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Tara & Rama Report 9-22-20
T:  Welcome, everybody!  I’m just going to say that we are in a period now where we’re walking right through the neck, you might say, of moving completely into, from the old timeline, the Galactic world.  And it’s an interesting day because today is World Peace Day and Rama, what did you say, it’s the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, right?
R:  Yes!  And it is also Frodo Baggins’ birthday in Lord of The Rings.
T:  (Laughing) My goodness!  Okay, well that’s quite a spin.  And I was just going to say that, also, on Tanya Gabriella speaking to this particular day which, numerologically it’s 9-22-22 – double mastery day, and a completion with double mastery by our side of an entire cycle, completion of an entire cycle of Love.
That means everything has been appropriate.  And as we are able and choose to remain in unconditional, divine neutrality, today would be a good day to do that.  Happy autumn/spring Equinox depends on whether you’re north or south of that equator.  And I know we have folks from Australia that come to our show, so, for those of you who are from there or any place south of the equator, it’s happy spring Equinox.  Amazing!
So, 9-22-2020 is the code of Peace.  The sun is now in Venus, sign of Libra, sign of balance. No matter where we live, it’s the time of year where all energy is in supreme balance.  The cycle of earth’s movement around the Sun symbolizes light and darkness, and birth and death. 
The Equinox is light and darkness and the Solstice is birth and death.  The Equinox is the moment the Sun crosses the equator and our day and night are of equal length, thus we can remain in that neutral place of divine balance between the day and the night, between the light and the dark, and all is appropriate.  And good vibrations to all of us.
No matter where on Earth we live, this marks the exact midpoint of the astrological year.  What a perfect moment for setting our high-vibrational intent!  Equal day and night reminds us that the sacred feminine and sacred masculine are in perfect balance.  We have reached the zero point as Love, Light and Truth reveals itself in everything and everyone.
On September 22nd, the master number of peace merges with the universal date of 17-8, the immortality number to create a dynamic code of empowerment through calmness.
Even though our journeys look different, we are reflections of each other intimately connected in all ways.  What we do for others, we do for each other.  What you do for YOU, you do for ME!  This is the morning of 2020, the meaning of 2020, a year of energy, re-balance.  2020 echoes 22, the architect of peace vibration.
Inner Peace is the experience we and the other are as one.  Take this beautiful Equinox to invoke what is for our highest good and notice how calm we feel.  So, in love and light, Tanya Gabriella, here is to each of our peace and serenity, within and without.
Okay, so we’re going to go back to Thursday.  And, on Thursday, out in the orbit of Saturn, the Solar Galactic Councils are meeting on an orbiting moon around Saturn.  They are meeting, cussing and discussing the dark side over here on Mother Gaia.  They are speaking about the real possibility and probability that the dark side is using its toys from Area 51 in a final power grab.  This is not going to work. 
Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain is at this particular council meeting and he is saying, in not so many words, ‘Expect me.’  There are magic and miracles afoot as we enter this Equinox celebration coming up next Tuesday, September 22nd, Sat Nam, Namaste.
So then we will go to Friday.  I received a call from Mr. X.  It was 11:30 am this morning.  The last time I spoke with Mr. X is probably three or four months ago.  I got a sense that he was calling from outside the country.  He said to me, ‘Lord Rama, I have been on a journey, a very long journey.  I went to visit Lord Sanat Kumara, ancient, supreme, eternal, and now, future of days at Shamballa The Greater, which is up over the Gobi Desert in China.
‘I had a meeting with Lord Sanat Kumara and other council members of the City of Shamballa The Greater, an etheric physical light city in the sky of 4 to 5 million enlightened souls.’
Mr. X went on: ‘Lord Rama, there are many council meetings going on concerning the affairs of Humanity on Planet Earth.  Sanat Kumara showed me one of the landing bays in this light city where Lord Michael and Lord Anton of the Silver Fleets are.  From my perch, I saw hundreds of starships as far as the eye could see. 
‘This is all in preparation for the moment Captain Ashtar gives the word.  In that moment, we will be seeing old friends and family that we have not seen for many eons.  This is not about an upcoming confrontation.  This is about ascension and the healing of Planet Earth.
