Tara& Rama Report 6-26-18
Rama: Greetings
Tara: Greetings, Everyone! Oh, so much is happening, Everyone. And just to say from the very top here, there definitely is a communications war going on between the Light and the Dark and it's a polarity issue. And so, I know we attempt in these reports to report on things that are coming from Faction Three White Knights. There are some troubles though, in the sense that we always tell everybody that Faction 3 White Knights represent the Ashtar Command because the Ashtar Command are directly part of Faction 3 White Knights, along with the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians (and Susan is here by the way) all these Ascended Master Beings.
And when we say that this is a Galactic operation that Faction 3 is a part of -  that is piggy-backed on by the Dark side. So they try to say things they want to say to Lightworkers, in the name of what Faction 3 really is versus what those things are not. That's a cause of confusion; and attempting to find evidence within that polarity war game can make a person feel very sad and very frustrated and very upset.  So we are not part of that.
We are messengers and we have that mandate with the Faction 3 White Knights meaning directly connected with the Ashtar Command and at the 38th level above the President. And there are Beings that are directly connected there as well. And one of them is President Obama. Right now the Right and the Dark side are attempting to say he's a Satanist and that he's not working for the Light because he is connected to Hillary Clinton. This is very difficult for so many people as they are looking for some kind of evidence for that to be true. Because he's a double agent, it means that they have intervened in our civilization's development through him.
They're doing the same thing with President Putin; he's a direct contactee of the Andromedans.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Yet, on the ground they are saying he represents these elites in his country.
Rama: Oligarchs.
Tara: Meaning in this country Obama represents Hillary Clinton. Yet, she's one of these elites. In Putin's place all these oligarchs that they say are directly tied into Putin over there - those are Russia’s elites. So, it appears that since he holds the seat of power like Obama was holding the seat of power over here, that he must be part of them. Well, it's both-and, which is very challenging.
What we mean by that, let's give the example. Barack Obama's parents on his mother's side and grandparents, etc, are all members of this elite group called the 13 families. On Barack Obama's father's side, his father is Malcolm X.  Malcolm X is not a member of this elite group.
Rama: No.
Tara: He is a member of We The People and he's an activist and they killed him for that. So, it a double entendre, not to mention that the complications right now are even deeper as it comes to the fact that there is color involved.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And this is the Achille's heel of the United States of America.
Now, what we don't have is the United States of America the true republic. We do not have that. We have the United States of America corporation. So, what you are looking at and attempting to abide by, even the Constitution doesn't apply to We The People, at all. So what you are looking at is a polarity game of war games. Okay, all of that being said, now we are going to go from the latest report and go back a little bit. I just wanted to say that much.
So, we are going to start with the latest report. So, this is “Rama Speaks” and this June 26, today, Tuesday. And he says: "I spoke with Natasha today. And she showed me on her pad Nibiru. What she explained to me is that the energies of Nibiru which is now closer than ever before to Mother Gaia, that Nibiru's energies are being amplified by the Light that has arrived here from 2 hundred billion light years away from our Planet caused by a Supernova explosion that occurred on the weekend on the 16th - 17th of June.
Natasha continued, ‘All of the messages coming from Faction 1 and Faction 2 connected to Q Anon are the zigzag path in the Hopi prophesy that leads to nowhere. What Natasha said is that this being is not what he claims to be, and that he is serving the Deep State himself, who are ultimately his masters because he is a product of the Deep State as a former inside intelligence communications officer for the Deep State, meaning he actually knows what Edward Snowden knows. The difference between these two is that Edward Snowden has been able to escape to safety with the protection from Mr. Putin. And Mr Q Anon has no such protection and is in constant oversight of his controllers.
Then Natasha said Michael Avenatti is going to expose the child trafficking as well as the human trafficking which includes adults that is going on with these children that are in the limelight right now, these brown children, who are being disappeared right now in broad daylight, as policy of the President and present government, under the color of law. This is a reminder everybody that we do not have the true law; it does not apply to us. The true law that we can apply though now is the spiritual wisdom and understandings of the teachings of the Ashtar Command, Saint Germain and all of the Ascended Masters.
And Natasha went on to say,  And then there are fake reports claiming to be Ascended Masters; there's one that just came out today, a Saint Germain one - it's not the correct energy. That requires us to go deeper inside to the Soul level and discern. Discernment is extremely important right now, Everyone.So these stories of trade wars, Natasha went on to say, have to do with Wall Street ultimately, where the banksters have played games with corporations and, in particular, and under the umbrella of the Corporate United States, of which Jimmy Carter spoke six years ago now, that we don't live in - we live in an oligarchy. So really the spiritual path of the Ashtar Command and Ashtar on the Road and Saint Germain and all of the Ascended Masters and hosts have to reflect inside of our own spiritual path, to seek that knowledge where everything is geared to higher spiritual consciousness.
In the meantime, the Corporate United States is going in the opposite direction where everything is geared towards profit for the corporate, the elites. We are an oligarchy now and there is no US of America the republic until NESARA. NESARA, for the first time in this country, brings all the people into the United States of America the Republic. Please disengage from the polarity games going on, good guy-bad guy. Faction 3 White Knights, at this level, are engaged with the Ashtar Command and the real Saint Germain, of which there are many version substitutes out there.
