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Tara & Rama Report 12-31-19
Tara & Rama: Greetings, Everyone!  Happy New Year! Everyone! 
Tara: Happy New Year - 2020 vision, perfect vision of all that is good and peaceful and loving and truthful and just full of Freedom’s Holy Flame. And there’s just the ‘don’t worry, be happy’ tag on this New Year’s Eve, all the way through the new year! 
Thank you, Eli!  Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet]!  Mother was loud and clear.  We have a whole year of abundance coming in absolutely - truthfully.  It’s based on going deeper, going deeper into the truth of our Being and making our Mission manifest, and working within spirals and circles within circles, and coming to a completion with the ‘pyramid style power structure.’
And going into the heart chambers of the queen’s chamber, which is in between the king’s chamber and the queen’s chamber, there’s another Ashtar Command base. Right, Rama?
Rama: Yes. There sure is. 
Tara: And the frequency is right there where the Ashtar Command base is and the teaching center too; Sananda, Yeshua and Magdalene and the Apostles, they all traveled to that Giza pyramid, right?
Rama: Right.
Tara: And literally went into that chamber and literally got teachings from Ashtar, Sananda, Magdalene, Lady Master Nada and Osiris.
Osiris was an incarnation of St. Germain, the marriage of Isis and Osiris meant bringing the teachings of St.Germain to Planet Earth.  And that was the beginning, in Egypt, right, Rama?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Okay, so there was attention brought to something called the Chair of Osiris, which is sitting behind the Grand Tetons, those beautiful three peaks, and there’s a river right at the base in the back called the Green Tara River, I kid you not.
And we actually, Rama and I, and Deana when she was here and others, we went there on [one] New Year’s Eve. And right there, right below us is, What’s the name of that?
Tara: And it’s right there, right below us. And the Chair of Osiris is sitting inside an Emerald chamber.
Rama: an Emerald Chamber.
Tara: The entrance is like an Gothic style archway.  And then all the walls and the ceiling and the floor solid emeralds. And then the Chair of Osiris. It’s like an Egyptian chair of Soloman, isn’t it?
Rama: Yes, and it’s made of solid gold.
Tara: solid gold. So we’ve got emerald and gold coming our way with 20/20 vision, and the Violet Flame of St. Germain in all our hearts and on our lips leading the way - home. And the whole year of 2020, perfect vision is renewing, reforming, recalibrating to a higher level of consciousness, working with the 5th dimensional Sat Yuga consciousness the whole year!
And we are integrating and synergizing teachings from all the indigenous Elders to the Tibetan Elders to the Mayan Elders, to the teachings of the Condor and the Thunderbirds of Canada.  I am just saying, all of the Bird tribes are here. All of the Pashat People are here.
Rama: All the kingdoms.
Tara: And even the Crocodile people.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and Bast, anything else Rama? It’s a conclave.
Rama: It is.
Tara: It’s a whole conclave.  
And I wanted to say that my son, Micah is here and he brought us this ancient stone, three of them, actually, and he put it in the Freemart water bottle.  And Micah, could you tell everybody? It’s called Shungite. Do you want to take the phone for a second?
Micah: Okay. 
Tara:  Ashtar on the Road people, this is my son, Micah.
Micah: Hello. Yes, so shungite is 2 billion years old, ancient healing stone.  Very old, ancient, in fact, said to be around 2 billion years old. It is an extraordinarily positive stone and using it may bring you a variety of blessings. This is an amazing stone and one that is beneficial to a healthy life.  It is one of the only known natural materials known to contain Fullerenes, which are powerful antioxidants.
Micah: The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life. And it has active metaphysical properties with strong healing powers. Fullerenes were brought to our attention when research on them gained the scientist [Buckminster Fuller] a Nobel Prize.  This is because the Fullerenes in them will cleanse water, and then infuse it with a potent healing vibration. They are also very strong grounding stones. They are highly beneficial healing Crystals for you to keep on you, for both health and to prevent electrical sensitivities, such as EMF.
Micah: And they embody a powerful mythical energy that’s highly protective. Yes, it is used on cell phones for anti-EMF radiation as well.  This used to be known as a rare stone, but in the last few years more of it has become available. It is only found in the Karelia area in Russia, and it is not new to the people of the area, as Czar Peter was known to come to the region to use water that had been infused with this mineral. Shungite embodies a powerful, mystical energy. The origin of this ancient powerful shungite stone is clouded in mystery, as how it came to occur on this planet isn’t clear. Some say the ancient stone may have been formed in ancient oceans which were inhabited by microscopic organisms that no longer live in our oceans. Did you want it back, Mom?
Tara: Yes, I want it back. 
