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Ashtar: "The Portal is Wide Open to the Golden Age!"*
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - November 12, 2013

"Greetings Beloved Family, and welcome to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem!  We stand here - the Mentors and I, Ashtar, and all of this Grand Company who come from the Light to be with you and the Light that You Are!  And it is indeed so joyful that we are ecstatic, absolutely ecstatic, in our Joy at your coming!!!

"We share with you the momentous news of the moment that you have brought yourselves to - this moment in your time, in what you call your history/herstory of Planet Earth, which is so on the very edge of the ending of all of the trials and the traumas and the tribulations that Planet Earth and, yes, you, Beloved Ones, have volunteered to experience, in order to bring yourselves to this very moment!

"So it is to appreciate, to be in Gratitude for the clearings, the cleansings, and the upward movements, if you will; that is, the raisings of the vibrations of every living being, of Mother Gaia herself and everyone who is currently in residence upon Planet Earth!  And with it will come the raisings and upliftings of other planets and other civilizations - other living beings in other places besides Planet Earth.

"So yes, it is to be appreciative and grateful, but that’s only part of it.  You see, you’ve all suffered, by your choice and by your will.  Even those of you who are knowing that you are indeed from other places besides Planet Earth - you have chosen suffering somewhere out here in the Universe.  The reason for it, as we have said, is to be grateful and to appreciate these changes which are coming now so fast, that it indeed takes a great deal of concentration and focus to even keep up with knowing these changes as they come!  It is more for you to feel than it is necessary for you to be in constant research!

"You have Masters of research - you have heard them already – Masters Tara and Rama.**  And so it is for you to get their reports and let them be the messengers to you, unless you know that it is your calling to also be such.  It is yours to spread the news, indeed.  It is for you to share what you know, whether you do it telepathically, or in your actual expressions of words or deeds, or whether you do both, which is most ideal!

"But as we have said, this Gratitude is only a part of where Planet Earth is right now!  The window of opportunity, as we have already asked you to understand, is wide open, and it is for you to express out through this window, as much as it is for you to create, shall we say, the traveling atmosphere!  So in addition to Gratitude and appreciation, there must come another Love-based message from you, and that is Forgiveness.   Now, you have heard many times in our messages that it is Sananda who has defined Forgiveness as the absence of judgment, and this is what we are speaking of.

"It is for you to be in knowledge, yes, of what has transpired, particularly in your most recent past, but also to know that this has been the ongoing trend for at least 13,000 years here on Planet Earth, and on other places.  And so all of the hatred and all of the corruption, and all of the thievery and all of the lying, and so on, has been real.  It has been experienced, not just by you as a victim or as a receiver, but also by you as a perpetrator. Why?  So you would understand it!

"Why do you need to understand?  So you can be in compassionate Forgiveness, so you can give up your judgments in favor of Love!!!  Clear out whatever there is that you might have in the way of recriminations, or blame, or guilt.  Let’s face it, it is most likely that there is some kind of a combination.  And when you are feeling absolutely forgiving and free of judgment, then extend it out!  That’s your mission!  It’s to share that with the world!!!

"That’s what we are talking about - creating the atmosphere of Love so that everyone can raise their frequency, everyone can raise their vibration, everyone can be on the path to Ascension, because without the existence of this atmosphere an individual cannot ascend!  Now we are having this period of time we keep telling you about – we know you’re excited - so are we!!!  It’s called the Golden Age.

"What is the Golden Age, anyway, except a transition? ,Yes, you go through a portal, you enter into a Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity for all and the feelings must be of Gratitude and Forgiveness. And they are based in Love, and it is to be aware and knowledgeable, but it is to be the compassionate observer!  It is not to get down in the dumpies about anything that has transpired, whether it is in your own personal life or whether it is something that you see in the World.

"Yes, send your compassionate caring, send your Love!  There’s a place on this Planet which is crying out for help, and that is, of course, in the Philippine Islands.  And it is to send your Love and your healing, because Mother Gaia is not incompassionate, but there were things that needed to be cleared in those places.  And be not in sorrow for those who left their bodies.  Many of them were taken up on the ships, as many as who wanted to come!

