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Ashtar: Express from Your Hearts and Send Love to the Children!
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - March 25, 2014

"Greetings Beloved Family!  And this is indeed a most Joy-full time, and a time of success!  The outpourings of Love - during the Equinox, before the Equinox, today in the meditations directed at the Vatican, and that which are to come - are indeed making the difference that needs to be made, in order to move forward into the Golden Age, in order to accomplish all that lies ahead.  Now, you may think that because your news media has not reported on everything that you are hearing has happened - or will be happening - that things are moving rather slowly.  But just the opposite is true!!!

"Not only is time collapsing - so things are happening more rapidly for that particular reason alone - but it is that endings are taking place in every moment, endings of the power and control that have governed, ruled and enslaved Planet Earth all these eons of time!

"And the most recent ones, in some respects, are indeed the most heinous because - particularly in the countries that regard themselves as in the forefront of civilization - things that you have been hearing in this Report,** and in other places, are not supposed to have happened at all, let alone to the extent to which they have occurred and which, if the dark hats have their way, would continue indefinitely and drag you into yet another world war and so on and so on.  Well, we’re not going there! Cancel, cancel, cancel!!!

"We’re moving up, Higher and Higher.  Every level of the dimension that you are in has a Higher level and, ultimately, there is a Higher Dimension.  And so it is that we are on a one way journey, just as Masters Tara and Rama** have said, that there is no doubt.  There is simply in the third dimension a laying down of the physical body, but the rest of you goes on and you greet yourself because you’re already there, too.  And so there is so much, as you would say, to look forward to!  We see it all. We look ahead and we look back, we are in the present moment, but we see the entirety of the timelines.  And we assure you that progress is being made in every moment! 

"So it is that we ask you to look at where you are in this moment and to, shall we say, turn over your decision-making to your Hearts. Now we understand there are some things that are daily routines and so forth - whether they are habits and automatic, or whether it is something new to do - and sometimes you need to engage your marvelous brains, which are expanding.  But just remember that your brains and your Hearts will always ultimately operate as One, just as you are becoming One with the totality of all life in the Universe!  And so, trust your Hearts!

"Be not so concerned with all of the different news reports on every topic you can think of.  It is a marvelous array, particularly upon the internet.  Go where your Heart says Love is, and let the rest fall.  You’ve got plenty to do and we are here to do everything with you, if you will but join us.  That calls for a joining of Hearts!  We understand that stories such as, we took the plane up on the mother ship and, so on and so on - we understand that those seem to be a bit outrageous, particularly if you are telling them to your republican neighbor, who is a good person but simply does not have enough Truth to understand what has been going on. 

"Nevertheless, these are occurring because we, the Ashtar Command, have been invited by you! Well, you may not have been consciously aware of it, but your Hearts certainly invited us!  Your higher selves and we have been working together for eons of time.  In fact, most of you are indeed Ashtar commanders and if not an Ashtar commander, you are an ambassador from a faraway place and you have certainly ridden upon our ships and there is an aspect of you that’s there now!  If you care to check in with your Hearts, perhaps you’ll get more details on that - but it is not necessary. It is simply something that you have an ability to do, each and every one of you!

"And so we invite you to spend time to invite your Higher Self, your guides - we, The Mentors, are honored to be in your company and in service with you - invite us in!  Let’s have conversations, discussions, dialogues, one-on-one, if you wish.  In other words, if you can see it that way, as the One We All Are, getting together and finding Truth, then just let yourself light up with Love and all of these beautiful energies that are coming in to assist you - each and every one of you, each and every one, in, on and above Planet Earth - in moving up! That’s the name of the game if you want to call it that.  Oh, we love your slang and your sayings!  That puts it so succinctly!

"That’s the name of the game.  It’s called moving up, Ascension. Now that’s a grand word!  What does it mean anyway?  It means that you can take your physical body with you if you desire to do so.  Now, of course, that means that your physical body needs to do some upgrading.  We can help with that, too! The Arcturians are particularly, shall we say, ready and prepared to welcome you aboard their ships if you choose to go to their healing rooms. They use light and sound frequencies.  Everything is a frequency, you know, and they know just exactly what to do for each and every one of you who invite yourselves aboard.  And the more you are open to receiving that help - that technology help which they offer to you - the more you’ll receive!!!

"Now, we also suggest that, when you are in the space of your Hearts, that you look real closely into the mirror that the Heart holds to you, and you see how Divine you are.  That is essential! In other words, it is knowledge for you to accept and assimilate throughout the totality of your beings.  That knowledge, that knowing, that acceptance is a grand up-lifter, shall we say.  It will provide much more speed for your progress upward!!!

"So be mindful of that, and invite the Divinity in you to speak for you in all your expressions.  Now, we are talking verbal expressions, we are talking actions, but we are also talking about what you call your thoughts.  And the more Heart-based are your thoughts, the more Divine they are, the more loving they are, the more effective they are, because your thoughts are frequency, too, and they radiate!!!  Hold the Love and keep it circulating within yourself and send it out telepathically.  You do not need to get up on a stage or soap box or anything in between and start voicing your Truths. 

"If you wish to do that, that is perfectly all right, and, by the way, we are getting to a point where it is important for people to step up, and it will be in this time of great change.  Do you realize how many vacancies there are going to be in all offices which have not been serving the people as they are supposed to do - but will be?  We are talking about political offices on every level of government.  We are talking about agencies of the government. We are talking about the churches - minus the religious dogma that has come about.  We are talking about the financial institutions – the banks are going to be around for a while.  They are just going to be drastically different, and they will need people who will operate from the Highest principles.

