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Tara & Rama Report 5-26-20
Greetings, Everyone, all you Commanders, Eagles and Angels! Oh my goodness. Let’s just honor those who have militarily supported the country in the past. And as we are being told that in the present now, with the enactment of NESARA as the law of the land, and of the world, peace gets declared and no more war. That goes together, and sometimes we forget about that piece.  So we are just saying to remember that, now. 
What we would also like to say is that our sister Fran put up an interesting history of Memorial Day.  So everybody check it out and read about it.  It’s very interesting. 
So we would like to start with the 19th, which was a week ago from today, Tuesday, and the Dalai Lama sent Rama a little email at 3:30 in the morning.  And this is what His Holiness had to say:
“Irrespective of whether we have faith in religion, or not, it is good to be more compassionate.  It makes us happier as individuals with a positive influence on our families and the neighborhood where we live.”
Again, it makes us happier as individuals with a positive influence on our families and the neighborhood where we live. So joy is the goal, if you will.  
Okay, so, on the 20th, this is Rama speaking: “I received a text message today at 11:30 AM from Lady Natasha.  She said to me, “Lord Rama, focus on Divine Government.  Master El Morya on the First Ray, Excalibur Blue Ray with Archangel Michael, are here on the ground. And Lord Kuthumi as well, on the Sunshine Yellow, the Third Ray. They are here on this Planet and they are talking with the Wise Council of Elders.” 
And when we speak to that, as we are talking right now, we can all be that. We just have to remember ourselves in that role.  It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female.  Yet the Wise Council of Elders is calling in the Divine Government.  We can all be part of that.  Let’s just remind ourselves that that’s who we are.
And again these three have been talking with the Wise Council of Elders on how we form Divine Government on this planet, in this moment.  And the date for this report is 5/20/2020 and adds up to 65 numerically and that reduces to the number 11 day, as above, so below. Bringing Heaven into the Earth's sphere and grounding it there. 
“Take a look at George Noory’s Coast to Coast today on what he is going to talk about tonight. And this is what he is going to talk about:  “Alleged encounter with the Virgin Mary apparition causes a stir in Uganda.”  Thousands and thousands and thousands of people saw her and it was pretty amazing.  Again, the Ascended Masters and Space Commanders are showing up now in the physical on the ground, in more venues and with more people experiencing their divine presence in their lives reaching higher consciousness they cannot forget.  This is happening worldwide.” 
Next one is for Thursday, the 21st.  I received a call from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, Larry and Curly, early this afternoon.  They said to me, “Lord Rama, concerning this liberation army that has been challenging the sovereign rights of the Oglala Nation, or as most people know as Lakota Nation, this nation will come together, protect their land, their people and their rights by confronting these ones with their bodies.  They will be peacefully standing their ground.” 
At this point, I asked Tom, “Will there be Galactic protection for the people?”  Tom answered simply, “Yes” with no further explanation or response. I asked Tom further, “How are the Galactics intervening in the current affairs of Mother Gaia and her people?”  Tom answered me,
“Lord Rama, there have been nine days of the Schumann Resonance spiking off the charts. (Meaning the Schumann Resonance base frequency is 7.83 Hertz. The Schumann Resonance for today, meaning, the Thursday, peaked at 51.)  The Ashtar Command are tweaking our Sun Sol with their many craft.  Stay in joy.  Work with the higher energies coming in.  Get very quiet. Go into that still space in our hearts and the Solar Beings will actively communicate with us. Namaste.” 
So the next one, on the 22nd, Friday; “I received a call from Professor Z today.” And Rama, tell us again who Professor Z is. 
Rama:  He used to work at Los Alamos and he’s been in every deep underground military base on the Planet.
Tara: And he’s a quantum physicist.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So that’s who Rama received a call from on Friday.  Professor Z said to me, “Lord Rama, Yes, Mr. Bolsonaro is presently a clone, and the world is playing out the final end game here, right now, and yes, there are many that are no longer here, and there are many that are just clones in their places, from Angela Merkel to others around the world. In other words, they are preparing to end this old story and that’s part of the process.
That being said, President Xi of China is the real deal. He is not a clone. Yet he is being squeezed by the Elder Dragons who are not aligned with the forces of light. They are still remnants of the ancient Draconian war and they have not upgraded their consciousness to the new timeline, which is the Sat Yuga timeline. These ones are 50 feet tall and live deep underneath the mountains of China. China has a secret space program, more advanced than the United States space program at the moment.” 
Professor Z continued, “Lord Rama, Hong Kong will not fall to China’s new security law policy idea.  The Galactics are here and things are happening at an exponential level.  Stay safe over this weekend. As the energies get higher the dark ones get more discordant, frenzied and chaotic.  Send more Love. Sat Nam, Namaste. NESARA now.  Focus on Peace and Love.”
