Tara & Rama Report 2-14-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everyone!
Rama: Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!
Tara: This is the golden-hearted winged Lion-hearted loving space. Let’s talk about Sufism when we talk about this, the mystical Christ. Sufism represents the Islamic tradition, the Judeo-Christian tradition and the Christian tradition by that synergy of the golden-hearted lion-hearted loving winged space. And on that golden heart with wings are we flying as Commanders, Eagles and Angels and on this other story, as we’re on that winged heart looking from above at the larger story, not the smaller situations everywhere - that larger story - we are seeing with the all-seeing eye of Horus. Horus was the first incarnational pattern grounded on this time space continuum in Egypt of the over-lighted energy of the Office of the Christ, Sananda Kumara’s energy. In other words, back then we got our first dose very strongly and it grew and with some change and there is an attempt, and it’s not Donald Trump; it’s not by Hilary Clinton; it’s not by any of those factors. It’s a larger factor called the golden-hearted winged commanders, eagles and angels story - that broadcast that we are. And it’s ending literally 13,000 years of pathological lies, and all the little players right now are just little microphones for one or the other.
And as we were told – the paths are many, truth is one. Therefore, this two party system, which is what they stick to, is a falsehood and it was intentionally designed that way. The Founding Fathers thought about that in horror. Thomas Jefferson said that as [if] ever that would come to pass, there would be factions and when factioning comes, then the controllers can manipulate the humanity across the planet.  
Tara: And there are a couple of little things from a long article that I believe is up there on Ashtar on the Road. I want to just read. ‘The real Jewish homeland is Khazaria in the Caucasus Mountains where there was a mass conversion to Judiasm in the 8th century.’ Now let’s think about what was also rising at the same time and what we are talking about is Camelot, Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. It started back then in the 8th century and that was an intervention in our civilization’s development, Arthur being overlighted by El Morya and Guinevere by Kuthumi and Lancelot by Archangel Michael. So we’ve got the same configuration of that kind of overlighting and the return of Camelot is at our fingertips.  And so these peoples back to the 8th century with no connection to ancient Israel whatsoever, moved up into Eastern and Western Europe and then headed for the United States and Israel to become today’s Jewish population - not the true Hebrews at all.
Upwards of more than 90 percent of the people living in Israel are not Jewish people at all. They are Khazars and I don’t know how many of them know that, yet the policy in Israel is not a lion-hearted winged golden heartedness and what they are complying to and Netanyahu who represents this Khazarian mafia that’s been ruling, and this man (there is a picture of him in the article) where he says his name is Jacob Rothschild. “My family is worth 500 trillion dollars, we own nearly every central bank on earth. We financed both sides of every war since Naploeon.” Now we are going back to the 18th century the 1700’s and let’s remember the Rothschilds didn’t go by that name until 1743 when Amschel Bauer changed his name to the Rothschilds after his coin shop in Munich, Germany. Now the point being made is that since then “we have financed both sides of every war since Napoleon. We own your news; we own your media; we own your politicians; we own your oil; we own your government and you’ve probably never heard of me.”
Now Rama questioned about this person. This person is a demon; that means he is undead, so you can’t really kill a person who is undead, but you can banish them and their energy field with Love.
Tara: So rather than getting caught up in the mix, and Donald Trump is part of that mix, and so things that he will do will be from the overlord’s place. In other words, his true being cannot come forward, yet the light has used him to stir the pot, as our sister Susan was saying. He is definitely stirring the pot. We are having to examine everything that we have ever thought was true because we are rubbing our eyes awakening to the illusion and remembering who we are in greater and greater amount. And that truth has got to do with accessing the Akashic records, the true spiritual dimensions of ourselves.
And we’ve got to go back just a little bit where Dr Keshe (this was before last Tuesday when we gave our report), Rama had a report from Dr Keshe and he was saying it’s all about the exposure of over 14 races controlling and guiding Earth’s destiny and they have been here since the Watchers and the Djinn. Now we are going back to the beginning of time and we are actually going back before that, we can’t conceive of it. We are going to say that’s more than 450 billion years ago. OK, these foretold free will choice for the few; that’s a very important piece, and then for the rest of us which are nothing in terms of that few, we are just players on a board that they can mind control and do these kinds of manipulations.
So what we are learning is that, as of last Tuesday, the most important thing we can say is that the Councils of Elders are on the ground
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and these Councils of Elders are helping us to raise up and they are just begging us to call on them, call on the Fairies; call on the Gnomes; call on the Little People
Rama: the Elves the Hobbits .
Tara: the Elves and the Hobbits. Rama knows a lot about them. Do you want to continue this story, Rama?
Rama: To bring it up to date, today I went up and saw Rana Mu and I was asking for some clarity with the firestorm of fake news and nothing that is going on has anything to do with anything.
Tara: Other than distraction.
Rama: Yes, and Rana Mu took me into another room in her office and showed me that holographic library I have seen once before in the Bucegi Mountains that Peter Moon talked about, and she opened up one of these virtual CD’s in this holographic library and showed me what’s going on on the planet right now as our consciousness of the morphogenic field, the quantum field, is awakening at an exponential level with each other. The way she showed it quite graphically to me through this holographic CD was as Nassim Haramein describes these particles of the quantum field and I just kept seeing more and more particles lighting up and joining together and literally becoming these communities of living light. These particles as displayed covered the entire Earth and then it reminded me of that scene, the last scene in The Matrix when Neo becomes the frequencies of living light and living love and just extends out in his universal form, kind of like Krishna, and everything in the Matrix just lights up and there’s just billions of particles of living light - living love and he just expands out to his universal form, kind of like Krishna, and everything in the Matrix just lights up, billions of particles expanding and exploding in more living light, living love.
