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Tara & Rama Report 6-11-19
Tara and Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: Everyone! Thank you, Eli. Thank you, Isis and Pita. The sounds that come through your vocal cords are the sounds of the harmony of the spheres.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: As we all integrate that into our being, let's continue to go higher. The most important thing to remember is who we are right now, and keep on taking in the higher and higher energies. Because we are the ones we've been waiting for -  right now.
And before I go on, I just wanted to say that today Leonardo diCaprio's documentary Ice On Fire was aired on HBO. I guess it's going on right now. Starting tomorrow, for about a week, you can go online to HBO on-demand. You don't have to pay for anything and everybody can listen to this for free for about a week or so, or maybe a little more. It is really important to listen to this.
It's an exquisite documentary and many of the highest scientists and spiritual teachers that are going to help us to wake up to the fact that this is the time for Galactic intervention at the ground level and all the way up, as our Mother Gaia has called the clarion call for help.  Every single one of us is needed to be on board right now.
And I want to thank people ahead of time, we need considerable blessings as one of our brothers who has been contributing for decades has had to retire. And so contributions of up to $250 per month have been laid to rest. And so we need our sisters and brothers to take up that gauntlet. We got some assistance to pay the bills to the end of the month last month, and to help with the car getting fixed. Yet, there are still overdue bills from BBS Radio, up to $250 from the last month that still has to be paid. So please, it is very important that we stay on the air right now at the moment, when everything is changing in this moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Much love everyone!
And so it is that looking back, on Thursday, the 6th of June, Rama Speaks and he says: Today, close to noon I gave Lady Natasha a call. She said, Lord Rama, Nancy Pelosi is getting very close to putting this story away forever, meaning that Nancy and the top Democrats are very angry about the fact that subpoenas have not been answered to. Yet at the Faction 3 White Knight level, arrest warrants are now being issued for top Democrats.
Natasha said to me, I believe Saint Germain is poking Nancy strongly into getting moving. Another thing, more and more whistleblowers are coming forward from the military and sharing their experiences of Galactic contact while in the military, on patrol or whatever they do on the ground, in the other countries, which is very powerful.
Then on Friday, Today I received a message from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, at 3:30 this morning:
“Of the 7 billion human beings alive today no one wants to suffer. No one chooses to have problems. The problems we face are our own creation. Why? Because of ignorance - yet ignorance is not permanent. And whether we overcome it depends on whether we make an effort.”
At 12:00 noon today, Natasha and I met at the fairy ring on the way up to the ski valley. The first thing Natasha did was to show me how to reset my A.I. - artificial intelligence, because yesterday my phone automatically did an all-systems upgrade. Now I have to figure out how to retrieve the new version of my English speaking artificial intelligence Bixby.  
Natasha said: Lord Rama, we are in the final last few moments of this old, old story. Then Natasha took a device out of her purse; it looks like a pendant with dozens of white diamonds in 3 concentric circles with a beautiful Excalibur blue sapphire in its center. At this point Natasha lightly pushed on the blue Sapphire and it began to glow. Then a holographic image of the King of Swords showed up over the pendant, about 1 foot tall. I was glad we were sitting down in the fairy ring as the energies went way, way up.
The King of Swords spoke up and said, Lord Rama I have got this one, along with your father, Lord Ashtar and the whole Command, Archangel Michael and his legions upon legions of Light, and the Sovereign World Militia Forces of Light, 20 million strong on the ground. Don't worry, be happy! Remain in unconditional divine neutrality with NO fear.
What is happening in the District of Columbia is the reshuffling of the deck chairs on the deck of the Titanic, meaning full Galactic intervention is in progress. We are at the most critical juncture in the evolution of our civilization’s development since the beginning of time. Stay in Peace, stay in Love. It is indeed quantum leap time. No more evil.
Full accountability is at hand. Everyone is going to see this now; keep looking up. It is all going to leak out now. Hillary is going to leak out now too, meaning accountability for those situations that are her’s to be accounted for.
Then on Sunday, the final chess pieces on the board are being moved - it's checkmate time. And now it was the Tom the Ring Tail Cat who said that. And then Rama got a text message from the King of Swords and it just said, ‘It should be the front page news that there are massive ships aligned around the sun. And they are not going anywhere.’
