever happen, nor will it.”  In closing, Natasha and Tom the Ringtailed Cat said, quote, “It is time for us to go. May the Light of the Most Radiant One be with all of us.  Remember NESARA in the only story in town.” Sat Nam, Namaste, Michelle for the President of the Wise Council of Elders. 
And I am so grateful to be able to share with everyone. Thirteen thank you’s, honey in the heart, and no evil, and NESARA now! And I pass this brightly colored, three fold flamed talking stick, with emerald serpent feathers of Quetzalcoatl returned, and everything else that I didn’t think of, back to my sister Fran.
Transcribed by Rita. Edited by Fran.
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