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Tara&Rama Report 12-13-16
Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Tara:: I just want to say, that it’s so important right now not to get scared 
or be distracted from what the work is here right now, and the work for us is to right now really learn how to jump the timeline.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: It’s really important because the old timeline is going by the wayside faster than we all can imagine. The King of Swords told Rama that what Obama is doing in these last months is he’s doing so many things that cannot be put out in the public and the King of Swords is his shadow, and Rama hasn’t been able to talk to him for a long time.
Rama: That’s right 
Tara: We were quite shocked. There was this little brief Benjamin Fulford report on Monday. I think Thursday there will be a fuller report. He is kind of reiterating everything we have been saying for a long time actually. It’s kind of shocking in the sense that it is finally coming out from that end, although you must understand that from his perspective, he’s got a different motive. In other words they listen to us, and that’s a fact.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And they know how to come in and not be detected but they listen to us all the time because they know that we are connected with Faction 3.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So what goes on is that when they say everything that they hear us say, then a lot of us lightworkers who are attempting to discern what’s going on are starting to lean in and say, “Well maybe that’s what I should keep on following.” And yet he always drops a major poo-poo in the middle of it and tries to keep people mind controlled into going toward something else.
A brother who has been involved for at least 6 years put out a large email and I didn’t get to read it all but in the first page or two he’s already saying that “I’m finally waking up and my naiveteis rubbing away, and that something is wrong with the dinar and dong and zimbabwe pathway and the RV. I just don’t know 100% where he went from that because I didn’t read the whole thing. Yet all of these reporting stations are taking it only to a certain point.  And the reason why they are going off in the other direction is because they keep going where they are finding the connections to the money from the old system and the old system was very well spoken to by Benjamin Fulford when I thought that was a big plus at the beginning, saying that the Khazarian Mafia are planning spectacular false flag terror operations between now and the 19th, which is Christmas Monday, Hanukkah Monday too, and in a last minute attempt to prevent Donald Trump from being formally appointed as the President of the United States. The CIA are saying that the story about the military forces from Russia, China and the United States started working together now to remove the final vestiges of Khazarian control, so that these efforts will be no more than the final thrashings of the dying beast.”
He goes down the road and he says the Gnostic Illuminati are the good guys. No, no, no; that keeps it all in the same old system.
Rama: They all have to go.
Tara: All half a million plus of them are going to be removed from this universe
Rama: That’s correct.
Tara: by whatever means Mother [Sekhmet] has in her little plan. I know she has mentioned a number of things that some of the ones that have known that that are leading lightworkers off in the wrong direction knowingly, they will be escorted to that other universe and that other planet called 
Rama: Herculobus.
Tara: Herculobus - and that planet is ten times larger than this planet and they’ll have this incredibly beautiful garden with nothing having been damaged as this Earth has been by our human ignorance is really the thing. Yet there are thoughtforms and there are a place where, as many of us have done, they have rationalized their way into looking for something in all the wrong places. So that’s a dinosauric sort of energy that will be walking with them in that garden.
Now, that being said, as we here lead the way and actually take a chance at what Dr Keshe has been teaching us for a very long time - how to jump those timelines and the biggest thing is that he keeps on telling everybody, besides learning how to build these different technologies ourselves, which is a process all by itself, and he is teaching , even though it is difficult sometimes to understand him and there are now some other things that are coming out. Some of the people that got it are now speaking it in a more clear English, like how to build the GANS units, which is a situation where when you do that and you use the energy that comes from that, it increases your energy quite exponentially. And yet the consciousness is connecting with those technologies as we work with them, and as we learn from whenst those technologies are emerging, which means there is an interaction going on.
We have a mandate where we are required to watch the alternative sites and take notes and also especially MSNBC, because we know that Rachel Maddow works with the King. She is limited in how far she can go because she is also under the thumb of the ownership of the CEO’s of NBC who organize and run what you can say or not say in MSNBC. So she is a very good focus as we have the information here and we see through the lies. And send love! Continue to send love. So this is the test of both sides of these controlling factions. Then, this was a sentence from a sister of ours who called us up earlier today and said ,”You guys have been saying everything that is in this sentence for weeks and weeks.” And I’m just going to read a piece and keep in mind that Benjamin Fulford listens to us because he’s not Faction 3.
“A CIA source says that ‘Obama as the CEO of the Corporate United States quietly joined the International Criminal Court in 2010 ( meaning on behalf of the United States, we are inside the International Criminal Court). Ten years ago George W.Bush in 2006 gave Presidential Immunity to the Bush-Clinton crime family for doing 9-11. It is over, that immunity, on the 31 December.  On January 1, 2017 they can be arrested and brought before the ICC. This is the reason they are detained now in-house. This is being kept very close to source.’”
I’m going to say something because he didn’t go far enough in that sentence. The thing that we said is that in 2017 after the end of the 31st, New Year’s Eve, Barack Obama also has the authority to sign onto theInternational Court of Justice. What does that do? It opens up full galactic Intervention. Lady Master Nada as the special lawyer of the World Court, which means that they not only get tried for what they have done for 13,000 years on this planet, but also for what they have done that many do not know of, to destroy all kinds of other peoples on other planets and star systems not just in our solar system but in other galaxies and universes. That’s something they’ve kept a lid on because they don’t want us to know about ET.
Tara: Alright. Rama is going to talk as the ET he is.
Rama: There’re some stories out there right now that are bringing what Tara just said to the light of day that brings it right into mainstream. There’s a video out there that one of our sisters sent talking about Buzz Aldrin going to the South Pole. Buzz Aldrin, one of our US astronauts that walked on the moon along with..