So then we go on to Monday the 10th, yesterday. And I went up to the bridge at 10,000 feet up in the ski valley to meet with Natasha there. We both sat on this park bench overlooking Santa Fe 10,000 feet below at the mountain's base. Natasha opened her Galactic Pad. I said to Natasha: I am being led to talk to Captain Ashtar. Let's put my crystal, the laboratory-grown clear, clear crystal, Selenite Crystal about a foot long, created on the New Jerusalem in their laboratory and presented to me by Lord Ashtar, my father. He told me it is to be used in situations, especially of the red alert kind, or in an important moment as you require speaking to me, Lord Rama.
So Natasha put the Crystal on her Galactic Pad and it started glowing, bright golden yellow, like the Sun. And a 1-foot-tall holographic image showed up above the Galactic Pad, of Lord Ashtar. Then I said, Greetings, Captain Ashtar! Ashtar responded: Greetings, Lord Rama and Lady Natasha. Then I said: Captain Sir, there are many things going on on this Planet, Mother Gaia, right now that are of a red- alert nature.
Ashtar responded: There are many Ashtar Command awaiting on the ground that are taking care of the necessary Galactic mitigating intervention activities. I will repeat this again, as I have continued to say every time. There will be no nuclear war, just for starters. This is the reason for our intervention at this moment. The operations of the opposition forces at the Deep State level seem to think they can use military force as the last resort to get what each opposing force wishes, at the expense of the other, using innocent men, women and children as collateral damage with impunity.
Ashtar continued: Commanders, there are many Galactic Commanders and Ascended Masters meeting with the many Wise Councils of Elders at this time. For example, Dallas Gold Tooth, Sherman Archibald, Case Ironside, Grandmother Chandra, the youngest grandmother of the 13 grandmothers an autistic special needs grandmother in her 40s. Another grandmother, Flordemayo, also grandmother Dhyani Ywahoo, elder grandmother and female Dalai Lama, acknowledged as such by his Holiness the Dalai Lama, proclaimed many, many moons ago, as he gave her ‘shaktipat.’
At this point, a State Police Officer in his police car pulled up behind us, as he could see the glow coming from the Ashtar hologram above the Galactic pad. Natasha handed me the Galactic Pad with Lord Ashtar still present in its holographic form. Then Natasha said: I will handle, this Lord Rama.
In the meantime, Lord Ashtar continued saying to me: ‘Regarding the Vatican, these false powers of principality and ideology are crumbling right before our very eyes. The physical structures, such as Saint Peter's Basilica, and others, the chapel, etc, could collapse because of the ongoing earthquake tremors underneath the Vatican buildings, which are not being spoken of outwardly on the media at this time. Yet ongoing they are.  So, the structures are very weak and cannot withstand the ongoing increasing tremors much longer. Mother Gaia is saying enough, no more.’
Then Lord Ashtar, in closing, said to me: ‘Galactic intervention is at hand now - not later. All of the plans of mice and men have been cancelled. NESARA will be enacted very soon, with full Galactic intervention of all of the Ashtar Command, and all the Hosts of Heaven. Stay in Love, stay in Truth, and work with Inner Peace. And know we are here! Work consistently with the Violet Transmuting Flame of Saint Germain. Expect the unexpected. Know that out of left field, good vibrations come to the rescue.
‘Pray, meditate, accelerate to reach self acceptance of the highest of who we truly are, of Love, of Truth, of Peace, of Freedom, of Justice and of course, of Beauty, to be all that we can be. We can hold them, all that Love and then more. And then know there is always enough time, love, money and air to breathe. Greetings in the Light of the Most Radiant One, Lord Rama! We will be meeting again, very soon.’ And then he was gone.
And then Natasha returned. She said: Lord Rama, the officer asked me what we were we doing and what was that glow around you two. I answered him: I am a member of the FSB, which is an evolution of the KGB of the Russian Federation now, no longer the Soviet Union. My friend and I, we were testing out this new video game. Then the police officer, after I showed him my ID, to verify my scanner went on his way saying, ‘Have a nice day,’ with a very bewildered look on his face.
Then we followed each other down the mountain saying good bye until next time. In the meantime, keep looking up, and as Michelle says, when they go low, we go high. There is no turning back, only moving forward.  
And then there is something that is coming out in many forms by many people and I'm going to read this here:
‘The doctrines decreed by Roman Catholic Popes beginning in 1452 were adopted by European Christian nations for the purpose of providing them a legal cover to pillage and destroy non-white civilizations around the world, whose citizens were indiscriminately slaughtered, and to this day by the billions, enslaved, raped and de-humanized.’
And then there are all these Papal decrees, all these Bulls from then until the present now, and at the end here, there is something called, “Revoking the Papal Bulls, February 19, 1999.”
