Tara & Rama Report 9-26-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Thank you everybody. All the faithful out there and the determined and I just want to speak on behalf of Fran and Susan and then ourselves and just let you know that by mandate at Faction 3, we cannot participate in any type of business of multi-level marketing or anything like that. We need to stay outside those kinds of systems.
So as anybody is able to do something like that and they come into some good blessings with that, it would be really nice to kind of tithe to this work and help, and that will raise the vibrations even more. The more the support to this messenger system from Faction 3 White Knights, the more the Galactics can come in and do more for everybody on this planet; it’s just the way of The Force. So again, we are all in extremely tight spots under the circumstances. Let’s bless the generosity here that comes forth and keep our hearts open; and thank you, thank you, thank you, Everyone, for all that good work.
Tara: In the meantime, the other day Rama talked to Mr X, and do you remember what he said?
Rama: Yes, about a lot of stuff between then and now. I can just say that today I talked to the Poppy Lady and an Afghani Sheik
Tara: who spoke excellent English.
Rama: And she told me there is a contingency force of 25,000 Sasquatch folks who have surrounded our US military in Helmand province [Afghanistan]. At a certain point, and I would believe that, that  certain point is now, they are going to use their technology and render the US military technology useless, just like M.T.Keshe talks about. This is from Andromeda.
Tara: Well the Beings, the red Sasquatch Beings home planet is from the Andromedan Galaxy. That’s where they come from. We’ve got to remember that the Sasquatch people are human
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and that’s really important. They are our brothers and sisters and they’ve saved many lives across this planet in so many places and in so many ways. Also the military have been blowing up caves and Buddhas and all kinds of sacred sites. In one cave they tried to get in and there was a force field put up.
Rama: There was a ship in the cave and it was 5000 years old.
Tara: and the ones that tried to get into that forcefield died,
Rama: Yes, 8 US soldiers. This is an old story, yet it has been out there for a while. All these things are going on in the midst of the major distractions of the Grump and over the weekend, across Twitter and so many other places, almost all of Hollywood got on their knees and just said, “Not in my name, NFL.” And I got a tweet from George Lucas that said, “I got on my knee as well.” That’s a big deal folks, because we are a unified field of Love.
The Poppy Lady also shared with me that there are different Galactic groups that are already here on the ground working with the Wise Councils of Elders as, let’s say what happens in Afghanistan opens the doorway for many other things to happen - being able to interact with our Galactic brothers and sisters. She told me that what happened in Puerto Rico is all about the weather manipulation with the technology of the killer satellites and the International Space Station. I just blaze the Violet Fire. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: I was just going to say that there’s more to this. What the Poppy Lady said is that when the signal is given, the red Sasquatch will activate their light technology and they’re a contingency force as we said from their homeland of the Andromedan Galaxy, yet they’re with the Ashtar command.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And what they are going to do is completely neutralize all [weapon] technology first in Afghanistan; and that’s a very important piece. What they are doing is that they are protecting the land of Buddha, Siddhartha’s home.
Rama: Yes, this has always been the story of Siddartha Gautama Buddha
Tara: and all of the destruction that has been done of the Buddhas and the artifacts, there is a deep underground space underneath the Smithsonian Institute. All of these are replicated again in the fullness of what they are by Lord Metatron and all of that stuff is going to be brought up. 
Rama: Yes.
Tara:  And then there has been a lot of talk lately about the advancements of our climate change situation. Tom Hartmann had three specialists in the climate change, for the ice and the oceans and the land mass, and they are all saying that with what they know, that as early as 2050’s there are extinction level events for humans on the list. Yet what we know that we must remember is that in the capstone of the pyramid of Giza there are these seed pods and as they are planted, they grow and within 48 hours they’ve got hundreds of miles of vines out of that one planting. And as they can keep on planting these things, they can cover the whole Sahara desert, for instance, in some days or so. Literally within month or two there is going to be a complete garden that grows there again which will sequester all this CO2 back into the plant life, not to mention that in those gourds that are on those vines  from those seed pods, there is Xenon gas released into the atmosphere
Rama: Yes.
Tara: which totally cleans up CO2; and they are doing it in the ocean too. They’ve got stuff to do that in the oceans. This is why Mother [Sekhmet] is telling us, you know, what they are not telling us, and what those scientists at the highest level of expertise don’t know either, because this has to do with the suppression of over 16,000 technologies that can actually repair the damage here. So let’s suspend our disbelief.
As the Poppy Lady and the Afghani Sheikh spoke to Rama, and all of the ones that have been talking to Rama say, “Please, please, Everybody, blaze that Violet Fire and that 3-Fold Flame as it is making a huge difference.” Believe in the Masters and support this Mission of Truth and pass it along everybody. Invite more people.
We had a wonderful, wonderful day today. Our sister Caroline brought a dear friend of hers; and I just wanted to share this because this sister is so totally awake and I just want to say that there are so many more of us like this now. And lest we have walked in any of these characters shoes, accentuate totally the positive, and this next word is very important, ELIMINATE entirely the negative. Do not mess with in-between; and take existing structures, give them new uses and bring Joy. The energies are higher than ever and they are not going to stop going higher.
NESARA now - Michelle for President - and Love and Peace to everyone!
We pass this fairy-dusted Rainbow Rose talking stick back to our sisters, Susan and Fran. 
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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