And I asked Rana Mu, who ran the holographic program, how does this change this story right in this moment?
Rana Mu said, That I can’t answer, because that’s part of the, let’s say, the missing equation, as we the Wingmakers who came from your future, which is our past. The point she made is that we the people of planet Earth along with the Wise Councils of Elders, the Sisterhoods, the Brotherhoods, the Monastery of the Seven Rays and the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, to give an example of a Sisterhood and Brotherhood, who are coming forward now and the stories about Lord Maitreya. And this also ties in with the ancient artifact that has been found in Antartica that they can’t hide any longer and this starting to bubble up to the surface on many alternatives shows. Sean Stone who is the son of Oliver Stone is starting to talk about this stuff. He comes on his show on RT with the son of Jesse Ventura and Tabetha Wallace, and Sean Stone is starting to break through in the media talking about this stuff and bringing it forward.
And this is what Rana Mu explained, is that the particles of the quantum field are awakening everything and everyone right at this time and the missing link is how we the people change this, not by violence, but by working with the higher frequencies of the Violet Flame and the Transmuting Love that’s pouring forth right now onto this planet. And Rana Mu showed me from the Arctic Circle all of these bands of rainbow bridges coming down from the Arctic Circle spreading all around the planet and just beings coming down the rainbow bridges. These are the brotherhoods and sisterhoods that are coming in from all the different realms. I could say one of these realms is the city of Aasgard. It’s supposed to be a mythical city, but at least believe that it’s absolutely real, and you’re going to start seeing this stuff. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: Okay and just to remind everybody not to get lost. There will be no money coming from this system, on the whole capitalist system the plug gets pulled. That’s really important and just let go. The sooner we can let go of that the better we can actually hear. Even if you’ve only done it for 5 minutes twice a day please do the form of meditation where you completely quiet the mind and open that golden winged heart. There are all kinds of active creative things that you can do with active participation meditation, yet the sympathetic nervous system is what we are using when we are active. The parasympathetic nervous system is what we are using when we are quieting the mind and getting into that completely empty space. Then this higher Love enters at the cellular molecular level. Love in the cell is what we are talking about. And Sibel Edmunds says that will be very much more mandated right now because the entire American Empire is going to be pulled to the forefront now and taken down.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Tonight on Boom Bust this man named Peter Schiff was on there and he made it very clear that we are living in a ‘roach hotel’ is how he put it. I laughed. It starts with Janet Yellen, because when she took it [interest rate] to zero, she put us in that ‘roach motel’ and he said that the longer we try to procrastinate on this the worse and the harder the fall is going to be. He said, let it fall now; let the whole global banking system fall now and let the chips fall where they may and let all of the money go away and everybody that’s still invested in it go away. Then we get this monkey mind out of the way. Then instead of, you know, running here and there and looking for delusions you got it right up front and then we can build a new foundation. He couldn’t say NESARA now, but I can say NESARA now,
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and that’s why what we also must do right now, the biggest focus still in the light workers is these dinars, dongs and zimbabwes and Benjamin Fulford is right in there with them. All this information comes from the infamous Dinar Chronicles and they are trying to say that Trump is going to be losing it here, and that they are going to put Paul Ryan in as the President and General Dunford as the Vice President and everything is going to be hunky-dory and that everybody is going to get their dinars. It’s a complete 100% delusion, so let it go! Let it go; let it go.  And the future is Feminine. Michelle for President!  NESARA now! And send love to all the players because as soon as there are no more jobs left for that game, the heart will open and be relieved. 
My dear husband, do you have something more that you want to say?
Rama: I just wanted to say that there are stories out there, and not to bring it down on this day of love, but Dr Greer and many others are talking about their absolute final fear card is a fake alien invasion. Their plan was to put this discussion across the internet and touch on it in kind of this circle of alternate shows and tie it in with other media. Yet like we keep being told, even if they were to try something like that, like Dr Keshe has told us, the technologies get shut down, and we have the real conversation that begins a new era. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: And one more thing. Keep your due diligence on that Oroville dam, because they are not telling the whole truth on that situation, and it’s very, very unsteady. In 2005 the scientists were warned to install reinforcements underneath the dam, and they were told to add reinforcements right then and there, and they did not do it. And it had to do with getting funds and that, you might say, is the sinister business of all this. And really we’ve got to remember that in World War 2 there were over 26 million that were removed from the planet and they used siderial weaponry of a teseract energetic, and they literally disappeared the bodies - left no evidence.
There are some mis-creations of truth in that document about the Khazarian mafia yet on an overall picture and an overall story, It wakes a lot of intelligent minds and hearts up, so that we can get out of this maya, this illusion.
The thing about it is that they are still not telling the truth about the dam. They think they can do some kind of a medical repair station there, but it’s still a very unsure thing and the thing is that you should listen to your higher self. I know that as things happen which are very devastating, as we stay in the higher place we can connect with the ships and they will beam us out of harm’s way
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and that’s how fast something like that could go. It’s not out of the woods yet. So NESARA now! Send love and stay high-vibe. Good vibrations, Everyone! Namaste. I pass the talking stick back to you, sisters Fran and Susan.
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