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Ashtar: The Winds of Change are Blowing
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - February 26, 2013

"Greetings Beloved Family! We are so de-Lighted – that means 'of the Light; full of Light' – that you are here with us and we thank you for listening intently to the truth of what our Beloved Masters Tara and Rama have given to you.*

"You see, it is a matter of perception – what is your perception of the Truth of all of this and what is your perception of how you fit in to it. That is an interesting question! NESARA is going to provide Freedom. It will provide Abundance, so that this wheel of indebtedness and slavery will simply be no more.

"It is inappropriate to have the kinds of conditions which exist in some places, still prevalent on the Planet, and yet it is to give every opportunity for the Truth of it all to come out and to resonate, even if you do no research. When you open your Hearts to Love, how can you feel that the whole Planet is loving and in Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude when these kinds of situations are going on? It does not confine itself to the World of money, dollars and finance. It goes beyond that.

"There are those who pretend - and they do quite well with their acting - that they are here to help; they are here on Planet Earth to be in service. We are thinking in particular of some of those so-called humanitarian organizations which really are more interested in taking than in giving. We are speaking of, well, yes, they are corporations, and they are mega-corporations, although we should say we are letting the wind out of their sails quite rapidly these days, and so that which was puffed up as a great big overshadowing balloon is going to turn into just a little tiny no-air, no-power kind of a situation!

"However, think about the drug companies. When you want to watch a television program of which you are particularly fond, you can count the ads. And oh yes, there is a law that says they have to tell you what could happen, and by the way you can get free samples if you want to try their drugs – just ask your doctor. What have they got in mind for you, really? If you stop to think about it, how could a drug with side effects that could include death, be in your best interests, or be beneficial for you?

"So they get on there and they paint the happy picture of the person who could not move and now all of a sudden they are playing tennis or some such thing, and they are telling you how great this drug is but you could die from it. So that is an obvious example, rather two-faced we should say, and yes the big Truth is, how do you feel about it, how do you perceive the truth they are giving you and the lies they are giving you?

"And we could go on into every aspect of life but we know and we assure you that the White Knights - 'Faction 3' as Tara and Rama called them - and Sekhmet, St. Germain, I, Ashtar, and the rest of us are on the job and we are bringing these matters to a most appropriate close!!! And when we say 'matters' we are talking about the situations, and we are talking about some plans that these ones who are being disempowered have had on their drawing boards for what you call your future. It’s not going to happen. No more nukes!

"And it is very soon that all weapons will be no more, that is, they shall not be empowered to do what they’re made to do, which is to kill, and maim, and hurt. Whether it be members of your human kingdom or members of the other kingdoms, there are practices which are going on which are absolutely inhumane and also in violation of the sovereign rights of every kingdom member beyond the humans, and these are being put to a stop!!!

"What you might hear is a story about whaling that is still going on, the hunting and killing of whales; or the fracking, or some such things. But what you need to understand is that these are the last remnants - let’s be real clear on that - these things are coming to an end. But you see, there are people who are asleep and they don’t know that these things are coming to an end. If you were to walk up to someone and tell them what you know: the World does not need oil, it’s time to stop violating Mother Gaia - and that is exactly what is going to happen - they might look at you and say, 'Huh? What are you talking about, I need oil to run my automobile, I need oil to heat my home,' or whatever.

"And so it is to help these people to understand. You just received a gigantic history lesson, and we understand it might have been somewhat overwhelming, but go back and study it.** Feel it in your Hearts - don’t just think about it - because then you’ll have an understanding of why these ongoing changes are necessary if you are going to live the Golden Age Lifestyle, because these things, these situations, these corporations, these corporate governments are entirely inappropriate and out of place in high 4D and higher!!!

"Planet Earth must find better ways in order to continue the Ascension process. We will tell you this: enough of you said, 'That’s it, no more!' and have given us permission to come in and do what we have done and what we are about to do. We assure you that what you could say is the end is in sight! Nevertheless, you might say that we want a landslide consensus of knowing that these institutions and laws and all of the corruption that has gone on with it for a long, long time, need to be done away with, released, given up and transmuted by Love into loving and humane, and indeed, recognizing of the sovereignty in all living beings, and that is what you might call the blueprint!!!

"We could not do it without you, and we do need your support. It is very human to be much more able to support when you are in knowledge. It doesn’t mean you have to have all of the knowledge, it just means that you have to have enough that it resonates in your Heart and the Truth kind of tingles or blows through your energy fields like a breath of fresh air.

"I would like to mention that we have some fabulous cosmic events coming. You’ve already been experiencing a lot of cosmic events, a lot of wind in places of the World, and the wind is of course a sweeper, a great dislodger, and so it is that an awful lot of things that have been swept under the rug are now being dislodged! Think of it as one of those noisy machines you turn on and it blows everything. You call it a blower. Well, there are some cosmic blowers that have been very active and so all of these things are swirling upwards for you to observe.

"And so you can see that which is worthy of releasing completely, and you can do that with Love. The most important thing to do, after all, is to send Love to all upon the Planet and to thank those who have been, shall we say, uncovered and swept into the public view. We can give a great example of that.