Okay, then Saturday, the 23rd.  “I went over to Fenn’s house this morning, and I got into the plasma field and listened to ‘Moonlight’ on the radio with Fenn, about today’s astrology.  Can you tell us more about that, Rama? 
Rama: Yes. It was about the New Moon and the Sun moving into Gemini.
Tara: Oh, yes, and it’s a radical, radical move.  We’ve been in a lot of Earth energies for a couple of years. So this is a very, very enlightening, spirited shift to the Divine Feminine and to the Air energy and to flow with that. Moving into Gemini moves into the expanding nature.
You said that you went to the Garden of the Gods?  Can you explain that place?
Rama: That’s a rock formation south of Santa Fe on the way to Albuquerque, and it is a portal where you can call the ships in and they physically show up over the rock formations. Dr. Richard Hoagland went there once and he had a little gathering and he saw the ships there. Tara: Okay, so did you experience anything in particular?
Rama: Just the energies moving so much higher.  You can actually see the portals opening.
Tara: Okay, we’re going to jump now on to today. So this is Rama speaking again, “Natasha and Tom the Ring-tailed Cat called me early this afternoon. They said to me, “Lord Rama, a Sasquatch person has shown up in Mexico.”  And Rama printed this piece out, it’s just phenomenal; it looks like this being is maybe 25 feet tall.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Oh my goodness, and then he looked for the land area that is this place, it’s called Cuidad Calles.  It’s in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  And there are some pictures of this same place and there are these amazing waterfalls.  Amazing!  And the land is just gorgeous. 
So that’s what happened, today.  And this article says that the residents of this community in Mexico are on edge following this sighting of this mysterious giant, that some suspect it either could have been a Bigfoot or someone from the stars. Somebody called the police.  Others were so drawn they were not afraid at all. So this happened today, right Rama?
Rama: In the last 24 hours. 
Tara: So the group were taken aback as they heard a sound resembling an explosion.  It seemed to have come from a hill on the property, thinking that an avalanche was about to occur.  They looked over to the spot from where the sound emanated from and were stunned to see what was described as a tall, thin man that Antonia likened to a giant. 
Although her husband initially made fun of her for being scared, she said he also quickly became frightened as he spotted the mysterious visitor.  Yet the witnesses were able to snap a few photographs as one can be seen above here, however, it is difficult to decipher what is exactly perched atop the hill.  So if you look carefully, it might be a ship. It looks like a ship. 
Rama: Yes. 
Tara: Nonetheless, word of the incident was spread throughout the region and it raised numerous concerns among the residents. Indigenous Elders in the region are said to be quiet about the case.  Yet rumors have suggested that this one could have been an alien or somehow related to what Rama was told, that it was a Bigfoot.
Rama: Yes. 
Tara: Yes. So what an amazing thing to experience! That Being was about 25 feet tall in here. Okay, so George Noori is going to speak about this tonight on AM Coast to Coast, so those of us who are nighthawks might hear some more. 
Yet on other news, the pyramid power people and their structures, they are attempting to exterminate one third of Earth's population.  They are attempting to slow things down, yet this is all based on old hopes from the old timeline, which is not here anymore.  The pyramid power people and their structures are crumbling rapidly and making way for the new.  Our Galactic brothers and sisters are here intervening in our time/space continuum now.  The pyramid power people are insisting against all odds that war can continue on Mother Gaia, yet that is a failed concept.  
“In its place comes the Golden Age which is already here.  This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius indeed, the energies coming in from our physical Sun, Sol, are transforming the physical atomic structure of all living matter, whether it is inert or not.  That means as the energies continue to get higher, mis-qualified energies cease to exist.  Become as the first law of Love.  Natasha spoke up here and said to me, “Lord Rama, I am figuring out how I can come to see you and your beloved Tara for a particular special reason. Miracles are afoot. InShallah. Namaste.  May The Force be with you and everyone.”
And then on a sub note: the intervention in terms of 500,000 Beings arrested is ongoing and it’s a given.  And what we mean by that is there are 500,000 that; how do you describe that scene? 
Rama: That they are being corralled by the Galactics across the Planet. 
Tara: So we will see 20 million sovereign world militia forces assisting in that process.  It will be totally peaceful.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And accountability will also be totally peaceful. As it’s going now, what will happen is the intervention is being led by St.Germain.  St.Germain will indeed call the orders to the King of Swords and will be telling the King of Swords to order the Provost Marshal General to order martial law - that will take place.   At that point, the whole world will be seeing and feeling this Harmony of the Spheres energy and an overwhelming sense of peacefulness will come to the whole of the Earth. And at that point the arrests will be made in a very calm, orderly fashion.
