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Ashtar - Bulletin
From The Bridge
"Greetings, Beloved Family!  This is indeed a time for giving thanks, for we have accomplished much and you have traveled far upon your paths!  And, we are most Joy-full to report to you that, as you rise more and more in your vibrations, we are that much more empowered to remove the few remaining obstacles in the way of your complete and permanent entry into the Golden Age - and those beyond!!! 
"For in Truth, the Golden Age is but a transitory moment in the full spectrum of your history/herstory, but it is a most significant one upon your timelines.  This is so because of its status as the turning point for you.  It brings to you all that you have striven for in your desires for Peace on Earth, with Freedom and Abundance for all!
"Indeed you have reached the point of no turning back, and we are working with you to swiftly bring forth all that you have promised and committed to for yourselves, and for the whole of Planet Earth!  It is for you to be in the en-Joyment of the Golden Age, sure in the knowledge that it is yours to claim.  And, it is for us to be your constant traveling companions upon your paths, thus ensuring that you will be rapidly moving forward - and upward!!!
"We shall be in Joyous discussion and further empowerment of this on Tuesday next when we gather.*  We shall be honored to hear the latest behind the scenes report from our A&A Team,** and to participate in a most high vibrational Crystal Exercise with Sekhmet.  And, Sananda shall be joining us with a special blessing for this season of Holy Days!  We shall indeed be joining together in Gratitude for the loving Oneness we share, and for the path we travel together!!!  Salut!"


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