Tara: That one time at the beginning?
Rama. Yeah.
Tara:  There’s only been one time that we got to go to the moon and walk on the moon.
Rama: And the galactic folks who were on the moon told us we do not come back. yet we’ve heard all these stories from ET Corey and Michael Sala and so many folks that there are all kinds of structures on the moon, like this 2 mile high glass building that still to this day we still don’t understand how that was built.
Tara: It certainly wasn’t built by us. 
Rama: No, and what Aldrin also found out going to the South Pole, they have made a cover story saying that he got sick, but like ET Corey’s story with David Wilcock, they are talking about the secrets being revealed of the civilization of Atlantis and portions of Atlantis being found under the ice there just like Dr Richard Hoagland has been telling us all along.and they have found obelisks just like the Washington Monument and the one in Egypt and many others.
Tara: in the Vatican.
Rama, Yeah, along with other buildings and artifacts and technology. Some of these artifacts and technologies have been taken to Mosul. Some of them were taken to Palmyra and the cover story is the so-called ISL black ops fighting with Iraqis, and the story about Syria and Al Assad and Russia having gained the entire city of Aleppo, yet in the extreme eastern portion I have heard not-so-nice stories and I don’t know if it’s true or not, about all kinds of apocalyptic things going on and I don’t know if this is Bashir Al-Assad, his own way of dealing with things and people that he doesn’t want to talk about how he is not resigning and this ties in with other pieces of the story that I keep hearing from the whistleblowers that I talk to like Tom the Cat, Larry, Curly and Mo, and others that high up in that secret space command that what I call Darth Vader’s Imperial Fleet is out there, there are so many officers that have just said, ‘I’m out of here.’ The fan is, you know,
Tara: hitting the oscillating process
Rama: And what it’s got to do with is the Blue Avians and many other Sphere Being Alliance people on so many Councils out there right now are ???going through transformation and transfiguration and it’s not about a giant pulse. You know, I read the stories and watched some of the videos out there about a Magnetar pulse wave coming in December 27th causing earthquakes and all kinds of weird stuff. I have to reiterate that I have been told face to face “No extinction level event.” And they are playing with fake stories about what’s going on out there. Yeah, that Magnetar star that went super nova in another part of the galaxy or even neighboring galaxy, as these things come in to our neighborhood of the solar system and our planet, there are so many ships and Beings of such incredible magnitude of Light and Love that they are not going to allow the Earth to be harmed. Yet at the same time, the increase in frequency is absolute. We are going up to 100th dimension and higher.
Tara: We are going to be able to experience our Twin Flame and Ourself as one ball of light. That’s what that means. That’s what Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet are; they’re physical suns.
Rama: Sons and Daughters of the Most High.
Tara: We are all that, meaning that we will have the ability, as it’s meaningfulness is in jumping the timeline - of merging of physical suns and then showing up as etheric physical Light Beings like St Germain and other Beings.
Rama: I just wanted to say that today on the Leslie Marshall show they talked about this youtube of Buzz Aldrin going to the South Pole and all the different links to this story, you know, about the ET story and I have never heard this on regular media radio shows. The word is getting out there and he also talked about the miracle children that are being born in and around Chernobl and the children have 6 strands of DNA and they are like the X-men, the Avengers and they are right now, these Millenials are helping to raise this planet all the way up in becoming a star.
Tara: Yes, they can transmute any negative thing like a virus or a bacteria or a microbial or any kind of things that could invade.
Rama: Radiation does not affect them.
Tara: No, they came in and they are just like these children that were being born in the late 90’s and they were being born with HIV/AIDS and they were checked upon 3 or 4 times when they were 1 and then they waited until they were 5 and they checked them again. When they were 5 there was no sign that they ever had any HIV or AIDS, like ever, and they tested them in their little petri dishes. They took cells from their bodies and they tested them and they could not get sick. They tried to apply all these different viruses or like I said, microbes or bacteria, which were not so good for the human, and they basically transmuted it. So that’s the physical. And the higher we go, the higher we are. That’s our body crying out for that. So that’s the solution.
And yes, we really are in some situational period right now that we really need some assistance.
Rama: Yes, we need emergency help right now for the next little while.
Tara: Yes. We are on this wonderful system where we are healing with this wonderful healer from Maui, and we don’t have any money to continue the process, not to pay him but to have the actual substances that we need to continue the process. Again, Rama had to find his friend Nicodina and Crazy Steve on Sunday just to get some gas to put in the car. We need some help now in the sense that it’s very difficult for Rama to have to go beg every day and find somebody else who might help and it would just be really good if we could help out a little bit more, Everybody. Thank you so very much and I’m just gonna say, “Don’t worry be happy!” Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and it transmutes everything.
Rama: Yes. It very well could be that there is a complete halt of the electoral college process.
Tara: Oh yeah, that’s on the 19th too.
Rama: I’ve heard they would just push the pause button, and I’ll say it again, Russia had nothing to do with this election. It had to do with like the way Greg Palast described it - Jim Crow, the Republican party, and suppression of people of color whoever they are from the planet.
Tara: Yes, and this has to do primarily with the Khazarians who are not Jews although they have claimed themselves to be. They are Khazarians and they are not from a benevolent source, put it that way.
All things can be made well as we hold accountable ourselves right now. ‘To thine own self be true; know yourself’ more than ever and send that experience of you loving yourself enough to be addressing it to all the world.
NESARA NOW! Peace and Love and Aloha! Thank you. Namaste. I pass this talking stick back to Fran and Susan.

Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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