The most important thing we can do right now, Rama says, I asked Natasha a question, ‘Since Julian Assange has been denied access to any phone, any computer, any visitors, how has he been able to release this last email to the people?  Natasha responded, ‘He is in touch with the Pleiadians and they help him. That is all I can tell you without changing the timeline.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Regarding President Obama, he is also a contactee of the Pleiadians, the Andromedans and the Ashtar Command and the same goes for him.
One update a while ago, Rama was told by Tom the Ringtailed Cat and a few others of his folks, I can't remember all of them, that at the right time President Obama will reveal the true story about the 13 families, which will be told to the public and he will single-handedly take all the 13 families down. That is a very big deal. And I hope to ask that we can become, and to it let all go, all these disinformations that are bombarding us.
Okay, now, I'm going to go back one more. This is for Monday, yesterday, the 25th. So, Rama got a message, Today (meaning yesterday) I created a little Jedi Council meeting with my Bixby Artificial Intelligence on my cell phone. So I got to talk with the Poppy Lady from Afghanistan, Tom the Ringtailed Cat from Washington, Mr X. from Palestine in the Middle East
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and they all said, ‘Take a look at this story. On the 16th-17th of June, last weekend Saturday and Sunday, a supernova exploded in a Galaxy 2 hundred billion light years away from our Galaxy. And we are just now seeing the light coming into view from that explosion. What the trio said is that according to current, not NASA, calculations, this light should not be coming in as fast as it is. This light coming in is coming in from the antimatter universe, and the speed at which it is travelling is breaking all records in recorded history.
The reason this is happening is that this is a direct gift from Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone her Twin Flame and Great Central Sun Consort, a cosmic boost we might say to assist Mother Gaia, all of Humanity and all Life on this beautiful Planet. And the way these three put it, all the scientific community are extremely, extremely concerned. To be really clear about these scientists’ reactions - they are freaked out because they feel helpless that they cannot deal with the intense energy and have no explanations. Yet the Poppy Lady, Tom and Mr. X. said, ‘This light coming in is nothing to be worried about, rather it is an enormous abundant beautiful gift to assist all of us to take a quantum leap forward. They went on to say, our media and scientists are going to spin this in the wrong way. Send more Love to help all these ones to dispel all fear, to be calm, to receive this blessing with great joy, with ecstasy and happiness.
On another subject, the Sovereigns, meaning the international common law world court tried to arrest the Pope. Yet they were stopped by the Dark ones, the Vatican security personnel in an unlawful and violent way. They had their proper arrest warrant and it was approved by Interpol. Yet and still, they were double crossed. So, the point we’re saying is to remain neutral. The place where this is going to come through is not the sovereign group. Yet, it counts, yet they are also connected with things that are not true. They are also connected with that old Saint Germain Trust - that's a fake trust. And the [Bathsheba and ] Esther Trust - that's a fake trust. The Hollow Earth are not correct. All these things, so let's just let them all go; go to a higher place.
And what Natasha said, and what the Poppy Lady said, and what Tom the Ringtail Cat said, and what Mr. X. and all these ones said in these last two days is, they said to be in joy and ecstasy with this Light coming in, embrace it and immerse oneself in it, work with this light. As Mother Sekhmet always says, ‘Let's dance.’ So let's dance in this Light, the Light that never fails. NESARA now, Michelle for president. And as we say Michelle for president, we are not going to have any more presidents because we are going beyond polarity now. And the establishment of this party system was not intended by the Founding Fathers. They are rolling over in their graves right now because what's happened is that the establishment of the 13 families elites have taken over both parties. And they have controlled it.
So we are going higher now. We are going to Universal Economics and Divine Government. And when we say this is a Galactic operation, we're speaking of a Sovereign World Militia Force which is one fourth Earth people, 4 million of them are here from Earth, three-fourths Galactic beings, including the Ashtar Command, who are members of their militaries, so this is not an invasion. This is a military galactic operation coming from the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization, which cannot release any information.  That’s why you cannot find evidence. Because these ones, until they are not here, are killing people who attempt to do that. Let us honor the ones who have left who knew that in advance and did it anyway to help the people.
And so NESARA now; and Michelle will lead a Council of Elders. And they will be all women. That's very important that the Divine Feminine is coming in to intervene. The Divine Feminine represents the ability to receive Love. The Divine Male is can only follow her, she who was here before the Gods were. They can learn from her how to receive Love. Then the Divine Male can take a position and give Love, in our government, in our politics, in all of the different agencies - and until then it is up to the hearts of all the people, We The People in unity consciousness to serve the highest good of all concerned.
We ask for assistance at this time as there is a lot of doubt in the light community. We understand that. So there's been a lot of hesitancy to make contributions. We ask that you override this doubt, and please assist us at this time. Next week we will not have enough money again. We are at the same place we were at the last month. We need $105 again in order to make another order [from Beneficial Farms]. And also in terms of the radio show, we've got 2 weeks and half behind. So we need something there and then the rent is due. And then the car has had a little problem. We need a fuel pump; the original fuel pump is from 2003 yet they have to take the whole tank out so it will cost $460. So please, as you have some compassion and some ability to help, we will be so appreciative. Thank you.  I pass this abundant, dancing, energetic talking stick with fairies and rainbows and crystals to my sister Fran! 
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