Ashtar: "NESARA Leads the Way
to The Golden Age and to Ascension!!!"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
May 23, 2017
"Greetings, everyone in this Beloved Ashtar On The Road Family! We are so much in Love with you!  And we love what you're doing to come together in the Oneness, in the High Vibes, and to contribute to the accomplishment of our Mission.
"Now, many of you know that you are members of the Ashtar Command - not all of you are, but you don't have to be!  You are from many places, and you are citizens of Planet Earth.  You all have some starseed genetics, as you call it, and you have a common – let’s just say 'Light' – a Light of Oneness in all of you that shines so bright!  I can see, I can feel you.  And I know that you know what you're here to do, because it's what we're here to do.  And so it is to come together to empower each of you individually, and all of us together, and that is how we accomplish our Mission!
"Now, you’ve heard it already from the Masters,*  but I shall say it again.  Our number one mission is NESARA!!!  Why?  Because it is the means, a tool - a very important Ascension tool - because NESARA's announcement and, of course, the announcement that we're here, will result in all of Planet Earth being able to move up Higher.  Now we know that you all spend time – we're here on the Bridge of my ship – this is a Higher level of dimensionality already -we know that you all spend, what you call 'time' I shall say, in Higher Dimensional levels.  You are, in Truth, multidimensional, and so you are a presence in many levels of 3, 4 and 5D already.  And some of you are even venturing Higher!Why not?You know, you can fly just as well as I, Ashtar, in your merkabas!
"So!  Our coming together unites us in the Light of Love and in Purpose!!!  How many of you – raise your hands – how many of you FEEL in your Hearts that you are here for the purpose of bringing yourselves, as individual identities, and then ALL of Planet Earth into full Ascension status?  Well, you all are!  Even if you're not feeling it in this moment - go ahead,spend some time within your own Hearts and you'll get it!
"So, when it became obvious that you were really going to do it this time - despite several other tries, and not making it into the Higher Dimensions, which is just going Home, going back to where you came from, you know, transmuting the veils into nothing and moving up and so on and so on and all that entails - we inspired a tool.  And I say 'we' - the Collective We - all the Beings of Light from the Higher Realms - we knew that this was the time for NESARA, the time in Earth time.  And so we inspired it in those who wrote it.  And NESARA is still scheduled to be announced in the United States of America, but it is for the entirety of the Planet!!!
"Now I know that you all know within those 3D papers about NESARA - what NESARA is about, I should say - and what the provisions of it are.  PRO-VISIONS – get that, and you'll see that it was those who wrote it who received the visions that put it into really three dimensional terms.  This was the bringing of Higher Dimensional Divine Governance into a form that could be recognized and implemented in the third dimension!
"But it was never intended to be anything except a tool, a bridge, to bring you up into Higher levels of dimensionality. That's what it's here for.  So, I cannot tell you exactly when it will be announced.  I can tell you that we're very close.  You've heard it before.  You've been hearing it for years, some of you.  I know that doesn't sound particularly as though there's been progress, but you heard him.  You heard Master Rama say the progress is twice as fast this week as it was last week, and so on!  It's been increasing exponentially.  I love that word, 'exponentially' – it's a great word in your lingo!
"Now, what does this mean?  It means that the World is about to hear about NESARA.  There are those who, for instance, wrote it, who know about it, and who cannot speak of it because there was a provision that was put in there by the dark hatsso that they would control its announcement.  Now, their initial provision was to control it so that it never got announced.  We all know that!
"But now they're trying to stall and delay as much as they can and they are distracting people with all of their dark deeds.  But the Light is shining ever brighter!  It’s shining on NESARA and it is shining out fromNESARA and it is shining out from you, Beloved Ones, and from us together, joined in this Mission.  And it will come to pass!  It shall be announced and it shall be welcomed and the education will begin, the teaching of the Truth, all of these things!!!
"When it happens, it will change things so fast that it is advisable for you to be thoroughly familiar with it, but it is for you to connect with it and bring it forth from the Higher levels from which it came.  So if your neighbor comes to you and says, 'Wow, I don't have to pay income tax anymore!  I think this is just the ultimate excitement!'  You can say 'Beloved neighbor, let me share a little bit more with you,' and so on and so on.  In other words, it is to keep High in your Hearts and to live the very principles that NESARA brings forth, which is High Integrity, which is living in the Love of High Dimensionality, and all of the other blessings that NESARA truly brings to Planet Earth, because that is how you utilize the tool to the fullest extent!
"Now, St Germain will be here to discuss, in more detail, post NESARA announcement Lifestyles,** so I shall end it here with simply thanking all of you who are joining in the Meditations to empower its coming into 3D, or what remains of 3D on Planet Earth, and I thank all of you who are actually stepping out in 3D with the papers, the information and the sharing of it, so that you are diminishing the possibilities that the shock will be so great that perhaps it will slow down the implementation.  We don't see that happening, but it is a real Joy to know that we are joined together - not only in bringing its announcement forth, but in its implementation or activation!!!  
"The more people who 'get it,' the more people who understand that this is a Heart Mission - High Heart Mission, High Dimensional Mission - the sooner people will be able to let go of all of their 3D fears - their jealousies, their angers, their desire for revenge and all that fear creates - and lift up with us to where there is complete Freedom from all fear-based creations, where there is only Love from which to create the true Golden Age Lifestyles, which then move each one into Ascension according to their own timelines, contracts, and free will - including the ability to accelerate their own Ascensions or not!
