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Ashtar:  "Duality is Over - We Are One!"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - June 11, 2013

"Greetings Beloved Family!  Welcome to the Bridge of the New Jerusalem!  It is I, Ashtar, here to welcome you along with The Mentors and all of the Family.

"It is my great pleasure to be here with you and to have you accept our invitation to come and be One with us; that is, all of us Mentors, the Angels, the Archangels, the Ascended Ones, all of the representatives of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms and your own Guides and Ancestors, your Angels - yes, and you are here in all of your aspects and all of your Divine Selves, so that it is for you to join with us to feel, in particular, the Oneness that We All Are.

"We understand - you did a great job with this separation, this duality that you put yourselves into voluntarily on Planet Earth, the planet of experience, the planet of learning, the planet of returning home to that source, that wondrous place from whence you all came.  Yes, different planets, to be sure, different star kingdoms and so on - different civilizations, different levels of evolvement and dimensions.

"You are all represented in more than one dimension, and by now you know that, for it is that it is kind of a game, a leapfrog kind of game, where first you feel the level of one - perhaps the high level of dimension three, because of all of these events which are taking place in your atmosphere - and the next moment you are soaring up into higher levels.  And this is exactly how it is to be.

"For when you have successfully completed your Ascension processes you will be permanent residents of 5D and higher! But now it is for you to have tastes, glimpses, and go beyond 5D in some of your connections, which we call the Communions.  And it is to join Hearts and to have that knowing, that feeling, of Oneness, because the end of duality is absolutely mandatory for you to evolveinto 5D and higher!  Duality has served you extremely well - just look at the history/herstory of the Planet and you will know without any doubts how duality has served.

"Whether you read it in the history books, which let’s face it, have been doctored a bit, or whether you get it from your own knowings that come to you from your Guidance Team of whom, remember, you are the Chairperson!  You are in charge, you are in the driver’s seat, that part of you that you may call your Higher Self, or whatever, that is who is really directing the guidance that flows to you!  Remember that.

"It is equally imperative that you understand that you are Divine Creator, each and every one of you.  Just as I, Ashtar, know that I Am Divine Creator.  After all, even though duality is coming to an end it is for you to be in charge of your own path, your own progress upon the path of Ascension.  Now, this might seem to be a bit contradictory to you – we say, 'We Are All One,' and then we say, 'You are in charge of you.'

"You are a part of the One We All Are, and as you evolve higher you will feel the merging of the energy fields more completely, until you are completely merged.  But you will still have your own Light, your own radiance, and you will be in charge of your course!  You have many opportunities available to you - we have spoken of some of them and we will continue to do that, but right now it is to emphasize the Oneness.

"Just pick one event in the history/herstory of Planet Earth. You might want to focus upon the World War II, as you call it, because that was to be the end.  Eisenhower had the vision and Kennedy tried to correct the things that Eisenhower warned him about, and both of them were successful in that they gave a legacy, not just to the United States of America, but to the entire world, and that legacy was: It’s time for Peace, it’s time to end this warring among nations, it’s time for duality to end, it’s time to prepare!

"They might not have been talking about Ascension in so many words, but their guidance was telling them that there were greater things for the people, the human kingdom of Planet Earth, to rise to.  They were men of power, they were men of vision, and they were men who understood and accepted their inspirations, their guidance, because they knew that they had a legacy to leave for all of Planet Earth!

"Things didn’t quite come about particularly as soon in your time as JFK and his brothers, and then his son, were aspiring to. Nevertheless, it is all coming about and you can thank them as modern forefathers, or shall we say founders, of the true United World.  Because what is unity anyway if it is not Oneness?  And so it is for us to come together to enjoy our time together and then to go, each according to his or her own inspirations, to continue the Great Mission that has been begun.  There is no doubt about its successful outcome - that is assured!!!  But it is how peacefully, how joyfully, how unified we go about this.

"Now, you have all had plenty of lessons in duality.  There have been horrendous genocides which have taken place upon this Planet, not just in old times - look at World War II, there are many still in their human bodies who were alive during the time of World War II. There are survivors still alive - not just of the wars upon the battlefields, but of the genocides that were done. And of course by now you all know that it was seemingly two crazy men who carried them out, but the reality of it is that it was inspired by the ones who have wanted to rule the Planet and who really have been thinking - until we’ve given them, as the great Master** said, a 'little poke here and there' - to remind them that they do not control Planet Earth and they are not going to reign any longer.

