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Ashtar:  "The Incoming Energies of Truth, Wisdom and Love!"* 
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - November 26, 2013


"Greetings Beloved Family!  We are so in Joy!  And we trust that, if you have not been in Joy, but have been feeling somewhat chaotic, or having any kind of fears, that you will hear our message which we join in with Masters Tara and Rama,** in delivering to you in this wondrous time that we have together. These moments are precious to us, for it enables us to come even closer to you.  Never doubt we are here, because we have invited you and because you have invited us!

"The Ashtar Command is everywhere in the atmosphere of   Planet Earth, as well as upon the ground, and yes, the waters of Planet Earth!  Because you, Beloved Ones, have given your permission to enable us to come and assist you in overcoming what might have seemed to be overwhelming odds – well it seemed that way to the dark hats, they figured they were just going to go on and on and on.  But together, we have changed their entire agenda!!!

"There is no going back, and for those of them who are still recalcitrant and unwilling to give up their positions of power, well, the news is they aren’t powerful anymore.  They may think so, they may be echoing from their former places of empowerment - there are still a few of their programs running but they are so close to ending, we will say to you that the time is now!  It is in the stars, and those of you who do stargazing, look up.  We are everywhere in your skies!  So, 'twinkle, twinkle little star' might be 'Twinkle, Twinkle Big Ship'!!!

"We love to dance for you, and we will come and do our flashing of our lights and our dances, if you will but greet us and say, 'Hello,' because we are here everywhere!  Our energies are literally filling up every conceivable space upon the Planet, and whether the dark ones want us to be here or not, we’re here!  We are putting so much Light on them that they are either joining in the Light and allowing themselves to expand into it, or they are saying, 'No,' and running for cover, and there is no cover for them any more.

"We are well aware of their hiding spaces and we can jump out ahead of anything they might have planned.  I will say this one more time because we do have some people who will be hearing this from this source, from I, Ashtar, for the very first time: There will be no nuclear wars of any kind, there will be no nuclear acts of terrorism!!!  The only thing which is terrorist at all in the way of nukes is in the plants, which are being closed. That is a part of the Golden Age - there will be no need for nuclear energy!

“Go to the website of the man from Iran*** who has the technology and who offers it for free to the entirety of the World! This will put the oil boys totally out of business, and the oil boys are the same as the drug boys, and so on and so on; and we’re talking legal and illegal drugs by whose ever laws and whatever country that is defined.  There will be no need for those because we are here and we offer you our technologies.  Come up to the ships, invite yourselves up to the Arcturian hospital ships if you choose to do so.  Work with your own higher self and your guidance team, look up the MAP**** team if you wish, that is a specially evolved program of the Great White Brotherhood, i.e. the Ascended Masters.

"All of this is available to you now, and more. And most of all, be thinking about what it is that you have to do upon your passion lists.  Forget about work lists, forget about J.O.B. job lists, talk about your passions with yourself and your guidance team - any of us are available at any time.  I, Ashtar, will come and speak with you personally - call me forth!  We are here not only to assist you in getting to what we call the Golden Age, but to counsel with you.  It is to listen to you, it is to invite you to open your Hearts and tell us what it is that you are feeling.  It is for you to become intuitive within your own beings, that is, connecting with the totality of Who You Are and your Higher Selves, and having your circles of communication, correspondence and Communion within yourselves, and discovering Who You Really Are!!!

"You know, the bottom line is that you are really a Divine Being in a human body. What you are made of is Love!  So once you get that well established within your Hearts - which is your new thinking base - and your minds and the totality of your energy fields, you can easily access what it is that you are particularly here to do, what is your Mission.  Now, we have mentioned and discussed at some length that this is a window of opportunity, the portals are wide open for your own upliftment and for your own evolvement, and of course self-discovery is a major, major part of that evolvement!

"You have heard something of the astrology of these events, and make no mistake, astrology is a recognized science in the advanced civilizations.  Your scientists, they want to debunk it or say it is not real because that would take the spotlight and the empowerment away from them and the ones who hold their puppet strings.  Dr. Keshe knows better and so do others who, shall we say, are more connected with reality, with Truth, and of course, the basis of all Truth which is Love.