Tara: Put it in your water. And what’s so powerful is that we’re bringing together synergy, synergizing and completion of 2 billion years of living of all life. And we’re taking that whole consciousness and applying it to our water, of which we are 80% made up of. This is the kind of energy that we can go to now - the Crystal kingdom. Remember, Ashtar is in charge of the Crystal Kingdom, and he is in charge of all of this kind of assistance from natural stones and space stones and; I am just saying that this is a gift.
Rama: Yes.
Micah: One thing that I forgot to mention, the only way that we have Shungite on Earth is when a meteor hits the earth and collides with the rocks and mountains, combines with the rocks and that’s how we get Shungite on earth.  It’s not from this world.
Tara: Yes. So this world is becoming part of that world, right now though, and Shungite is like a world-bridger. Let’s use this energy, because 2020 is about perfect vision and higher levels of consciousness. 
Okay, so I now want to go back to the 23rd of this month of December and we got a message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and that was a Monday, and that was the day before we didn’t have our usual call.  Okay. So His Holiness, at 3:30 in the morning, that Monday morning, said,
“I believe that as we make an effort to develop peace of mind within ourselves and cultivate a proper appreciation of the oneness of humanity, we can create a happier more peaceful world. What we need is common sense, the positive use of intelligence, and warm heartedness.“  
And then Rama said, “I received a call today from Natasha between 10:30 and 11:30 this morning, Monday the 23rd. She had Mr. X and Tom the Ring-tailed Cat with her. They said, “The story about the 5 individuals from Saudi Arabia are just a cover story because Mohammed Bin Salman and friends are trying to cover up the fact that those characters that did this, it was the ‘pyramid people’ controllers of both the higher levels of the Saudi’s and the United States, because those two went into a coalition and did 9/11, and they also went into a coalition at that level where Jamal Khashoggi is no longer on the planet because he pointed out, a year ago September, in his Washington Post Op Ed column, that 9/11 was an inside job.”
So what we are saying here and what Rama is being told here, is that 9/11 is going to come into focus.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And it has to, because 9/11 on that morning, NESARA was supposed to be enacted into law by Alan Greenspan by announcement, and instead that bunch of people in the pyramid decided they would create a ‘Reichstag fire’ called 9/11 and in reality kill over 90,000 people that morning.  That has to be held accountable - and we do this with Love.
There is no Justice unless it is seasoned with Divine Mercy, Divine Wisdom and Divine Compassion. Because it is a mind control program, and that is why the intervention of the Ashtar Command is at hand, because the mind control program is global. It’s solar. It’s Galactic. It’s Intergalactic. It’s Universal and it’s inter universal. Am I right Rama?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And Mother [Sekhmet] comes.
Rama: And comes now.
Tara: And comes now - all the Fallen Angels and all the different characterizations of that through 13 levels of that pyramid. So it shall be done with this kind of Justice. And we shall hold that, and judge ourselves the same way. And that is what this whole year is coming about in order to get clear vision, all those things that are muddy get unclear - as Dhyani Ywahoo says, “We come with a clear mind.”
And if you haven’t read the book ‘Buddha in RedFace’ that will help in getting a very clear mind in the East and the West, because the Pueblo Nations came through a man who is very crippled who actually got well enough to walk, once he went to China. He walked a thousand plus miles from China to India and he went to all teachers that he could find that he was guided to talk to from China and India.
And he spoke with them and he came back home here just North of where we have been living in Santa Fe, just South of where we are now in Espaniola, right around Los Alamos, the Pueblo Nations that live up in those mountains. And he came back and he brought it to the West through a psychologist who was a case worker who was coming to his village coming to visit him, and, you know, he had to create this, you might say, going to sacred sites. 
And he took that person, that simple little case worker, and he took him to all these sacred sites and they did some reversal of some shamanistic stuff that was misused inside Shamanism, inside Native American sacred gatherings, where the Native Americans themselves are pretty much responsible for the Los Alamos laboratory doing what they have been doing. And it’s a very, very strong powerful lesson on how to use higher shaman energy in the right way. And we do this within the Circle of Love, circles within circles.  
Okay, so then, we go to the same day.  Next Mr. X said to me, “Lord Rama, the President is going to apparently be the subject of more impeachment processes, yet it’s going to eventually lead to who’s telling him how to do what and how to get that manipulation through.  It’s not about a personality, but it’s about 500 Fallen Angels attempting to keep war as the way of life. Five hundred thousand, didn’t I say that? Okay, forgive me, five hundred thousand people. And it won’t be happening on an individual basis here and there. 