"The Golden Age Honor Code is a part of NESARA, and it will be instituted and there will be a change-over period where people will need to get used to being treated as they themselves wish to be treated!  There will be a change-over period when everyone will be getting used to being everybody else’s brother or sister, and being in service to the totality of all life.  And there will be great need in the education, not just of the children, but of all ages. 

"Now some of these things are going to come naturally, as the old falls away and as the new comes into full bloom.  It will just happen seemingly overnight, or even in a nano-second.  And eventually there will be no memory.  There will be no need for memories of the inhumanities which have taken place.  When we say inhumanities, we are talking about the assaults and the degradations and the enslavement and the rape and the murder and so on, and so on, which some have inflicted upon humanity. But meanwhile, position yourselves by being in your Heart spaces and coming from your Hearts, as you say, acting from your Hearts, expressing from your Hearts so that you are ready to step into the Golden Age as a Divine, loving being in Brotherhood/ Sisterhood that We All Are!!!

"Now we shall take a moment to confirm what Masters Tara and Rama have said about the activities of the highest up beings in certain of the churches.**  Now these are acts of such extreme and horrible nature that we shall not dwell upon them, but we shall simply say, yes, this has been going on and they barely touched upon it.  Do not immerse yourselves in that, but rather immerse yourselves in the Love, the Love for the children, for they are innocent and it is the heritage of these beings - the illuminati, the reptilians, the archons before them - to use children in ways that are unspeakable in this Gathering. It is to rejoice that the children - while some are back already to help, and some are back into human bodies in order to help in this grand, upward movement - and those who are not are truly the angels and they have gone on, some of them, to even Higher Dimensions.

"Now these children have been innocent!  And it is not just the sacrifices that have taken place within the walls of the Vatican and other places that ordinary humans are not allowed to go, not even the lower level beings of the churches.  That’s not the only place.  There have been rituals of this nature done any time that there has been a dictatorship where the one, the dictator has been, shall we say, a member of these particular churches because they are taught to do this and they don’t have Compassion.  

"But the children pass into a higher level where they are free, where they are angels and where, yes, they forgive!!!  Now it seems absolutely unconscionable, and absolutely unable to be understood, why any child would come into a life whose mission was to be sacrificed in some way. Where does Compassion come forth the easiest on the part of someone who is not awake, if not for the innocent child, if not for the very young?A man, for instance, a man who is angry might perpetrate some violent act upon another adult - and it does not have to be a man, it could be a woman - but most humans will stop for children.

"Humans will risk their lives even to save the lives, or to save children from harm, and they put their own personal safety completely aside.  How many times does a man or a woman or even an older child dash out into a street into oncoming traffic to rescue a younger child who has walked out there, or toddled out there?  And, yes, it is true that there are cruelties to children existing in what you might call ordinary households.  But it is the children of the world who are, as a group, most able to inspire Compassion, most able to light up a Heart, to cause a smile upon the face of someone who was in despair - it is the smile of the child, or the touch of the child’s hand or simply the radiance of the child!!!  And so it is that it is for us to honor these children and it is for us to love them, all of them, in this time that we have together, to send the Love/Light to them, that they may know how loved they are!

"Now almost of the children being born today have a sense of their own Divinities, and this is very important, because it is these children who will become teachers during the Golden Age! It is these children who will lead the way in many, many instances.  We have told you before that it will not be unusual for people of all ages to attend a workshop or class of some kind, and at least one of the teachers will be someone you would call a child - somebody who hasn’t even graduated from high school yet, let alone has, you know, a college degree with letters after his or her name!  It is the wisdom of the children, and guess where that wisdom comes from?  It comes from the Hearts of the children!!!

"And so it is that we invite you - when you are working in your spiritually-minded groups, when you are having an opportunity to sit under your favorite tree or just having a momentary, loving thought as you’re sitting in your traffic jam somewhere - we invite you to send that Love from your Heart through the entirety of your being, and then to the children.

"This is a time when news of these dark deeds is coming out into the mainstream more and more.  More and more people are hearing about it and while they are true and, while yes, they have happened, it is to love the children and to forgive the people doing these deeds as the children have done.  And that is difficult, we know, and when we say forgive, we are talking about the absence of judgment.  We are talking about loving them with Compassion and Gratitude, not for the deeds they’ve done, but for the ability to see what must be changed, on your part.  It is not to sit in judgment of them.  They are going to a very, very high court and whatever their timelines, whatever awaits them on their timelines, it is to invite them to return to Love, to cleanse and clear out all of the darkness and to be as children themselves, innocent in their Hearts, no matter what they may have done.

"So let the children lead the way for this Forgiveness which is so necessary in order for Planet Earth to move up to its destinations!  And let us join together, Heart to Heart, and start this grand Forgiveness and sending of Love to all children everywhere.

"Well, Beloved Ones, we thank you so much for being with us and for your attention and for all the great deeds you have done, and have yet to do on your timelines!  Most of all, we thank you for being the loving, Divine beings in human bodies that you are! Remember, there is no separation between us, and it is for you to recognize your own Divinities and to express from your own Divine Hearts!!!  And so it is.  Salut!"

* Ashtar was introduced by his chosen theme song, Come The New Jerusalem.

**Tara and Rama's A&A Report.
Transcription by Marta
Given through Susan Leland, March 25, 2014. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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