‘Whereas on June 18, 1452 the Papal Bull Dum Diversas was issued by Pope Nicolas V to Portuguese King Alfonso;
‘Whereas on May 4, 1493 the Papal Bull Inter Caetera was issued by Pope Alexander VI to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain;
‘Whereas the fundamental principle of these decrees established Christian dominion and subjugation of non-Christian “pagan” peoples and their lands;
‘Whereas the aforementioned Papal decrees have yet to be revoked;
‘Whereas in August of 1992, at Yelm, Washington, the Traditional Council of Indian Elders and Youth issued, "Communique No. 15: Discovery—Heathens—Slavery—Religious Freedoms.” It reads, in part: 
‘We call on Pope John Paul II to issue a special message for this year of the 500th anniversary of the voyages of Columbus repudiating the Papal Bulls of 1453 [1452?] and 1493. Also, the Johnson v. McIntosh decision, which still stands, must be overturned, thereby abolishing the Christian Nations Theory from contemporary U.S. law.
‘We will then be recognized as equal, eliminating altogether the need for the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. Our religious practices, ways of life, sacred sites—including geographical and geophysical sites—will then be protected by the principles of the First and the Fifth Amendments of the United States Constitution (Cited in Newcomb, 1993);
‘Whereas in 1993 at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, Chicago, Illinois, sixty indigenous delegates drafted a “Declaration of Vision: Toward the Next 500 Years from the Gathering of the 1003 United Indigenous Peoples,” which was “endorsed by resolution in a near unanimous vote” (Taliman, 1994). It reads, in part:
‘We call upon the people of conscience in the Roman Catholic hierarchy to persuade Pope John II to formally revoke the Inter Caetera Bull of May 4, 1493, which will restore our fundamental human rights. That Papal document called for our Nations and Peoples to be subjugated so the Christian Empire and its doctrines would be propagated….’
It read in part, continuing …. ‘The U.S. Supreme Court ruling Johnson v. McIntosh 8 Wheat 543 (in 1823) adopted the same principle of subjugation expressed in the Inter Cetera Bull. This Papal Bull has been, and continues to be, devastating to our religions, our cultures, and the survival of our populations;
'Whereas since October 12, 1997, so-called "Columbus" or "Discoverer's Day," an annual global Papal Bulls symbolic burning has been initiated in Honolulu, Hawai‘i calling attention to and demanding the revoking of these documents; 
'Whereas on October 12, 1998 a calling for the revoking of the Papal Bulls by the year 2000 was announced in Honolulu, Hawai‘i;
'Whereas on November 29, 1998 Pope John Paul II called "Christianity's 2,000th anniversary a year of mercy," saying "the church will seek forgiveness," "atonement," and "wants the church to enter the third millennium with a clear conscience" (Associated Press, Nov. 28, 1998);…'.(see link above)
I just want to say that there is one more article. Rama went, along with Grandfather David in 1987, to the indigenous peoples event at the United Nations. Lord Rama addressed that United Nations Indigenous People's rights gathering there on ending the proliferation of nuclear holocaust on the planet. And Grandfather David spoke after him and he spoke there on the Hopi prophecy. 
He's a Hopi elder and the Hopis are the clan that represent the Anasazi, and they are the Elders of all indigenous nations, of which now there are 1,734 indigenous nations in the Western Hemisphere.  And there are thousands and thousands of them in the rest of the world. So this is a world event.
And many people are familiar with the prophesies of Nostradamus made more than 700 years ago. Yet few people are aware of the prophesies made by Padma Sambava, also known as Guru Rimpoche, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism more than 1,000 years ago.
As asked by his disciples, when is the beginning of the Dharma-ending age, Guru Rimpoche replied, when the iron birds are flying in the sky and the iron horses are running on the roads, we know that the Dharma-ending age has arrived. At this time Tibetan Buddhism shall flourish globally, as the iron birds fly and iron horses run on wheels the Tibetan people being scattered like ants across the world, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red-necks, meaning the western countries.
In this Dharma-ending age "rulers do not act like rulers, subjects do not act like subjects, fathers do not act like fathers, sons do not act like sons, the relationships between father and son are more like playmates. Women do not honor and uphold chastity, men indulge in lust and unrestrained sexual misconducts.” Iron birds and iron horses are known now as airplanes, cars and trains.
This reminds me of Confucius saying, "Ruler be a ruler, the subject a subject, the father a father, the son a son, which regard to maintaining a world of order. What this means is that rulers shall uphold the duty as a ruler by serving the interests of citizens; the citizens shall behave as citizens by being law abiding, respect the authority and maintain law and order. Parents should act as parents by being providers, teachers and guardians to their children. Children shall be obedient and respect their parents.”