All five hundred thousand people will be arrested at once with Galactic intervention, meaning the force fields come down so that they can’t move. It is not hurting them. They can’t move. Then the Faction 3 Sovereign World Militia Forces, 16 million Galactics and 4 million people from Mother Earth will just literally walk up and arrest them and put them in their handcuffs and they will all be taken. 
They will be contained. I don’t know what Mother plans, but some of them will be taken to Princess Ardala to the Dracos.
Rama: Yes, Princess Ardala and King Dracos. They will face the tribunal on Dracos for their crimes against the Galaxy.
Tara: Yes! In other words, this is not just dealing with Mother Earth, it’s dealing with the higher stories. I mean, an expanded awareness of what we the people here right now decided to take on, on Mother Earth.  And Mother Earth did it herself. And remember she is the 33rd Planet ascending right now in the entire Milky Way Galaxy, right?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: She’s only the 33rd Being to ascend and we’re ascending with her, and that’s the only way this is going right now. 
Okay, so let’s go to the next page. On the 26th, Rama said, “I talked with the Poppy Lady this morning.  I called her with Tom the Ring-tailed Cat about the fallout on all the documents on Afghanistan.  The Pentagon is losing sleep over this. Julian Assange and Chelsea [Manning] are in jail. Two high CEO’s from Google resigned within this last week. All of these stories that are going on, this kind of news and the exposure on RT are, there’s a documentary that’s only for about 12 minutes, from Chris Hedges and Jeremy Scahill, and who was Colin Powell’s assistant?
Tara: and some other major whistleblowers exposing the connection between 9/11 and starting the Iraq war.  In other words, the gag orders that everyone in Hollywood and everybody in politics and anybody in any media across the world had to sign. I mean that was a global thing, that was on the gag orders and that was under penalty of treason and death by shooting or hanging.  And they had to promise not to say one word about NESARA, or 9/11, or Shock and Awe.
And we've got to remember that
Rama: Gerhard Schroeder.
Tara: Gerhard Schroeder, the Chancellor of Germany at midnight on 9/11 literally dropped 2 neutron bombs on Baghdad and killed 20,000 people in one fell swoop, 
Rama: March 20, 2003
Tara: March 20, 2003, at midnight.  So that has to be exposed. 
So again, going to go again into how Mother wants us to do this with Love, and Mercy, Compassion and Wisdom, and no other way, because it won’t be healed any other way. 
Okay, now there is a little person here that has something very wise to say and his name is David Perlmutter.  And he’s a neurologist and he was a guest on Worlds Apart on RT and he said these things. ‘The Amygdala is like the child in the room.  It’s impulsivity. It’s narcissism. It’s us vs. them. It is fear. The prefrontal cortex is empathy. It’s compassion. It’s thinking about the future in terms of what we do today.
'That is where we need to make our decision based from - the prefrontal cortex.  Unfortunately, as we eat the modern diet on our Planet or when we watch news that’s not really news, or spend too much time online looking at things that are not really meant to be part of what we need to be looking towards, we lock into the Amygdala, the child, in theory.  We lock into the child in the room and we are not capable in that state of mind to make good decisions because they are based in fear.‘  
I just wanted to say that this energy that is coming into midnight is not far away from where we are right now in the Mountain Time Zone, maybe four hours. Yes, four hours. So I just wanted to say when we go to something else.
On Friday, Rama had a talk with Sibel Edmonds and she said to him, “There are three Stargates in and around Idlib, Syria, and the dark side is really creating a drama in that area because they want to have complete control of those Stargates.” 
So this is also something to say, that you can be aware of that energy and you can call on the energy of the higher Beings that control those Stargates, and you can give them permission to assist in that area.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: We can all do that from a distance.  This is why it is so important that Human Beings, and Galactic Human Beings that we are, that we do access our abilities on a global scale right now to help everything heal. 
So, inter-religious harmony is essential, because each of our religious traditions give the followers a sense of how to lead a meaningful life.  This is the Dalai Lama again on Friday at 3:30 AM. He said,
“The important thing to do is to make religion relevant to our daily lives rather than simply maintaining old traditions.” And that goes for everything. We’re talking about the Native American old traditions too, and they are not appropriate any more.  This is the Sat Yuga.
So I called Sibel Edmonds about mid morning today, she said to me, “Lord Rama, I am in an undisclosed location. The fighting that is going on in the northern province of Idlib Is all about the Stargates. It is not about a war on terror. There are three different Stargates that are inside three different mosques in the NW Province of Idlib, Syria.  The Western media has blacked out this information completely. There are whistleblowers from both Turkey and Syria who will tell their firsthand accounts about the operations of these Stargates to the world very, very soon.”