‘Lord Rama, right now we are going through a most intense period.  They want to bang the drums of war and escalate a situation with Iran.  As Mr. Keshe has said, ‘As the United States were to attack Iran, their technology would simply be rendered useless.  The Iranian people would use Mr.Keshe’s spaceship technology to render all the weapons of war useless, to neutralize them.  I will be seen soon. Expect me. I can show up anytime, anywhere. In Shallah. Sat Nam.
Okay, so now we’re going to go to Monday, yesterday. I received a call at 11:00 am this morning from Larry, Curly and Sweet Angelique, the cat.  They all said to me, ‘Lord Rama, the markets fell sharply today because of ‘lockdown jitters.’
Meanwhile, a Russian oligarch got caught following money into a construction company in the occupied territory called the City of David, which is in East Jerusalem.  Therefore, this area, this land, belongs to the Palestinian people and, most critically, it is a world heritage site.  This is a violation of international law on the part of this Russian oligarch.
The reason is the Russian oligarch has been helping financially Jewish settlers to settle on this heritage site of Palestinian land.  This situation, this case, has been brought to the International Criminal Court to be litigated as a violation of the rights of the Palestinian people to do with their land what is their wishes and to be treated with dignity and respect in equal measure.
Sweet Angelique said, ‘Lord Rama, there are huge cosmic rays pouring in at this time because of the change of seasons which we do every change of season.  Expect miracles and magic of the most wonderful kind.  May the force be with you and your beloved. Sat Nam.’
And so we come to today.  And today the Dalai Lama at 2:30 this morning gave us all a message, and this is what he said,
“Violence is not so much about the use of weapons as about the motive we have in our hearts.  External disarmament will only be achieved as we first achieve inner disarmaments.  World peace will only be won on the basis of inner peace.  That is the mission of the Buddha.”
And then Rama said, ‘I received a text message from Lady Master Nada and Lady Natasha at 10:30 am this morning. They said to me, ‘We are at the United Nations for the 75th United Nations General Assembly.  And the White House has issued a pre-recorded message saying, “China is the culprit that caused the worldwide pandemic.”  China’s President Xi Jin Ping addressed the UN in person, saying, “United States has released the pandemic upon the world.”’
Lady Nada and Natasha went on, ‘Something huge is going on.’  Lady Nada said, ‘There are starships coming in, landing, and interacting with the people every day all over the world.’
I asked Lady Nada, ‘How long has this been going on?’  Lady Nada answered, ‘At this increased intensity, at least for the last six months or more.  This is about preparing Humanity for the announcement of full disclosure that could occur at any moment now.  I may be seeing you along with the Poppy Lady and it may be sooner than you think.  This is about the Wise Council of Elders coming together at this time. Sat Nam.’
And then, Dr. Steven Greer tweeted at 10:30 pm last night, Monday, September 21st, 2020.  ‘As Consciousness is recognized as a singularity, Humankind will be able to recognize and communicate with other conscious beings across the Universe.  –Dr. Greer.’
And this is something we want to share with everyone.  It’s by Dr. Sheeba Rakesh.  The title is, The "Irreligious" Hinduism
"Ishvasyam idam sarvam yat kim eha jagatyam jagat/
Tena tyaktena bhunjitha, ma griadh kasyavidh dhanam"
"(know that) all this, whatever moves in this moving world is enveloped by god. Therefore find your enjoyment in renunciation; do not covet what belongs to the others."
Contrary to the popular belief, Hinduism is not a religion.  The Dharma it is known to be, is not about saffron and idols. These are the mere dresses of what we choose to call Hinduism. The word Dharma itself means "Duty" and the call of human duty is the basic premise of Hinduism.  In the ultimate analysis, Hinduism is a way of life, to anybody who is ready to receive from what it offers...and the biggest value it offers, is to the human condition - ways out of the human condition, to be precise. It questions the basics of Human existence and the nature of the world around it, underlining the transience of both, pinpointing the eternal essence of life: the Soul.
“In as much as it deals with the "invisible" and /or the "metaphysical" world, it is often labeled as "unreal". Yet for somebody, who has the power or the interest to grasp the knowledge, which the discipline has to offer, it becomes amply clear that just as the "realist" considers material reality as the penultimate, for the spiritual realist, this reality is made of, not this permanently changing world but of the permanently constant element-the Soul. In this, it is the Upanishads i.e. the Vedanta literally meaning , "the end of the Vedas" that give us the element of spiritual cosmopolitanism as it were, because though ancient, there is nothing as modern: though credited to Hinduism, nothing transcends religions, castes, creeds and gender as amply as this gift of knowledge called the Upanishads.
