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Ashtar: "We Are Accomplishing Our Mission With Love!"*
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - February 25, 2014

"Greetings Beloved Family!  We are so busy, and the success of what we are engaging in - these projects that we are doing, Missions, if you will, are being successful and that is exhilarating! We want to remind you, Beloved Ones, that without you and the Lightworkers, the ground crew, and all of those who have opened their Hearts and are letting these energies stream in, and at the same time they are radiating their LoveLights out - without this support, we would not be able to accomplish what we are accomplishing, and it is huge!!!  It is multi-Dimensional and, of course, you all know that we are addressing many levels as they need to be addressed.  We are able to come and make inroads, shall we say, in our Mission on even the very lowest of the 3D levels, and there are some who are still clinging to that level.  We know that you know this.

"The most recalcitrant ones, the ones who just really, really, really don’t want to give up the programming - and of course they have support from their creations, shall we say - they’re not human, more like machines, if you will.  You’ve heard about this. Now, should you be afraid?  No, not at all!  Planet Earth is not going to be engaging in any big wars.  We understand there are local kinds of actions that are still taking place, and some of them, as you have heard, have been the result of the people coming together and saying, ‘Enough!’  And if they have leaders who will not honor the will of the people then sometimes, yes, it is necessary to take up arms.  You understand this.

"Those of you who live in the United States of America certainly understand this.  You have fought a war for your independence -never mind that there was manipulation behind the scenes in support for both sides.  That was the banksters, that was the illuminati.  They have managed to do a lot of naughty things here on Planet Earth throughout their dark history/herstory, and they are wanting to continue, but they are done!!!  They are finished, finito, however you want to say it in any language you can think of – 'It’s over rover!'  We like that one.

"We want you to feel uplifted. When we focus upon these things, just as Tara and Rama** do, it is only to put the Light of Love upon it.  It is not to go spiraling down into any kind of fear.  How many of you can see a picture of some kind of a revolution taking place and say it’s a part of the Mission - or the path or the destiny, if you want to call it destiny - or the releasing of what has been dark and negative in this particular country or region or city, or whatever – how many of you can look upon that and be in Compassionate Observation with Forgiveness and Gratitude expressed to all?

"That is Love, yes.  That is the mark of - if you will, one of the marks - of being a High Dimensional Being, of living that Lifestyle. Can you be without judgment?  Can you watch these ones being arrested and instead of saying, 'Tthey had it coming,' or some such thing as that, can you say, 'Thank you for going'? 'Thank you for teaching all that you have taught us, even if the learnings have been the opposite of how you want things to be.'  How do you know where you want to be if you don’t have some background?  If you come in as an Avatar or a Highly evolved being - and of course, a lot of beings walking in the human bodies have done so - but a lot of those who have done so are just in the process of waking up to Who They Really Are.

"So it is to wake up and to be in observance of whatever you observe and to be even, to stay in balance, to not give way to the fear-based emotions.  You may say, 'I’m not afraid, I’m brave, I’ve got a righteous indignant anger about all of this!'  Anger is an outgrowth of fear.  So if you find yourself being angry it is not to condemn, it is not to judge yourself, it is to be the Compassionate Observer of yourself, and it is to say, How would Love respond to this scene before me?  What can I do to uplift the energies here to a higher level, that others may observe from that level as well as me?'

"As our Beloved Masters** have said, 'What is the solution? What is always the answer? It is Love!!!  There are some grand and glorious mantras and meditations, and expressions and slogans that you can use, but Love is always the answer.  We are particularly fond of 'Ho’oponopono,' because that is restoring the balance to that which has been out of balance, and it is done through the energy of Love.

"But whatever you choose, Beloved Ones, the point is yes, there is a lot that is going on and yes, if all you read or listen to is the Fox-y news, you could outfox yourselves by getting into the lower levels of the third dimension, which is the opposite from where you are here to be.  But if you do happen to catch some of this news, if someone stops you on the street and says, 'Guess what so-and-so did to so-and-so?,'  or whatever, remember to keep yourselves in the Highest vibration of Love that you can possibly access in that moment, because you know, you are travelling back and forth – you’re interdimensional beings, you know!