Then I asked Sibel, “Is this going to happen in 2020?” Sibel answered, “Lord Rama, this could happen right around the conjunction on January 12th and that’s also Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Rama: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s birthday. He’s not here anymore, but he created transcendental meditation. So let’s do that. Look up Transcendental Meditation. Use that. It works.
They did all kinds of studies, years and years of study where transcendental meditators all across would link and meditate at the same time and crime would go down. And I mean lots, like 20% overnight. And it would stay down, because they would continue to do that. And I know that because on this call alone there is so much spiritual awakening and so much awareness of ways to do this. And we are working on the higher levels, the spirit healing levels. 
Okay, so Tuesday, today, I received a text message at 10 minutes to 10:00 this morning from Lady Master Nada.  Lady Nada said to me, “Lord Rama, as a global society orchestrates and manipulates fear in the world, it becomes the norm. This conditioning of a civilization creates this false web of the matrix and this matrix is falling apart faster than I can keep up with. Pay no attention to the escalating drama in the Middle East and this is what they are, imposed black operation dramas of our deep state CIA.  Pay no attention to these dramas at all.”
His Holiness, the Dalai Lama has another message here. He said today at 3:31 this morning, ‘
“Developing compassion, we feel much happier within.  More calm, more peaceful, and more people respond to that. Through anger, real peace, real friendship and trust are impossible.  However, through love we can develop understanding, unity, friendship and harmony. This is valuable.”
This is Lady Master Nada speaking again. She says, “Usher in this new year love, truth, peace, freedom, justice seasoned with divine wisdom, mercy and compassion, and thus bring beauty back to the world.”
NESARA now.  World peace now.  And a last little momentary thought is the power of positive thought. And make use of crystals. Let’s say that’s Ashtar’s work is to bring all the healing that is needed in every vortex on Earth with the use of crystals.  Do you want to say something more to that Rama?
Rama: Crystal energy can virtually power everything we have in our civilization right now, just like in Atlantis.  And there is no after effects, no pollution. It is completely within our realm that this can be created right now. They’re working on this as we speak. And crystalline warp drive engines are within the realm of manifestation.
Tara: on Earth.
Rama: on Earth.
Tara: Is that the kind of technology that Dr. Kesche used to make those spaceships?
Rama:  I’m just saying that things are moving along like that. I don’t know the answer. 
Tara: Okay, and the last little piece.   So, three fast fail safe ways to raise our vibrations up instantly are, number one: Breathe - long, slow and deep. Number two:  Smile! Yup, it really works. Number three: Look for the magic everywhere. 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: "...When the darkness gets us down, know we have a mission.  This is not a normal lifetime.  Things are not usually this mental. Trust Self by refining intuition through meditation, detachment, observation and quiet reflection. 
"Raise the vibrations with dance and laughter.   Please. Thank you. You’re Welcome. We release by detaching and observing where energies go and how we replenish those energies. We expand by nourishing, stoking our fires, igniting our passions. 
“Doing more of what we love. Mind, body, soul, trinity well-being combined with slices of cosmic clearing. Focus, hyper aware, conscious dream weaving. Stay centered, core ready. Block as much as you can that brings us down over these coming weeks and maximize the good stuff.  We are responsible for our own awakening and our own ascension. We can give in to zombie timelines of fear or we can say ‘nah, you’re alright.’
"Make like, I’ll be living my life over here like it’s golden. It’s all to play for. Put up a firewall of lights around ourselves.  Cosmic surfers. Burn all of the darkness that comes too close. Stay strong and empowered and know we are all visionaries. We are all healers and we are all co-creators in the light and love of the beautiful people we are." 
And we implore and are grateful for and require a little bit of attention financially.  We’ve got a number of bills from last month that didn’t get completed, and now we’ve got a whole bunch more coming up.  And happy blessings and 20/20 vision here. Anything you want to say, Rama? Rama: Happy New Year - and let’s make this one of peace and joy and ecstasy.
Tara: And stay open.  Don’t make goals. You’ll get to do the goals, and remember that this year everything changes about every 5 minutes, or every day or every couple of days, or even every month. So it’s really important that Jupiter is still in the mix and for the whole year, expansion, expansion, expansion and Love and Light, Peace and Joy. Namaste. I pass this fairy, feathered, and rainbow and crystal talking stick with the Great Invocation on it, too:
“From the point of light within the mind of God, let light stream forth into human minds.  Let light descend on earth. From the point of love from within the heart of God, let love stream forth into human hearts. May the coming One return to Earth. From the center where the will of God is known let purpose guide all little human wills, the purpose that the Masters know and serve. From the center which we call the human race let the plan of love and light work out and may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let light and love and power restore the divine plan on earth.” 
Namaste. Here comes that talking stick to you, Sister Fran.
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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