"So that is the importance of NESARA, speaking from the Higher levels of dimensionality - which you all connect with - and giving you some words that you can remember, if you wish, and place in your own Hearts and share with others, if you so desire, about what NESARA really is about and what the Mission of NESARA is, once it gets announced.  And that is a most Joy-full subject for contemplation!
"So!  I wish to make some other comments.  I will say that the 'Joy factor,' as Sekhmet is so fond of calling it - we can call it the 'Schumann Resonance' - we can call it all kinds of things - the consciousness of Planet Earth, despite all of the distractions, is rising even more!!!  There are even among leaders in the Lightworker community who have been distracted themselves by all of this dinar business - there are even those among the leadership who are saying, 'Wait a minute!  That's not where we need to focus.  The dinar - and all of the money things - are a part of the 3D that we're trying to rise up and out of, so let's focus on Love!' They don't have to say 'NESARA.'  NESARA is Love!!!  And NESARA was created from Love.  Some of them are saying this, some of them aren't.  But all I'm saying is that the Light is shining bright, and more and more of those among the Lightworkers and their leadership who have pure Hearts, High Intentions, are starting to go for what is pure Truth, what is really real, what is truly High Dimensional.There will be no more money games after NESARA is announced.  Again I shall defer to St Germain** to speak more on that.
"Everything is going to change.  All of the Kingdoms except Humanity are universally aware of it, and I say 'universally' because this does go beyond Planet Earth.  They know that Planet Earth is moving up.  And they are already in the energies of Higher levels of dimensionality!  But it is not easy when you have the density of the human body, and especially if you are an old soul who has been around and around and around.  And even though you are clearing - and have cleared indeed virtually everything that you brought from your what you call your past, and you are conscientiously and consciously clearing whatever might be out there in what you call the future part of your timelines - you still have the results in your 'now' selves to some extent or other.
"Some of you had more - you gave yourselves a lot more when you first came in because you figured, 'Well, this is it. This is the last hurrah, the last lifetime.  I've got to do this.  I'd better get all my lessons learned this time for sure.  I don’t want to come back!'  Which by the way, you'll have a choice about, but once you ascend you are not locked in and you can go back and forth between levels of dimensionality and what you call 'time,' if you wish!!!
"You can be a time traveler as well.  That's science - we don't spend too many of your moments on science, because that's not what we're here for at Ashtar On The Road.  But we will tell you that all these things and many more miracles - if you want to call them that - will be there waiting for you, because they're already there!  And you can bring yourselves up and connect with them during your sleep times, your meditation times, your visioning times and so on and so on.
"All I'm saying is that the 'real you' has the LoveLight, or it is incarnate in the cells of your human body, your physicality!  And the more you bring in the Light, the less dense your physicality becomes, the more empowered you are to rise above whatever challenges you may have still - at least some of in that part of you which is 3D - the more you will be literally 'Lighten-ing up' and moving up and out of 3D, and so on and so on.  And so your commitment to being here and bringing in even more Light and bringing in the creation - all creations, I shall say - that are coming from the LoveLight, the faster you will evolve yourselves and participate in evolving the entire Planet!  So there you are!Now I know I'm making it sound rather simple.  IT IS SIMPLE if you will get out of your way!!!
"Well, you've heard that before, haven't you?  What does that mean?  Think about Who You Really Are!  Close your eyes.  Look into the mirror of your wisdom eye.  Or ask your guides to put a picture of you right in front of you so that you can see it with your wisdom eye.  What does that look like?THE REAL YOU IS THE LIGHT OF LOVE!!!
"Now, you may recognize yourself.  You may see your body with a great deal of Light in it or you may see yourself as all Light.  It's all true!  It's all you!  So connect with that part of you that is the Light and increase it, expand it and, most of all, LOVE ALL OF YOU as you bring more LoveLight in!!!  Because I tell you, Beloved Ones, this is how you make it.  This is how you DO the Ascension.  This is how you serve in our Mission and this is how you live your life on Planet Earth, below, on and above!
"So, I am most anxious to have Master St Germain** come and further describe and expand upon the post-NESARA announcement which we are calling the Golden Age Lifestyle. Keep in mind that there are two main announcements; one being NESARA, the other being, 'Well, hello!We're here!'  And if you came in right as this Gathering began, you were able to hear Melissa,*** with whom I've been working very closely, describing the project of 'Hello, We're Here!' in more detail.  Those are my words, not hers.  It is simply to say you can engage both with NESARA and with bringing forth the official announcement of our presence!  And what is really important I shall say is, our PEACEFUL presence, our HELPING presence, our JOINING WITH YOU presence in openassistance, in opencommunication and in openadvancements in all areas of Spiritual Science!!! 
"So, remember!  Our Mission is two-fold: NESARA must have the primary focus in this moment, as we are coming together in our Oneness, working together from all levels of dimensionality.  But theannouncement of our presence is a participatory kind of a Mission as well.  You do not have to sit on the sidelines!  Come on outside and, particularly in your night skies, say, 'hello' and join together in greetings - in Heart Greetings - and be with us in that way, as well as when you come up onto our ships when you get into meditations and communications from that Higher level place where there is only Light.  It is to bring BOTH announcements into the reality of 3D Earth.And that, Beloved Ones, is your special Mission as Ashtar On The Road Family members!!!
"And so, thank you for being with us in this most Beloved and Honored Gathering from all of us in the Light, to all of you who are Light Beings within your own human identities.  And so it is!Salut!"
*** Melissa, 
Here's the link to the recording, with her speaking toward the beginning:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, May 23, 2017.
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