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 Ashtar: "Express Only Love - It's All We Are!"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
April 8, 2014

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  And welcome to the Bridge of my ship, The New Jerusalem!  It is, by your standards, a very large ship - a mother ship, it is called, as befits the Commander - I Ashtar, Commander of the Ashtar Command - and my rank is that of Captain/Commander.  And yes, I live, or I reside in a Higher Dimension.

"I have what you call the light body, but I have inspired images [of myself].  And many, many of you connect with me, recognize me, with your eyes either closed or opened.  It makes no difference.  For you know that you are with me during that part of your time when you are not in consciousness in your human body, but rather you are in the consciousness of your Higher Dimensional Self!

"And we are having very busy times these days, for it is our mission to facilitate the Ascension of Planet Earth, and all members of the human kingdom who are awake and desirous of making their Ascensions.  And our means of doing it is to assist in the raising of the vibrations, the frequencies of Planet Earth, so as to come up into the Golden Age, so that the further path may be followed with Joy, with Gratitude, with Love, with helping each other along the way.

"And what will bring this about, this change in what you might call the attitude of the kingdom of humanity is two things.  One is the clearing of the lower vibrational negative energies, the complete disempowering of the dark hats and all of the programs that they have hoisted upon humanity throughout all these eons of time.

"And, of course, [the other is] the opening of the Golden Age - and the official grand opening, you might say, will be in the form of the announcement of NESARA.   NESARA is literally the open door to the Golden Age!  And, of course, the other grand announcement - and it’s already been announced in many, many places as has NESARA - but it is the grand announcement of the existence of us!

"Now here are many, many wondrous beings who are already awake and who already know the Truth of our existence, and who know the Truth of our mission.  Our mission is LOVE!  Our mission is to bring Love, to promote Love in every possible way. Our mission is to do all that we do with that high, high Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

"And that is what I have been teaching, if you will, or speaking about for approximately ten years in your time through this particular Voice and others.  And it is now more important than ever to have this message of Love, to have Love be so ingrained within you that if you ever have a question, it becomes the same question and the question is, 'What would Love do?'  How does Love perceive this? How does Love find the Truth?

"For it is to see yourselves, Beloved Ones, as Divine Beings, made only from Love and, therefore, capable of expressing only in Love.  You will not find fear and all of its creations such as anger, and hatred and discrimination and all of those kinds of unloving -really the opposite of loving - thoughts and expressions.

"Where you’re headed - indeed, many of you are already spending more time in the elevated, shall we say, pure loving atmosphere than you are in the chaos of the lower vibrations of the third dimension!!!  Nevertheless, there are some programs, routines, rituals, conventions and, yes, laws which are needing to be obeyed.

"And we have not come here to suggest that you deliberately break some kind of law which will put you into a lesser position than you occupy now.  What do we mean by a lesser position?  We mean a position where you cannot have full freedom to express Who You Really Are.  Now this is, of course, open to your own discernment and interpretation as to some examples of this, and we shall move right along.  You can study this as much as you want or as little as you want.  You can discern for yourselves what we are meaning by this.  We are simply saying that our best advice to you is to live the Truth of Who You Really Are, which is Love, and to express Love in everything that you do and speak -and yes, think!!!

"Your thoughts are transmitted.  There is an entire Universe of which you are a part, of which you are One with.  There is no such thing as hiding your thoughts from the Universe!  You may think that the NSA is very, shall we say, disrespectful of your privacy, and this is true.  We are not talking about disrespect. We are talking about being in such a high vibration that you feel the Love that the Universe has for you, and you accept it, and you allow it into your being!

"The Universe doesn’t judge, and when we say the Universe, we talk about the One Who We All Are. There is no judgment there because you are in a high enough frequency that judgment does not exist!  My beloved brother, Sananda, in The Course [In Miracles] defined forgiveness as the absence of judgment. So, yes, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­you’re into a forgiving energy, a high, high vibration.  There isn’t any need to forgive, because there isn’t any judgment!

"There are some matters which, of course, are revealing themselves to you even more and more – dark, dark, dark programs, agendas, deeds.  Even now, even now, we, the Ashtar Command, have joined with the White Knights, Faction Three -you can call them whatever you wish to call them - and there are millions of ground troops.  And we are joined in our effort to completely remove the cabal, the illuminati. We call them the 'naughties', because we want you to understand we see them - in a certain sense - as children who got so involved, and so tangled up in, so inbred with their programming, that they have been controlling you, literally, for eons of time upon Planet Earth. But their day is done!!!

"You’re coming into the Light of Love, fully and completely as the innocent children you are.  They are children who need a time out - in some cases, a permanent time out because they are recalcitrant.  They will not come to the Light.  They are clinging to their hiding places and they are so ingrained in their programs that they simply cannot give them up.

"That is not the case with you, Beloved Family.  Even if you have done something in your life which society says is really bad -unforgivable - that is not so.  Because as you rise into the Higher Dimensionality of your being - in other words, as you connect with it more and more, as you claim it, as you anchor yourselves into that Higher Dimensionality - you will be as innocent as any child, because the heaviness of whatever it is that you did has been forgiven because it is no longer being judged!

"Now that is a concept that you might need to spend a little time working with. Do what Masters Tara and Rama do.*  Go into your Hearts.  Focus upon expressing only Love, and you’ll find that you’ll have an entire complement of Angels and Guides and Masters who will join with you and, literally - if you call upon them - they will literally lift you up.  And that is a marvelous way to clear, because when you get up into a high enough vibration, you won’t have anything left to clear!!!  But for now, look for that which might use a little house-cleaning, shall we say.  Ask yourselves.  Don’t rely upon someone else to tell you what you need to clear.  Ask yourselves!

