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Sananda's Blessing
for All Children*
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference 
March 25, 2014
"Greetings Beloved Family!  It is I, Sananda, and I am so thankful to be here with you in these moments, which are so filled with so many happenings that, indeed, the World is a very chaotic place. As Ashtar has told you,** there are many things coming in the way of public disclosures which are most difficult and challenging to look upon.  And yet, we are all together in loving service, and so it is that we look upon all that is occurring, and it must be from the perspective of Love.  It must be from the Heart, for we are moving together into the realms of Light, and that's all there is - Love, Light, and the Joy and the Peace on Earth!  And this is indeed the destination that you promised yourselves eons ago. Indeed, I walked among you in the body of Yeshua, and I promised all of this and more.
"And I also invited the children to come because I knew that the children understood Love.  They understood what I was teaching, oftentimes more clearly than their parents!  And I invited them to come because I knew that in each one of them I was planting a seed. I was inviting them to be and to express all the Love that they were.  And I knew that this would ultimately bring us to this point.  It was hoped, or shall we say proposed, before I came in to the body of Yeshua that perhaps the World was ready to return to the Light.  But there was too much strife going on, too much greed, too much war, too much arguing, and so that did not occur. But as I have said, I planted the seeds.
"That which you know as your Bible contains some Truths, and some not-so-Truths, particularly the Old Testament.  I have given a newer version of my teachings to the world.  It is called A Course In Miracles.  And I have inspired many to understand and to express that what I came to teach is Love - simple, simple, be Love, express Love.  And when the World comes to a place when it has had enough of the opposite of Love, there I shall be - I and the Grand Company of ascended ones, angels, all of those who dwell in the lighted realms, as you do in part, because you are as divine as I!  And in that sense, we are all the children of Mother-Father God.
"But it is the little ones, the innocent ones - many of those who are counted as among the missing have not run away, but they have been caught up in this system which outwardly displays itself as the leader of a great number of people of Planet Earth - the religious leaders - and there is more than one involved, and yet inwardly they have preyed upon the innocents, as you have been hearing.  And it is most important that all be forgiven and that you, Beloved Ones, refrain from being in judgment, from being in anger.
"And so let us focus upon the children and know that they are with us in spirit - all the children of the World are with us as part of the great One We Are.  And let us keep them safe in our Hearts and surround them with Love, for truly, truly, they are the Light of the World.  Among humanity they have so much to share, and it is for them to bloom as they get older, it is for them to bloom and share their wisdom of their own divinities.  You call them the Crystals, the Indigos, the Rainbows, and they are indeed a treasure for all, all of the dwellers of Planet Earth and beyond!
"And so let the little children come.  Hug them and hold them in your Hearts, these precious ones, for they are treasures.  And as they come into your Hearts, be the children with them!  It matters not how many years you have reached, Beloved Ones - you are all innocent, radiant children, you are all beautiful and divine!  And so I thank you all for being in the service of Who You Are, and what you came here to do.  I thank you all for being the beams of Love/Light shining forth upon the World, and I thank you all for allowing such Love into your own Hearts.  For, Beloved Ones, you must bless yourselves even as I bless you with the Love, with the Light, which is the highest power there is.  And that is why it is prevailing even now. 
"There may be some more days of skirmishes, chaos and yes, even some darkness here and there, but remember - by your own divine decree from each and every one of your Hearts - The Light is shining forth upon each and every one of you, even as you shine it forth from your own beings!!!  So feel the Love, take it into your Hearts and allow yourselves to come into my arms, Heart to Heart.  And let us be rejoicing as divine children together, nevermore to have any sense of separation and nevermore to feel alone or lonely, but rather to be connected in our Hearts and indeed in the totality of our beings by this great Light of Love!
"Let our connections be your reality, Beloved Ones, and never doubt again.  Together, we are moving into the realms of Light, and this, Beloved Ones, is why we're all here!  So thank you for your attendance, for your commitments, for your service.  I love you all, more than any words can possibly express.  Feel the Love and be the Love, and so we continue together.  And so it is. Namaste!"  ***
*   Sananda was introduced by a song by Lei'ohu Ryder, The Blessing, which he gave to her.
***Sananda's Blessing was followed by Sekhmet's powerful Crystal Exercise, sending Love to all children of the World - audio link at bottom of page here:
Transcription by Fran.
Given through Susan Leland, March 25, 2014. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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