“Fear is the basis for untruth - that which is not reality, that is fear.  You have heard, 'false events appearing real.'  Fear is all about falsehoods because that is to take you away from the knowing of your own Divinity.  There are those who have been profiting greatly from the promulgation and the propaganda of fear, but that’s ending.  It’s over!!!

"Now is the time for the Great Truths, the Great Wisdoms, to come forth.  You have this energy entity in your skies - it is called Ison - it is a comet.  Comets are ancient, ancient particles if you want to look at them that way, but where do they come from?  They come from ancient creation.  What is ancient creation anyway, except that which is created from Love?  What does Love carry?  Love carries Wisdom, the Wisdom of Truth! Ison is coming very close to your sun.  You may have heard that your sun is evolving, your sun is the relayer of Truths from the Great Central Sun.

"Your sun is about to get a boost on, of all dates, Thanksgiving! Well, it won’t be Thanksgiving everywhere in the World because as you know, there are time differences, but let’s face it, it’s Thanksgiving energy that is going to be receiving this energy boost!  So what that’s going to do is uplift everybody who wants to be uplifted!!!  Here’s a hint, we’re going to be giving some permission to that, we’re going to be inviting that upliftment, we’re going to be empowering it even more in this Gathering! *****

"What you do beyond here - of course, you can keep repeating it -you can do whatever you wish because this is huge!  You all heard about 12-21-12 and there were expectations ranging from: 'I don’t believe anything is going to happen' to ‘Whoopie, I’m out of here!  I’m going to make my Ascension!'  Well, it was a big energy upliftment, or upgrade or boost, whatever you want to call it.  It did create opportunities for even more energies to come in, the kind that we are talking about, the energies of Love, the energies of Truth.  Yes, because those create transformation, they create change, they create evolvement forward, or upward - progress upon the Ascension Path!

"A major, major point along the Path, or let’s say location, is the Golden Age.  We have talked at great length about the Golden Age, so let’s just say it’s the age of Enlightenment, an age of Love; an age of the Peace that passeth all understanding becoming the Lifestyle for Planet Earth. It’s the age of promises being kept and the age where you evolve into the Master Creators that you already are, you just haven’t accessed all of it yet.  It’s the age of Abundance for everybody, it’s the age where you are free to express your passions and your compassionate assistance and support for everyone else - every other member of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms!

"The portal is wide open for these energies of change to come in! What you do or don’t do with them is up to you, as it is to every being walking Planet Earth in the body of the human.  Now, there are many here, and yes there are those who are dark hats in human bodies, and there are those who are what you would call the white hats, from other places, in human bodies.  You all have origins in the stars, make no mistake!  There are those who are quite aware of who they are and their missions.  They are Ashtar Commanders and Masters from other places, but you are all Divine Masters in your own right.

"If you haven’t identified with some other identity coming from another planet, that is perfectly alright.  Just know that you are! Some are simply more aware of that perspective than others, but you all are going to get a big burst of information if you choose to be open to it.  Yes, this particular Thanksgiving is for the entirety of Planet Earth - not just for the Unites States of America - so if you are here from another country tuning in – and we thank you so much for being with us – do not think this is only for the people who officially celebrate the day of Thanksgiving, it is for everyone to celebrate and recognize the transformative aspects of these energies which shall be coming!!!

"There are some who would have you believe that these energies will, at least partially, be cataclysmic in nature.  You know – 'doomsday.'  There are even those who might want to say, 'Oh yes, we didn’t get it right last time, but we got it right this time -it’s the end of the world!'  This is not the Truth.  This is false, this is fear-based lies and propaganda.  It is true that Mother Earth still does have some balancing to do, and it is true there have been some storms of late which have been violent in nature.  Know that those who participated have been volunteers, there has been clean-up that has been needed.  And there are people who are wanting to play upon those fears.  You can listen to them if you wish, but do not take them in as being real.

"It is not to be in fear, it is to be in an emphasis of Love.  Love is what is the energy which has propelled Planet Earth this far.  If there were not enough holders of the Light of Love, doomsday would have happened a while ago.  But it was determined by humanity that this time Planet Earth would make it into Ascension.  And so it is that this Thanksgiving, there is a step ahead!  It is an energetic step - it will not be felt by everyone.  It is only for those who are open to it, whether they are open consciously or unconsciously.