"So lift yourselves up and smile, if you can, and say something that is loving.  How about, 'Let’s send everyone involved a message of Peace!'  Bearers of low vibrational news sometimes listen to that and they say, ‘Whoa, maybe I’ve been on the wrong level here!'  But the point of it is, you don’t allow yourselves to get dragged in, as it were, because there is so much going on in the Higher levels!  You’ve heard some of it.  That’s just a tiny, tiny little piece.**

"If you do meditations, or even if you stop to breathe in the Higher energies that are coming in to support, not only our being here with you to be in assistance, but to support the Love which is positively beaming forth, lightening and brightening up Planet Earth, so that as a whole, all of the Kingdoms can rise up into its Higher Dimensional existence.  That’s right - it’s already there waiting for you!!!  How does that sound?  Pretty exciting!

"You can do some out-of-body traveling, you can take yourselves up to what you might call the holodeck, but which is actually where reality really is.  Remember, Truth is always available to you, but you have free will and that gives you the ability to, shall we say, interpret anything that you see or hear or focus upon, according to your own being and your own wisdom.  So your Truth may not be the same as your neighbor’s, and we are not suggesting that you start imposing your Truth on someone who is not ready to hear it, but certainly you could invite those that you love to tune in to access this call, to receive some information with you,  or to do something that resonates with you.

"More and more are opening to it, and the more who open to it the higher Planet Earth and all of its Kingdoms rise!  And pretty soon there will be a grand coming-together, if you will, a meeting, not just minds, not just of Hearts, not just of spirits, but of the All that is of the One We All Are. That, Beloved Ones, is what you might call your quest.  It is what you are here to do!  It is your Mission, it is your path.

"Remember that we are with you because you have allowed us to come.  Whatever level you happen to be occupying, in every nanosecond we are with you and we are fully capable of supporting you as you support us.  It is what you would call a symbiotic relationship in a way, but it’s a good one and a beneficial one.  It’s the way that we are bringing everything to fruition.

"Now, you heard NESARA mentioned.**  NESARA will be the great equalizer in many ways, and it will enable everyone to cast off the shackles which have been put there by those who are exiting, or who at least will not make it out of the lower levels of 3D.  There are some who are simply wanting to remain in 3D a bit longer, even though they have not really been the initiators of the various fear-based programs, but they have been used, which has enslaved Planet Earth.

"We are spending this opportunity to be with you in a way that is more, shall we say, news than that which you may have heard from this source – I love to talk the lingo of the news commentator, the newscaster, 'the source!'  Trust me, if you will, when I tell you that I am simply responding to answering the questions that are here in our circle, here on the Bridge of The New Jerusalem, where I have welcomed you all and where you are wanting a little bit more of what’s going on behind the scenes.

"So how do we express to you our advice and our wisdom to you, which you already know, but which is always worth repeating, and it is simply – Be the Love!!! Be the great Love that you came here to be!  Remember to allow Love to energize your observations, no matter what it is you are observing, reflecting or focusing upon.  Remember to be the Compassionate Observer and forgive - which is to be without judgment of those who have been naughty - and to thank them all!

"How do you stop a naughty in his or her tracks, and give them pause, or cause them to pause in whatever they are doing?  You thank them for 'showing' the way. How do you like that riddle? You offer thanks and Gratitude, High-level Gratitude, not 'Oh, thank you for punishing me - give me more.'  We’re not talking about that, we’re talking about High-level Gratitude – 'Thank you for playing your role so perfectly that I have awakened, and that I now know that there are Higher levels for all of us, and I invite you to come and join with me.  If you will not, then I will say, Thank you and farewell, because I am moving on and up!'

"Well, that was advice from all of us here who are not in human bodies, but who nevertheless are connected with all of you and very much One With You in this great Mission!  You know, this Ascension has never been accomplished before, ascending from 3D density of human bodies.  Well, the good news is - and I still love to broadcast the news - you’re not so dense anymore, you are getting there!!!  It is your devotion and your commitment, and most of all your Love, which is making all of this possible!

"So, Beloved Family, I Ashtar, on behalf of all of this Grand Company assembled - in bodies and beyond in Light-bodies, all the loving ones, all the Grand Beings of the Universe, all those who come from your Home places - we thank you!  We are in awe of you and we bless you as you continue upon your great Missions of lighting up all of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond with your Love.  And so it is, and so it be.  Salut!"

*  Ashtar was preceded by his chosen theme song, Come The New Jerusalem 
** Tara and Rama's A&A Report (audio) 
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, February 25, 2014. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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