"There is a movie which was based upon a best-selling book - it was called The Help.  Watch that one and you can see how the attitudes existed even in the United States of America.

"So it is to say goodbye to these programs which inspired this concept of separateness, this concept of somebody is superior to somebody else, this concept that you are only worth something if you’ve got a bunch of zeros in your bank account - all of these and more are going, going, gone!!!  In the Higher Dimensions they never got there!  They have been observed, because we do have the ability to observe what happens in all of the events of history/herstory.

"As you open up your DNA and your wisdom eyes you will have more and more capability of observing, but don’t get caught up in it.  Do not get back into the duality attitudes.  Retain the high perspective, and that is that We Are All One.  What do you suppose is going to happen when your Galactic Brothers and Sisters - who don’t look like any humans particularly, unless they are zipped into their human costumes - what do you suppose is going to happen when they make their appearance on the World stage?

"There are some that are quite resembling of humans.  There is of course the Arcturian group, which is slightly diminutive and blue, but have very human features.  Think back - now this is for fun, don’t anyone get carried away with this - think back to those movies called Men in Black, or how about the saloon scene from Star Wars?  Remember all of the interesting and fascinating creatures that were there?

"Now, in your mind's eye go up to one of them and give them a hug and greet them as One With You!  Now we said this is for fun but it is serious, too.  You see, you cannot make judgments, you cannot regard others as being less than you, or greater than you, simply because they look different; simply because they might be wearing a crown on their head, or have dollars bulging out of their pockets, or live in a house in the neighborhood high up on the hill, or whatever. We Are One!!!

"And so it is that we invite you to join with us to come into a focus, very High Dimensional, very High Vibrational, so that we can literally spread Oneness all over the World and the Universe beyond.  Never underestimate the importance of our Mission, Beloved Ones, because we are here in Mission.  Whether you consider yourself to be an Ashtar Commander or not, you are Starseed, you are from another place and you have Mission and Purpose in being here!

"You all lined up to be here for this Grand Event, and it’s going to knock your socks off!  So we are only wanting you to understand what you might want to call - and this is a trendy phrase but it is appropriate - the core values, our Mission Statement, our philosophy, which is very simple:  We are One. Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude are the key elements of our Oneness, with Love being the Highest Energy in the Universe.  And it is on the energies of Love and its outgrowths that all of this Ascension is being accomplished!

"Remember that, and keep that in your Hearts, and we do thank you for your perseverance and for your diligence and for your commitment!  Even those of you who are still saying, 'I’m not really sure what I’m here to do, and I don’t really understand this' – that’s okay!  You are here.  And if you will just focus upon Love, that is really the Heart of it all and that is what you need for your own successful Ascension, and along the way you are literally - it’s an energetic thing, it’s a quantum physics thing and The Voice does not care for me to discourse on quantum physics so I shall not - but just believe it, trust it and know that whatever, wherever you are in your vibrations, you are radiating that particular one to everyone.

"Not just to your family or your neighbor, but to everyone on Planet Earth, and you are powerful!  Now I shall say one more thing.  Be ready, get prepared.  Focus on Oneness, focus on Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.  The Solstice is coming. We shall be gathering after that event, but we shall be together with you in Oneness during that event, and if you invite in the energies of that momentous occasion, you will receive wondrous gifts indeed, because they are all here and waiting for you - you just need to call them forth!!!  Some of you are, and some of you have yet to invite them to come.

"The Solstice is going to be particularly significant this year in terms of the progress, in terms of the change, in terms of the energy.  When you see yourselves as One under the sun – we like to call your sun, Sol – great, great events will surely follow within your energy fields and it is so for the entire Planet Earth!

"So, Beloved Family, I thank you so much for coming, for taking these words into your Hearts, for allowing yourselves to be guided and to shine your brightness for the entirety of the World and the Universe beyond!  It is a grand Homecoming indeed and it is for you to recognize this reunion with all of your Family and beyond and to understand and feel the One We All Are.  And so it is!  Salut!"

*  Ashtar was preceded by Running on the Water, also known as Come - The New Jerusalem, which is the name of his ship. 
**See Tara and Rama's A&A News Report 
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, June 11, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com       
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