"Talk about finally getting in to mainstream news media, how about that pope? Yes a lot of scandals have erupted, like so many volcanoes, into the mainstream news media. They are actually talking about things that have been going on behind the scenes at the Vatican and throughout the churches. Names are being named. Crimes of the most heinous nature are being revealed. Those who have been silent are coming forward because the winds of change – well, you might want to say they stood under the great blower! And here they are and the stories are all coming out.

"It leads right up to the highest levels of the Vatican and other churches - don’t think the Vatican is the only place this has been occurring. It’s been occurring in all of the major religions of Planet Earth – I kid you not! Take that one in. But, some of them have been more egregious and more blatantly hiding, but nevertheless more widespread with it. That distinction goes to the Catholic church, but there are pockets in every organization which has to do with religion. This has been going for eons of time – 'Do what I want you to do and God will love you, or don’t do what I want you to do and you’re not going to make it where you want to go' – and so on, and so on.

"The threats and the rewards of what is called the 'afterlife' have been used and abused almost since the beginning - it’s just that it is so organized now. But that is the downfall. That is why it is coming out! It is because people are saying 'no' to this kind of organization, just as they are to the corporations. Corporation comes from the word for body – corpus. It’s a body based upon false privileges, false assumptions that there are rights that this body, this corporation deserves to have. Why? Because the heads of the corporation have said so. And that’s all it is.

"They have managed to accumulate wealth and they have used that wealth to buy their way in to positions of power. The word corporation – we are not talking about some of the green organizations here, so when you look upon these corporations be sure that you know the difference! The small little corporations whose people involved have a desire to provide a product or a service which is helpful to humanity, they’ll simply have a different form of organization. They will not cease to be. The world needs more entrepreneurs, and the Freedom to not be stifled with your entrepreneurial inspirations, is coming forth!!!

"But these big corporations who have set themselves up to rule over you, Beloved Ones, well, let us just give you a synonym for corporation and you can just substitute this word if you choose to. And that synonym is - corruption. So there you have it. That’s an easy way of understanding what has been the history as to where it has gotten, or shall we say the road or the path that these ones have been on. But we have road-blocked them!

"The Congress of the United States of America is coming to a critical day, and it happens to be the last day of the month of the Heart. Isn’t that interesting? So what is March going to do? Well, you’ve heard that it comes in like a lion – think Sekhmet! By the end of March things are going to be a lot more peaceful. The lamb is a symbol of peace. It’s just like the dove. So the winds are going to be blowing, the gigantic blowers are going to be turned up and a lot of stuff is going to be unearthed, or uncovered, let’s say. A lot more than even what you are hearing about now. A lot more is going to make it into the mainstream news media, because it’s being talked about everywhere.

"Some of you, we know, have been waiting for the truth about 9-11 from the very day and moment it happened, because you knew then. This Voice did. And there are so many who are telling the Truth now, and Obama knows, and the White Knights in the Congress and the Senate, well, everyone knows, but the White Knights know the Truth is on the verge of coming out, and it will be told. It deserves to be told because you, Beloved Ones, deserve it, and many, many other truths!!!

"We are talking about the Heart. This is where you have had the opportunity, and will continue to do so, to empower your Hearts, because there are certain elements of this Truth that are going to be what you might call Heart-breaking or Heart-aching to observe or hear. It is not to get into anger or fear, and that is where this empowerment of the Heart comes in. Remember, and Sekhmet will be discussing this,*** the word for Heart is one of her favorites in the language of the French and it is called 'coeur.' That is the base for 'Courage'.

"We shall be moving in to her Exercise to further empower each of you to have the Courage element of your Hearts empowered even more, so that when you read about these things or hear about them, you will do so with your Hearts sending Love to all concerned, and to yourselves, so that you can hear and see the Truth! Because if you will not perceive that which is blowing right up in your faces, how will you know how to help to make the changes which are the transitions into the Golden Age Lifestyle?

"So, yes, we understand there are some Truths coming that are going to be huge, and we understand that they are going to be most difficult for people to comprehend, let alone to accept. It is you, Beloved Ones, with your brave Hearts, who are here to lead the way to light the World, to welcome the Truth, and the cleansing and the clearing that comes with it, so that the World may come to understand and appreciate what NESARA and the changes really mean, and that everyone has unlimited opportunities to live the Golden Age Lifestyle in their own Sovereign, Divine ways!!!

"So we say unto you, Beloved Ones, Mahalo. That is a word that we are very fond of. It means 'Thank You', for being here in this Gathering, for being courageous to know what you already know and to learn more within your beings, and for allowing your beautiful radiant Hearts to shine forth the Lights for the entire World to find its way. And so it is, Beloved Ones, and so it is! Salut!"

* A&A Report -

** Referring to the A&A Report; specifically to Tara's reading of the history of how the World got this way and why NESARA is needed.

*** See audio link to 2-26-13 call at bottom of this page:
Transcribed by Brian Coe.
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