"Now, you may need to consult with somebody who specializes in facilitating clearings.  So go to that person, having already done some self-discovery, and say, well, I have this heaviness and it appears to be blah, blah, blah, blah.  And, yes, of course, partner, just as you partner with your Guides and Angels and whomever you choose to call upon from the Higher Dimensions. By the way, you’re getting higher yourselves, so don’t think of them as way, way up there and you way, way down here, because that is NOT how it is!

"We can literally reach out and touch each other with our energies of Love, and they are much stronger now, these connections.  You know why?  Because you have lifted yourselves up and you have come up high enough that it is now virtually a 'no veil' situation between us.  Think what that means!!!

"Now you can tell everyone you’ve got connections, high up connections, but include yourself in them.  Do not exclude yourself.  See yourselves as my brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters with Sananda, with the Angels, with all of what you might call the Higher Dimensional kingdoms of Mother Gaia!  And there are many.

"I shall digress for a moment, just to remind you that the plants, the animals and the minerals are all highly conscious, beautiful, beautiful beings.  And for the most part they, too, are focused in Love.  There are some who aren’t going to make it into the Higher Dimension because they have been created to - oh, shall we say, provide some irritants in your life, whether you fear them, or whether you simply regard them as a nuisance.  Some time ago, in your time, I did discuss the fact that we do not see mosquitos coming up into the Higher Dimensions, as an example. 

"The kingdoms where the consciousness is easily connected with - plants, animals, fairies and so on, is very, very close.  In some cases, you’re already there!  So express to them as well. Join into constant communications and connections with them and be One.  Some of them are just waiting for you!  And let’s face it, some of you have relatives out there among the fairy kingdoms. You have some fairy genetics in you!  Ah, yes, we can see you.

"And some of you have lifetimes spent with magical creatures around you, surrounding you, living where you lived.  Raise your hands if you remember at least one lifetime with the unicorns, or perhaps, the really, really, really big dragons, the dinosaurs. Honor All Life!!!  Go ahead and avoid the mosquitos, if you choose to - the mosquitos in your life.  But honor all and thank all for the lessons they have taught you.

"And communicate with the crystals if you are so inclined and program the crystals.  Do you have a favorite tree, or a flower in your garden, or a doggie?  Take a crystal and program it with Love, and then put it under your tree, or by your flower, or by where your doggy sleeps.  Whatever.  Get the Love going around to humanity, yes and to all of the kingdoms because that, Beloved Ones, is part of participating in the Oneness of the Universe.

"Love is Divine!  You are Love!  You are Divine!  There are no gaps in that.  There are no falling out places.  That’s it!  It’s a circle.  It’s called LOVE!  Love is circular.  And it circulates within each and every one of you, and it joins us together.  There is nothing in the Universe that is more powerful than Love!  And it is for you to remember Who You Really Are, and to require that you be an expression of yourselves - which is Love - in all of your awake times, in all of your sleep times, in all of your in-between going to sleep and waking up times, and so on!

"And yes, get out there and teach others how to manifest, how to create from the perspective, and from the Dimensional levels of Love.  Where you’re headed, to become permanent residents of the Golden Age for as long as it takes before you go on into your ascended bodies, there is only Love ahead!  There will be no need to have any fear, because there won’t be anything to fear. It’s all LOVE!  It’s all JOY!  It’s all Peace On Earth!  And it’s all yours to live and to love!!!

"And if the way along the path gets a bit rocky, it is for you to remember always to program yourselves, as it where, by doing your clearing and by opening to allow all the Love of the Universe to come into your Hearts.  And just as, yes,the Master* has said, when you think you can’t hold any more, open to receive more. You can always open more in the area, particularly of your Hearts.  In fact, you can open the entirety of your energy fields to receive more of the Light of Love, the energy of Love, and you can REQUIRE that you receive more and more, and that you hold more and more to let it light you up!!!  And the magic of it is that the more you bring in and hold within yourselves, the more you radiate outward to the World and the Universe beyond!

"If you have been feeling a bit lost lately, not sure what you want to do, or what your calling is, or you’re thinking that you’re in the wrong profession, or you don’t know what you want to study, just remember: It all comes from Love!  It must all come from Love, because that is an absolute Law of the Golden Age. Remember the question, 'What would Love do?'  And therein you find your answers.

"So let’s keep on loving together, living the Love We Are. And I promise you this: We are making great inroads on the changes and the preparations for the announcements of NESARA and the Truth of our existence and the Truth of the Love that we bring to Planet Earth!!!  You are asked to join with us in mission and service.  And the most important thing for you to do is exactly what we have been discussing here in this forum, in this Grand Gathering of Family.  And that is to be the Love and express only the Divinity, the Divine Love of Who You Really Are as One with All!!!

"And so, Beloved Family, I thank you for being here to listen, to share the Love We Are!  We have yet more to do and we shall be welcoming the Wondrous One who is known as the Love, the Great Love, throughout the entirety of Planet Earth and beyond.**  So we all thank you, and we tell you this: We Love you beyond what any words can express.  Just feel the Love, and feel the Oneness that it brings to all of us together!

"And so it is. Salut!"

*  Tara and Rama - A&A Report http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/tara-rama-report-4-08-14.html

**Ashtar was followed by Mother Mary - transcript will be published soon!

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, April 8, 2014. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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