"That’s what we can do when those who are destined to leave the Planet make that request - and we do it!  There are others who simply need a time out, so to speak, a time away from whatever it is that they have been doing, an opportunity to change directions.  They are not gone, their spirits live on and they will be back in other identities if they choose to do so, or they will move into their Light bodies and be among the Companies in the Heavenly Realms.  Everybody has a choice, everybody can do whatever it is that he or she chooses to do!

"Sometimes even the greatest of teachers, the Masters, choose to come back and try a more, shall we say, earthly life, after they have done their service in the identity of the Masterhood.  So it is to each and every individual to choose what’s next, but we tell you this for Planet Earth – you’re in the realm of opportunity!!! And so it is about feelings, about sharing your feelings, it is about sending forth the Love You Are - each and every one of you!  And if you are in any self-judgment, now is the time to recognize your own Divine Beingness, to love and nurture yourselves, and as you do so you raise your own vibrations - and it is contagious!  You just can’t help but help everyone else on Planet Earth!!!

"So what is the point of all of this?  The point is to usher in the Golden Age, but it is to bring forth the Peace that is unconditional – unconditionally loving, unconditionally forgiving - and the Joy that goes with it, and of course there is Gratitude in that Joy! How can there not be?  It’s time to dance, it’s time to cast off all of the worries, and the woes and fears, and all of the discomforts, the disharmonies and whatever other fears you may have been experiencing, and all of the emotions that are fear-based!

"It’s time for the World to do this.  This is the Holy Days season -the greatest one ever for Planet Earth, because this is when all of the beings on Planet Earth have the opportunity to get it together and to move into this Golden Age!!!  We in the Ashtar Command on the ships, and those of you in the ground crew, see this as the forward momentum that we have been waiting to see. You’ve reached a point in your movement toward the Golden Age and your Ascension - not only where there is no stopping you, because that point was reached previously - but where your momentum is so strong that we can see this door, this portal, this opportunity window wide open and we’re telling you – come on!!! Step through it, fly through it, however you choose, just know the time is now in your history/herstory, as it has never been!

"Yes, we’ve been talking about it and working toward it, and I can stand before you now in this circle of Love on the Bridge of my ship, The New Jerusalem, and tell you - this is it!!!  But it is still for you, Beloved Ones, to continue your work, to continue to move with us.  It is not for you to sit still or to lie down and say, 'Oh good, I’ve done my share and now I’m through. I don’t have to do anything more,'  because it is that you will still get there -the entire Planet will get there - but why slow down the momentum that you’ve worked so hard with us to attain?

"So we invite you and encourage you to continue your missions, to continue your work, if you want to think of it as that.  We think of it as following your contracts and living your passionate Joy!You are messengers, you are Lightworkers, you are Ashtar Family, and we stand with you, and we walk with you along your paths, and we fly with you when you choose to fly - so let’s do it!!!  Let’s not wait any longer and let’s not stop.  Together we are moving through this opportunity door, or window, or portal -however big you want to make it, and however you want to see yourself moving through it.  Let’s get it done, because you so deserve it, after all of your waiting – it’s not just this lifetime, it’s not just this century, it’s 13,000 years!!!

"So let’s bring in the Golden Age, and as they say – let’s ring it in during these Holy Days!  Let there be Peace and Prosperity and Joy to the World!!!  That, Beloved Ones, is our Mission - that’s why we’re here, that’s why you’re here - and let’s move forward together!  And we thank you for being with us, we thank you for all that you have done, for all that you have to do, and most of all we thank you, Beloved Ones, for being the Divine, Wonderful and Radiant Beings You Are!!!  And so it is - Salut!"

* Ashtar was introduced by his chosen song, Come The New Jerusalem
**Tara and Rama's A&A Report
Ashtar was followed by our guest speaker, President JFK
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, November 12, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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