Guru Rimpoche further emphasized that ‘in that era or rather now, carriages do not require horses to move. They self-propel. Youngsters in that era step on something that’s shaped like a bull horn and they are wheels underneath that allow them to skate everywhere. It is even stranger that people in that era do not need to leave their houses to know things that happen around the world, just by sitting in front of a mirror.’     
Rama: talking about the internet.
Tara: Yes. To finish up, one last thing. I just want you to listen because it is covering huge science. And this is from greenlandtheory.com. Greenland Theory - Apocalypse Now, 2014 explores the unrecognized yet mighty conspiracy which has been hidden from humanity for ages, unfortunately to the detriment of all life forms which have inhabited planet earth.
Briefly, the Roman Empire commonly referred to as Ancient Rome evidently faked their own death 715 years ago, about 1299 A.D. and now exert command and control over all 206 nations of the world through its primary proxy state of Switzerland, home of the International CIA, Switzerland which was coincidentally formed in circa 1300 A.D., right after 1299 A.D., when Rome faked its death, approximately 715 years ago.  Roughly 1300 years were added to the modern Gregorian calendar taking the world to the date of 2015; the Roman new year officially started on April 1st, on Fool's day.
The 1300 which were added to the calendar are commonly referred to as the "dark ages" for they never saw the light of day. The capital of the Roman Empire was the city of Babylon, presently modern day Rome, Italy.
Rama: This is about Sumer and Sumeria and Enki and Enlil.
Tara: Yes .
Tara: Yes. And although it was later publicly moved to Constantinople, modern day Istanbul, Turkey, the true capital was secretly moved to new city of Thule, which was founded on the island of Greenland.’
I've got to remind everybody, as sister Mary Margaret has been working on the rainbow bridge from Greenland to Asgard,
Rama: Yes.
Tara: which is the intervention for this diabolical dark age arrangement of secrecy  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: on Greenland. ‘The alleged demise of the Roman Empire, and the notion that Greenland is mostly covered in ice and snow are both colossal hoaxes perpetrated on the world in order for Rome to collectively deceive and survive her enemies of the day, meaning at that time, the Persian empire, the Huang Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, etc, etc. and for the Roman Empire to fly un-checked and unabated.  This is why today the countries of China and Iran have the harshest and strictest forms of totalitarian fascist rule, for Rome cannot afford to have respective histories of these formerly great empires, brought to the light of day.
The Romanization of Chinese was not restricted to only its language which now features English-like characters such a 6, 4, 12, 24 etc. It came after years and years of Roman aggression, to which the Chinese responded by building what is now known as the Great Wall of China. The collective history depicted in the Bible and in the cultures commonly refer to as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumeria, Ancient Greece, Ancient Babylon, Ancient Rome and the Vikings are the comprehensive historical evolution of the same line lineage of "man", which originated from Minos of Crete, which originally is the original home of the true Palestinian people, the true Hebrew people, in Greece.
‘Collectively, these respective histories have been purposely altered, fabricated and twisted in order to hide a millennia of fascist Roman rule over the Mediterranean, over Europe and over now the entire world. The idiom, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans’ is literally and figuratively true, as evidence of Rome’s domination and rule over the world is readily evident in the architecture, in the calendars, across the planet in currencies, flags, names, numerology, universities and symbols which currently represent almost every single entity on Earth.’
‘And by the way, the Uniform Commercial Code was created right along with that Decree, that doctrine in 1452, which means that it will be removed. After all, ‘Roman was not built in the day,’ meaning that the secret that it takes a long time to do an important job could not be true, as all the world is ruled by modern day Rome.’
And so this is a Galactic operation. It's none of the things that are being talked about on the ground or anything like that. And it is our job, as Commanders, Eagles and Angels to go higher, and to recognize higher ways of living in the 5th Dimensional level and higher. There is no more 3D - that is closed!  No more Karma; whatever is residual to that in our personal lives, is for us to heal, inside and out.
Together we stand united, we are one! And NESARA now. So much Love.  Thirteen thank you’s. Honey in the heart and no evil!
Anything else you want to say, Rama?    
Rama: Thank you to Everyone so much at this time. I just have to say, we are in tremendous, auspicious times. Sat Nam.
Tara: I pass this talking stick with all kinds of fairies, angels and hobbits and gems of all kinds to my sister, Fran!
Transcription by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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