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Ashtar: "The Divine Governance Blueprint Brings World Peace!!!" 
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - April 11, 2017 
"Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, this is indeed a most exciting time!  And it is easy to get caught up in all of these different energies that are coming at you now.  And I am here to tell you that it is for you to discern within your own Hearts that which is genuine and that which is not.  And the only measurement, or yardstick, you need is whether or not it resonates with you as Love!  If it does not - oh, it can be Joy or anything that Love gives birth to, or creates - anything that is harmonious with Love - but if it doesn't resonate as a loving energy, then you are very wise indeed to follow your Hearts, and listen and then to discard it - or at least, I shall say, not to dwell on it - because you are all lifting up more and more, by the Love energies coming in and by your own intentions!
"You have Ascension on your timeline paths and, of course, you can opt out at any time you wish, but why would you?  I shall not continue along those lines at all!  I simply want to reassure you that it’s all up to YOU!  I, Ashtar, and my entire Command and all the Company of LoveLight from the Higher Realms - including your own Higher Dimensional Selves - are here to serve you, to assist you, and most of all to remind you of Who You Really Are, so that you can indeed attract the High energies of Love more and more into your beings, and so that you will not be distracted!  Or, I shall say, you will have opportunities less and less for distraction of all of the lower vibrations.  In doing this, you are declaring your independence from all that has held you – imprisoned you, is the word – in the lower vibrations of the third dimension!
"Now you came here willingly and you know that. You volunteered!  And indeed, for the great majority of you, these are the most difficult, most challenging lifetimes that you have lived, no matter what your circumstances are.  And why is that? Well, it is because you have chosen that these be the last lifetimes that you come into a human body and be prisoners here!!!  Well, that’s pretty great to think about, isn't it?
"But that doesn't mean that you're there yet or - I shall say, here yet - Home, all of you, including your physical selves. And as you are knowing, Ascension is a process, an arduous one at times.  We can see that.  Just because we are in our Light bodies - and that part of you which is your Light self is with us as well, as the Light in all of yourselves and all of that.  You all know the science.  And it's really the science of the Spirit being One within you!  It is not easy to walk the path in 3D while holding the Light You Are, while being true to Who You Really Are, while loving everyone and everything that happens in 3D.  Well, that's a challenge - we know that, we see that!  That's why we're here so close with you.  We're here to partner with you!
"And if there's a part of you that says, 'Well, I like my 3D life, except for this part and that part and that part.'  All right, let's look at this part, and that part, and that part - and let's clear it. Let's heal it.  Let's get all of you - 100% of you - uplifted sufficiently that you don't feel the oppressive, dark, low, down-in-the-dumpies energies that are so prevalent in 3D!!!
"Why are they so prevalent?   Why are all of these wars and all of these actions, these violent actions, why are they happening?  Well, they've been happening ever since you got the veils totally in place.  It's just that nowadays, with all of your communications and with all of you that are here - so many more than there used to be at one time - they're coming into your view, your consciousness - one event after another.  And then you toss in all the lies that are coming at you, and you've got a real recipe for staying down in the dumpies.  But you all know what it feels like to get up and out of the dumpies - even if it's just for a moment!!!
"So what we're here to do is assist you!  Now you can think of us extending an energetic cord, if you wish, of Love to you - each and every one of you.  If you will accept this into your Hearts, it will make it that much easier for us to uplift you, because we know that you've already welcomed the Love energy.  It's not to bind you.  It's simply like a ladder - a means for you to lift up as High as you want to come!
"You know, we have what you call 'citizens of Planet Earth,' coming and going from our ships at all times!  We have some permanent residents such as President Kennedy, who has been with us ever since his faked assassination.  And we have visitors who are coming and going.  You may have heard the stories of how we opened the portal in Palmyra, and with the Ascended Ones and the Angels, we lifted up some of the Syrians in order to get them out of harm's way.  You may have heard about all of pilgrims going to Wesak Valley, and I can tell you that some of them have some pretty High methods of transportation.  They're not all walking or riding camels, especially in the big snow storms!
"And you may have heard about individuals such as President Obama.  He's spending a lot of time with us these days!  Why? Because we are the architects, if you will, of PEACE!!!  Peace on Earth - the Peace that comes with upliftment - and it is most appropriate to talk about Peace at this most sacred time of year.  Easter is the time to thoroughly anchor the 'Peace That Passeth All Understanding!'  We're talking High Dimensional, High Vibe, LoveLight Peace - even more into yourselves, and then to assist the World beyond yourselves!
"Alright.  Well, how are we going to get from where Planet Earth is - where 3D Planet Earth is in this now moment of yours - into Peace for everyone?  Well, you've heard our Reporters* talking about some of the things going on behind the scenes.  The closeness/proximity of Nibiru is certainly a notable example and, by the way, that is Mother Sekhmet's ship!  If you've not heard that before, you're hearing it now.  We like to tell a little bit of news.  We don't leave it all for Tara and Rama, you know.
"And so, what are we doing?  We are completing the blueprint for High Peace.  And along with that, of course, goes Divine Governance!!!  I cannot emphasize enough to you, how the two are hand-in-hand or, you might say, Heart-in-Heart! You need Love for Peace to prevail Worldwide. You need Divine Governance to help bring that about.
"So what is the key to our blueprint for Peace?  It is to getting NESARA announced and, yes, it will go around the World!  It's for the World!  It is not just for the United States.  However, it has been given a false name; you've heard that - GESARA.  Disregard that! Toss that out of your windows and go for NESARA's announcement!  And where is it to be announced?  In the United States of America!
"And so therefore we have special urgency about this - among the citizens of the United States - to get out there and pass out those flyers because that is a tangible item that you can put into 3D terms!!!  And then if you are finding an open person or audience, you can talk about what this really is, which is bringing Divine Governance based in Love, and bringing Peace, to ALLthe Earth!
"We also invite our Family members who live in countries outside of the United States to distribute these flyers!!!  By all means, get one or more fellow Family members, and go to events where people gather - for fun, for enlightenment, for Joy, for learning, whatever.  But if that is not possible, just print up a few of them and keep them on your person and when you see a person looking into your eyes and smiling Love at you, offer them one. And be sure to tell them, 'This is for the World and this is based in Love!!!'
"You want to talk about Easter.  For many, Easter symbolizes the Resurrection, and we're telling you that the Resurrection has to do with the RETURN of the Divinely Governed society of Planet Earth - meaning the people - where everyone in the community is recognized as being a being of High Love, where all communications are based in Love, all actions are based in Love and where there is this Sacredness, this joining of Hearts in Peace, Abundance and Joy - and that, Beloved Family, is what we are here to bring back!!!  We came because you said, 'Okay, it’s time! We're going to do it this time,' because it has been tried before.  And so we came.  We're here.  And we're closer than ever with you, because you've made that possible!  So let's just keep going and get it done!!!
"And I say unto you, because I already see it on your timelines, 'Welcome into the Golden Age and all of the Peace and Love and Joy and Abundance that it holds for each and every one of you!' You are our Dearly Beloved Family.  And I promise you that we love you and rejoice that you are here with us in this Sacred partnership!  And our Love for you knows no bounds.  It is infinite, unconditional and eternal!  And so it is.  Salut!"
*Tara and Rama Report:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, April 11, 2017. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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