"We are simply saying that if you want to continue to move ahead, you might want to consider helping it and being grateful for life in general, being grateful for everything that is transforming for all of the changes which are happening, being grateful for those leaders who are, like President Obama, moving consciously, and leading the way consciously into the Golden Age! Above all else, it is a time to let go of any fears that you might have, to know that everything is flowing wonderfully well and to know that the month you call the month of the Christ - never mind if the dates are accurate or not, and never mind if it is another celebration in which you participate, whether it is what you call Christmas or not - it is a month of the coming of the Christ for all because everybody has the Christ energy within, no matter how they call it!!!

"It might be that you would want to think of it as the month of Love!  Oh yes, we know you have another one with the heart shape, and so on and so on, but this December is a grand month to give recognition to the second coming, if you want, or the third or the forth, or however many comings you might have in your mind as being before this one.  How about the ultimate coming of Love?!!!

"So these energies that are coming in are supporting that.  Think of energies as empowering!  They’re not destructive, they are not tearing down, they are allowing you to release whatever it is that you choose to release.  And because you have reached this level, you don’t have to work as hard to release!  You can simply live in the higher energies of Love and Light, and all that we have been discussing and more, as being a part of the Golden Age, and that which may have been heavy or burdensome for you will fall away!!!

"Just give permission – 'I give permission for what no longer serves my Divine Self to release or to transform into higher energies of Love and Light!'  That’s pretty simple isn’t it?  But you have earned that.  You’ve toiled, you’ve troubled, you’ve labored, you’ve sacrificed, you don’t have to do that any more if you choose the Higher Path.

"So what we are telling you, Beloved Ones, is be thankful, be grateful, for all that You Are, for all that you have, for all that lies on your Path, and for the energies of Love which are coming in to support who you really are.  And then open to receive more and welcome the Wisdoms that come with these energies. You can call it 'downloads' if you wish; you can call it 'miracles' if you wish, but how about just opening to the fullness of your own Divinities?  Because that, Beloved Ones, is the Truth of all of these energies which are coming in to assist, to facilitate, and to support all of you who have chosen the Higher Path, and all of you who have yet to do so!

"We’re simply saying, let’s get on with it!  And if you haven’t decided yet - and there may be one or two of you in this group who have not yet fully committed - we’re suggesting that you might want to do so.  Open your Hearts, just a tiny bit more, and know that You Are Divine, that you are Masters and that you have it within your own capabilities to create your miracles of upliftment and forward movement, transformation, and yes, ultimately your own Ascensions, which by the way, will happen when you are ready!!!

"Who determines when you are ready to make your full Ascension?  You do, not us.  Not Mother/Father God - only that part of Mother/Father God which You Are!  Your own Divine Self determines when you are ready to make your full Ascension!  For most of you, you are well on the way and you have a bit more to do here to express your passions to the fullest, to express your passions from your compassionate Hearts.

"In the days to come it will not be so much a matter of having the courage to do so because you’re standing alone.  It will be more joining in the Dance of Joy because your brothers and sisters will be there with you as this grand awakening continues!

"So, Beloved Ones, every moment is an opportunity!  Every moment is for you to be joyful and thankful and excited and exultant – and yet to enjoy the Peace, the Love and the calm knowing that they bring.  So we want to thank you for coming here to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem - it is so joyful that you have come!  It is so magnificent that you share your radiance with all of us gathered here from the Ashtar Command, and from the Ascended Masters and the Angels, and all of those who come to greet you and welcome you, and hug you and join with you in this grand Communion of Love!!!

"So now, I Ashtar, have the great honor of welcoming beloved Sekhmet to step forward to take us to her Crystal Room on her Crystal Ship, that we may further empower this Love, this upliftment and this coming of even more Wisdom energies and Love to all in the human body, and to all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia of Planet Earth.  And so it is.  Salut!"

*     Ashtar was preceded by Come the New Jerusalem.
***   Dr Keshe on free energy
****  MAP The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program 
*****Sekhmet's Crystal Exercise followed Ashtar's message. Audio link at bottom of page here: https://www.ashtarontheroad.com/ashtarteleconferences.html 
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, November 26, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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