“The Sanskrit word Upanishad means literally, "to sit near devotedly". This, itself brings to mind, the picture of a student gathering knowledge from his/her teacher. It also means "secret knowledge", because the teacher can never be a guarantee to a successful student, unless the student is ready to receive and profit. And it is in this sense, that individualism is a highly prized quality, though the Ish Upanishad tells us that this individualism must not translate into selfishness, rather it must expand into personal progress so that an individual can be an asset to the society he lives in.
“The universal element
“The Ish Upanishad, like all the others, necessarily stresses the universal  element blazing underneath, the outer succession of events passing before our eyes. In this sense, it invites us to delve deeper and understand that the human life and progress is built essentially on acts of faith. The world around is in a perpetual state of motion and change. Each atom of this entire creation is throbbing with change.
“The Ish Upanishad asks us to question, as to who in the ultimate analysis, is the giver of this change!? The day we come to realize that it is someone beyond our Human self, will be the greater movement of change for us.....for in that moment, we will gather that this world does not belong to us....for it is that Supreme Power, which is residing in each part....micro and macro---of this world to whom we belong, as the rest of the creation. Once realized, we will never consider ourselves as the masters of our belongings but the trustees of the ownership handed over to us. This precisely, gives rise to detachment...and detachment is one of the pre-requisites of the freedom of the human soul from any sort of emotional bondage. It is one of the basic cornerstones of the Gita. Duty without attachment, offering every aspect of one's actions to the Almighty is what develops humility in the human soul!
“The progress of the human soul, entails life for it and anything that is contrary to its progress is death to it. It is in this sense, that broadly speaking, violence and untruth of any sort leads to demotivation and darkness of the human self. Renunciation (of negativity) is the path to a more enlightened self.
“The Ish Upanishad extols the virtues of that unseen power, which pervades every single breath of existence. It cannot be captured by the senses and yet, is already throbbing in them. It does not move itself, yet is faster than the flight of imagination, because it itself lends power to such flights! It is only through the realization of the magnitude of this magic, that the human self can surrender its ego and be at one with the Supreme!
“Ordinary human vision is prone to beholding diversity whereas an extraordinary vision easily sees that there is no such thing as difference....it is all One....all is unified. This material existence is subsumed into nature, which in turn, is absorbed into its creator...the Self or the Soul. This depth of observation rids the human self of both attachment and the grief, born thereof. For attachment is the cause of grief.
“The material nature around us
“This material nature around us throbs by the life given by the Universal Soul, and yet, the ignorant human soul extols the nature, ignoring the universal soul responsible for the nature's life. Similarly, the human body is alive only so long as it houses the soul, but the human beings hold the body as the ultimate reality and ignore the soul within. The Ish Upanishad clearly says, that the microcosm is the macrocosm , and vice versa. What is eternal is the Soul and not the body.  Only spiritual knowledge, can lend us an eternity to live, because the body is bound to perish.
T:  What do you say about that?  I think that the energies coming in now have changed us.
R:  Yes.
T:  As we can grasp what the energies are speaking to us now.  So, only the knowledge of the Spirit shall guide us forward, shall guide us to the Light. 
In Shallah, Everyone!  What an amazing time we are choosing to be alive in. And I just want to thank everyone for everything we’ve been doing together on this amazing balancing day.  And may we pass every test, and we are grateful. 
May we receive and we require assistance to care for ourselves.  We’ve got three cats, two in the barn and one bunny rabbit in the barn and then one kitty, white paws here with us in the house.  And we require assistance so we can have food and take care of all the responsibilities.  Thank you so much.  This has been quite a journey for all of us.
R:  Thank you so much for being here at this time.  Miracles are afoot.
T:  Yes, and we have to say, ‘yes, we can.’ And I pass this talking stick with fairies and feathers and angels and crystals, and Menahunes to my sister Fran.
And I just heard a laugh from our sister Susan.  So I pass the laughter of Sister Susan on to you, too, as well, and a few whales and dolphins.  Here it comes, sister Fran!
Transcribed by Marta and edited by Fran.
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