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Tara & Rama Report 5-12-20
Tara & Rama: Greetings! Thank you! Oh, my Goodness, Pita, Mother Isis!  Alright, we’ll need voice practice in here to reach those tones - so beautiful! 
Okay, so, what shall we do with this story? Let’s just say that back on the 1st of May, it seems like ages ago, here’s Rama speaking:
“I received a call from Lady Natasha, mid-morning, and she told me that Prime Minister Trudeau banned all automatic assault weapons; and gun owners in Canada have 2 years to sell their weapons or bring them back to the government and they will get a big compensation, such as money you can put towards completing paying your loan back, or extra food stamps with plenty to feed the whole family, if there is trouble there.”
The point that is being made here is that Archangel Michael paid Mr. Trudeau a visit and he said, “We can assist you as you wish, or we can leave you to the fight that is going on amongst yourselves, and made the suggestion that he do this.”  And evidently President Trudeau opted for the highest good for his own and everyone else.  There are 1500 assault weapons that got banned of every kind of imaginable size and you’ve got something that you want to say Rama?
Rama: No, just some amazing stuff going on.
Tara: Yes, and that has made a huge dent in the weapons sales business globally.  It’s a very big dent. So we are going to be glad that something’s moving in a rather impactful way towards peace there.  
And more and more stories keep coming out about sightings and de-boardings and all kinds of ship experiences and interactions and they are being seen all over the world. The Navy is releasing footage of so called UFOs that are really man made, unmanned aerial vehicles, created with reverse engineering.  Yet everyday more is coming out about our visitors who are really our family.  Set a place at the table.  Mother and Elijah are coming for dinner. 
So I am just going to jump forward here to the next one still on the 2nd of May.  I received a text message from Mr. X at 11:30 in the morning and he said to me, “Lord Rama, Mr. Fauci has been part of the global elite long before you and me were knee high to a grasshopper tall and he has participated in the rituals at Bohemian Grove and Camp David.  He answers directly to the malevolent Fallen Angels, i.e, the Draconians and the Annunaki, meaning above the Vatican.  On a lighter note, let us honor the Green Man, a metaphorical representation of Cernunnos, the horned god from England, Ireland, Scandinavia, Laplanders, an antlered form of Pan, the great horned god Pan, who in male form represents the divine human in balance with the divine masculine.”
So then on the 5th, which was last Tuesday, Rama got a call from Tom and Larry, and they said, “Lord Rama, remember we started with 13 deck chairs and 14 people.  There is one chair left and 2 people and the water is up to their waists.”  So I would just venture to say that what was being stated there is that there is a lot coming out about truth and exposure, and it really is important at the same time that we remain in unconditional divine neutrality, because it is not our work to judge. It’s our work to bring in the Light. 
Then on Friday, the 8th, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama had a little message for us:
The very purpose of spirituality is self discipline.  Rather than criticizing others we should evaluate and criticize ourselves.  Ask ourselves, what am I doing about my anger, my attachments, my pride, my jealousy?  These are the things we should check in our day-to-day life.” 
So we are still in the full influence of the full moon.  This happened on Thursday and not Friday, in Scorpio.  Pamela Harris, Bernie Sanders and Ed Marks are introducing a bill to provide 2 trillion, $2,000 a month, monthly payments to the working class.  I don’t really think anything really manifested from that. I guess the most positive thing out of that story is what the Dalai Lama was sharing with us. 
Okay, so let’s go on.  So now we are at the 9th, which is Saturday, the very next day.  I received a short text message from the King of Swords mid-morning.  I quote:  ‘Things are happening at an exponential level.  Our ascension is assured.  I will be seeing you very soon.’  That is about the 4th or 5th time that Rama was talking to Faction 3 White Knights.  And they are telling him that they are going to be seeing us very soon.   That’s not that been said for decades.  I’m just saying that there’s something different about these reports.  And I guess that patience remains a virtue for all of us, Everyone. We must have compassion for one another.  This has been long, long, long journey and a long, long, long story. 
I guess we will just go to today.  Okay, here’s today: I spoke to Grandmother Beatrice by video cam, myself in Santa Fe and Grandmother Beatrice in her home at the Zuni reservation west-northwest of Santa Fe.  She said to me, “Lord Rama, it is too early to open things up. In the blue state of New Mexico, at the moment, the four corners area, shared with Colorado, Utah and Arizona is blood red with the intentional targeting of Covid-19 towards Native Americans on their reservations, both the Navaho-Dene and Ute tribal nations located there.