And the situation that that precipitates is the Galactic Beings showing up on the television screens, worldwide and on the video and everywhere, along this whole Planet. And we have been saying this in a lot of frequent days, that in the last month and a half or so, maybe a give and take a little more, a number of times, the Faction Three White Knights have been saying, “We’ll be seeing you soon!” And so today, that’s a big hint! 
Today as Natasha was explaining that she was figuring out a way that she can meet with us, Rama and Tara, they’re talking about giving us our package, giving us our blessings.  And that means that’s the initial stage of everybody receiving now. So, my feeling and my sense, and Rama kind of concurred with me when we talked about, it is that as we have entered now this Divine Feminine, it’s not going anywhere. 
The feminine is coming in so strong now that the ability to receive this blessing in a loving way will concur with the ending of this other scene, the calling, whatever we are calling it, the virus, the story.  And I will just say stay in good high vibratory frequencies.  Stay there, don’t move low; we continue to go higher.  And as we go higher, more Galactic frequencies come in.  That’s the report that we have with our Galactic brothers and sisters. They answer our call every time now.  And they are doing it faster, faster and faster. And there is so much more coming in.  
Carl Calleman wrote something, it’s called The Corona Virus and the Mayan Calendar, An Alternative Perspective on our Current Situation.  And it’s really worth reading.  And it has to do with ‘before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, AFTER enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.’ In other words, our blessings come and we still chop wood, carry water. In other words, we will be given our assignments along with the blessings in order to use the blessings to help the world.  He says this little piece here, he says:
For the entire transcript, go to:
‘The central concept in Mayan cosmology are the Tree of Life and the Plumed Serpent, emerald green, serpent feathered one.’  (Another name for that one is Lord Kuthumi or another name for Lord Kuthumi is in terms of the Plumed Serpent is Sanaka Kumara.  Lord Kuthumi is one of the Kumara’s as well as Sananda Kumara is, from Venus) and then he goes on and says, “Here I am only going to address the second of those.  Practically all ancient cultures included variants of these entities in their cosmology.  The science that the Mayans developed allows us today to recognize this as a quantum science of evolution and not merely as a speculative philosophy. 
‘The serpent was however recognized as the Chief Creator God, not only among the Maya and other ancient peoples of Mexico, rather also in the guise of the Rainbow Serpent, among the Australian Aborigines, as the Great Anaconda among the peoples of the Amazonias, as the Cosmic Serpent in ancient Egypt, and elsewhere in the near Orient.  And to this day, as serpentine dragons by the Chinese, and many other peoples across the world.  Overall, the Judean Christian traditions stand out as the only ones that demonize the serpent. And we have reasons to ask; is this suppression what has blocked Western society from understanding what is now happening? ‘
So there is an invisible sine wave of the serpent that would be the most natural choice to bring in now.  The Plumed Serpent would then in modern terms, be symbolized in the form of quantum waves that emanate from the Tree of Life and drive the underlying fields of evolution.  The Aztecs and the Toltecs referred to the Plumed Serpent as Quetzalcoatl (that's another name for Kuthumi, or in ancient Atlantis Kuthumi was called Tehuti.  All these were different names for Lord Kuthumi, bringing in that golden yellow energy, which another way of speaking of it is Joy. Bring ourselves in the full alignment with Joy. Yes, the energy of the Sun. 
We are all Children of the Sun. And we are One.  And it brings about a group wisdom called ‘active intelligence.’ That’s really what Joy is. When we actively intelligize at the higher level, the higher energies, then that shift that we all have been waiting for just shows up for everybody.  And that would typically mean the downfall of any kind of old thought forms. Joy is the answer.  Love is the key. And NESARA is for you and for me and everybody. So let’s just call it in, Everyone!  We are all that.
And NESARA now; and I pass this talking stick with a request for blessings to assist us as we go along here.  A little bit of food money would be great, and whatever that you can give to keep this lovely energy going.
Rama: Thank you so much!
Tara: Thank you so much.  And the activation of this pyramid of Chichen Itza is going on right now, and that is the pyramid of the Plumed Serpent.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: I went there and I took Micah and his father and we went down to the very bottom and there is in that Chichen temple, there is Pacal Votan’s tomb at the very bottom.  You have got to walk 500 stairs down to see that tomb.  And that Pacal Votan tomb is a time of Ashtar on the Planet.  Ashtar Command now, on the ground.  NESARA now.  I pass this talking stick back to my Sister Fran. 
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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