St. Germain:
Join Our Call This Sunday 
to Empower NESARA and World Peace!!!
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
July 25, 2017
"I am St. Germain, and I welcome all of you.  And I greet you as Family, as Divine as I, as filled with Light as I!  And I invite you to join with me in shining it forth,and we have a most special opportunity to do so, coming upon your calendars on Sunday next!!!*  And it goes to help fulfill the visions I held forth a while ago in your history/herstory, visions of Freedom for all, visions for the World to come together in Peace.  And for a brief, shining moment it did seem as though those visions were going to manifest themselves much more quickly. 
"But never mind that.  It was necessary for Humanity to have more time, so that more could bring these visions forth, to bring them into their Hearts and then share them -and this is you, Beloved Ones!  This is why we are all here gathered.  This is our time, as you measure it!  This is our sacred, Divine moment to bring ourselves into the reality of those visions, because all that has taken place in your third dimension on your Planet Earth are simply the illusions, the dark dreams, the programs that you have been indoctrinated with and controlled with.  And now it is time for the shadows to be put into the fullness of the Light of Love.  And in so doing, it is time for these TrueVisions to shine forth for all!
"And that is why I encourage all of you - whether you are here at this moment in your time, or whether you join in by listening to the recording of this Gathering - I invite all of you to join with us in this very special Gathering!*  You have already received information on it (in our last Newsletter), and it is readily available upon the website.  And there will be a reminder that it is this coming Sunday - and I shall even give the time:  it is 1:00 pm in the time of your Pacific time zone in the United States of America and Canada, for instance.  And you can calculate from there, when to call in.
"We are coming together in a call in our NESARA series of calls, but this one carries with it a special, special energy because it is to support also Beloved M.T. Keshe's Peace Blueprint!!!*  Now, he has asked every nation to step up and sign a Peace Treaty and then he will give them all of his technology absolutely for FREE!  He has no intention or desire to withhold it from any country, or any people in any country.  
"And indeed he is working with many, many individual people who come from all over the world, as did this special woman of LoveLight in such High service whose name is Heather.  She is known to some of you already for that which she teaches, but she knows the Heart that shines forth with so much Love -she knowsthe sincere, High Dimensional, Divine Visions of World Peace that M.T. Keshe holds! 
"And I shall clarify – you are used to seeing his name as Dr. Keshe, but he has requested - although he is qualified and he is a nuclear physicist - he has requested that his initials be used as I have just used them, and as others are doing, because he has an entire group, or panel of doctors, medical doctors, naturopaths and so on.  Heather is on that panel.  And he wishes not to be confusing to anyone that he is some kind of a medically trained doctor.  He is a genius; he is a scientist!And where do the so-called break-throughs in medicine come from anyway?  The true ones come from the scientists who access their Divine Wisdom.  And, yes, doctors are scientists, but not all scientists hold medical doctors' degrees.  So there you are – explanation explained!
"Now, Heather will be with us on this call.*  You will find that she is a radiant being of LoveLight who actually went to Italy to study with M.T. Keshe, and came home filled with the passion of her Mission!  And she is helping many, many in the World, along with a wondrous team of doctors and scientists and people who may not have any background in that at all, but are stepping up to participate in some manner.
"This Voice would tell you that she is doing what she can do to learn and apply and spread the word, but she does not see herself as a scientist at all, and this is something that is deliberate.  She was chosen to bring through Love and High energies, without having to unlearn the third dimensional sciences.  But, nevertheless, in her own way, she is learning, as are many who are only hearing about this now for the first time, or reading about it, or 'getting it!'  This is High, Divine Science!!!
"NESARA's Announcement opens up doors that are closed right now!  You may think that Mr. Trump is trying to open doors, and he is expressing some of those sentiments, but they are third dimensional calculations.  I shall leave it there.  I have no wish to disparage anyone, but I can tell you that the motives are not always Higher than 3D.  And there are many who have already given their lives wanting to bring forth this information, particularly about the healing and about the free energy and, yes, about space travel.  Building a spaceship is an intermediate step to traveling in one's own Light body!
"All of these things and more are coming forth.  But, to really, really get it all done - or I shall say it will be greatly facilitated that much sooner by NESARA's Announcement and Implementation!  And NESARA's Announcement and Implementation brings the World Peace which is so necessary!!! 
"Competition cannot flourish if cooperationis to become reality for everyone.  It cannot be a part of the lifestyles.  Peace on all levels - starting in each and every individual Heart - is the key to cooperation, to sharing of the information, to working together to heal, to bring forth all the knowledge and make it available everywhere to everyone in the World, below, on and above.  Then the minds can come together with the Hearts and Divine Inspirations can flourish throughout all of Humanity, and all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia can benefit!
"So I urge you to join this most Sacred and Divine Gathering!*  I'll be there, and The Mentors, and all of this Company of Light will be shining there with you.  So come and shine your own Divine Lights of Love!!!  JOIN THIS GATHERING and participate in uplifting and empowering that much more, NESARA and the Peace Plan, the Blueprint for Peace of M.T. Keshe.
"And so, most honored and Sacred Family, I, Saint Germain, thank you for all that you have done upon your timelines, in these lives of yours!  Even as I stand with you and you stand with me in your Light Being aspects, we are truly One and we are here to accomplish the greatest Mission ever, EVER, ever conceived, ever empowered - and ever fulfilled in complete accomplishment on Planet Earth!!!  And, as Planet Earth rises into this Divine Space where only Love exists we, in turn, light the way for the other civilizations near and far who would join us in the Higher Realms.  Never underestimate how important each and every one of you are to this Mission! 
"And when you can, if you can find someone else who wishes to join in - if they just happen to come your way, not by circumstance, but because it is what you have agreed to - by all means, invite them to join in.  We welcome all beings of LoveLight!  And as we join together, we become not only One in the Light, but we become the power of Peace and Love and Joy - and all that comes from Love - that we are all here to be.  Thank you, Beloved Family Members, for bringing your Lights of Love to this Gathering, and to this Mission we share!  And so it is.  Namaste!"
*  Sunday, July 30th, Live NESARA/Blueprint for Peace Conference Call:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, July 25, 2017.  
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