To be frank, with people here in these United States in inappropriate conditions it is too early to open the state economy.  It is too early to do Pow-wows or sweat lodges.  Wait until summer Solstice at least.  By summer Solstice things might be calmer with energies, yet be extremely careful at this time.  In terms of the big story, the Red Star Kachina and the Blue Star Kachina have taken on human bodies and are here with us on Mother Gaia. 
They are meeting at the Wesak Valley at the off-grid spherical light village, with Dodi and Di, tens of thousands of refugees from all over the world and they are in a protective sphere, literally, so as there is any hint of viruses, it is completely cleared up for all people coming. And they have been joined by Lord Maitreya, Sananda Kumara, the other six Kumaras from Venus, and their consorts, the other female Venus consorts, of them.
The Lama’s are still there chanting daily, 3000 strong.  They have been praying peace mantras on behalf of all sentient beings on Mother Gaia for the last two consecutive days.  And all of this conclave is about the activation of our Sun right now. Our Sun is going through its transfiguration, becoming a blue/white dwarf.” (kind of like going through middle age, which takes millions of years, of course, for a physical sun)  For Mother Gaia, Grandmother Beatrice said, “Lord Rama, be about your Father’s business, Captain Ashtar.” 
Then Natasha appeared on the screen of my cell phone.  She said, “Lord Rama, there are arrests going on behind the scenes and there are Galactic visitors every day in our skies.  Be about the good work of creating Divine Governance on Earth as it is in Heaven at this time.
“It is true that the pyramid power people have been intentionally manipulating the situation of Covid-19, adding destructive sound frequencies, to target certain groups of people - black, brown, red, Asian, old and infirm.  They have intentionally killed more than 2.5 million people in the United States, in the past two weeks alone.  And they have over the past couple of months removed at least a 100 million people in China in the same fashion.  And this is repeatable in every country on Earth, where there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of people that have been taken out in this fashion.”
Tara: And all I can say is that Mother Sekmet is telling Rama that it’s incomprehensible to each of us, but each soul did come in here for this precise thing that they have taken on for the sake of the whole at this time. Any more about the situation? 
Rama:  The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Meaning at this time, having Divine Compassion and Mercy and Divine Emotions with the chaos going on.
Tara: Divine Emotions, that’s a very good call. So all in all, let us each be the best we can be at this moment. And let us remember to recall and reform and remember the true purpose we each came in here to accomplish together at this time. 
On Thursday, a brother here, our Ashtar On The Road friend Stanley Bartlett, will be our guest on our ‘Night at the Round Table’ event on Thursday, so we’re just glad to invite you to attend. It will be at BBS radio station 2, just look it up there, on Thursday and it starts at 7:00pm Mountain time.  So that’s what I can say, and I think you can figure out there and join us.  It will go for a couple of hours and Stanley will be on for the second part of that, second hour. 
And so, I will just say that Stanley has been very connected with Susan in the sense of working with her as she would bring Sananda Kumara through.  So I just feel that the stories from his experience and his work and the blending of the work of all Light Beings on the Planet can really come through an individual like that.  Especially in bringing those of us together that have been working with Ashtar On The Road as well as Tara and Rama’s work, for how long?  Rama has been doing it since 1980 and I have been doing it from 1986 and we have been doing it together but not knowing it until we met in the physical in 1991. A very long story.
And we have all been doing the same thing in our little nooks of our lives in spite of the nose on our faces, because now because the truth about convergence, the real Harmonic Convergence, and its results are upon us now. So let’s remember that Spirit awareness that we are, that we are not physical and are Spirit Beings for we are volunteering to represent something that’s never been accomplished at this level on this planet.  And that’s her Ascension and ours together.
And so mote it be; and thank you in advance as we are requiring contributions as you can to assist us with our food and bills and the things that are required in order to continue with the work.  And thank you so much, Fran, and for the contributions Everyone that we are all making together.  We are in the ‘we have won’ energy field.  Just remember that. So let’s be the best we can be at every single moment. It really matters, Everybody, it really matters what we do each together here.  Namaste.  I pass this talking stick glowing with crystals, with rainbows and fairies, and feathers, and angels, talking stick with all good things - and NESARA now!  Here it comes, sister Fran.
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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