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Tara & Rama Report 2-25-20
Rama and Tara: Thank you, thank you! 
Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Eli, the power that comes through the sound of your voice is very healing, and thank you, thank you, thank you. And yes, talk about clear light and a clear mind.  That’s what we get when we get Eli and Mother [Sekhmet] together. My goodness. 
Tara: As you know tonight there has been a debate going on and there’s absolutely a brawl going on and a very intense attempt to kind of silence Bernie Sanders that is very visible. And yet as Bernie listens and as Bernie speaks, he remains a steady voice, yet there are constant interruptions, very much so.
And to observe the way that the debates are going right now are in the context overall of keeping everything within the status quo, even though there are progressive voices and there are conservative voices, liberal voices and other voices.  What has not been addressed is what’s behind this story, which we’ve been saying many, many times now, is the Pyramid story.
The breakthrough that we are looking for is to open up the truth about the underbelly of this power structure and it’s coming around the edges, as Mother [Sekhmet] and Eli were talking about, our brother Julian Assange. Roger Waters was clear as a bell, he came on ‘Going Underground’ last Saturday and he made it very clear that it represents the end of any free speech or all democracy on Earth as this were to come through, that he would be extradited,
And this Pyramid, remember the politicians and the leaders have nothing to say, they’re just power points to represent this Pyramid power that’s still on top of this whole story. What Natasha said,
Rama: Yes
Tara: to Rama today is that regarding Julian Assange, there are things going on behind the scenes that really cannot be discussed at this time.”  And what we are talking about is the removal that Eli and Mother [Sekhmet] were saying of all these lower vibrations that cannot spin in a good way, in a clockwise way for good vibrations. 
So this is the report I am going to give first, today’s report. I received a call late this morning from Dr. Z. and Natasha. By the way, Dr. Z mentioned that he is many hundreds of years old and that the reason that he’s here is because of the Nikola Tesla energy. So that’s an insight to the power of Love, because Nikola Tesla’s energy is aligned identically with the higher vibrations of conscious Love. That’s what it is. 
And I can say that I have had experience with it, because I have sat in Tesla’s coil at least four times. And it is very, very lasting. It never goes backwards. Of course, we can shut our hearts, or try to. It’s very difficult to shut your heart once you know this experience. So that’s what’s going on right now, because the energies have gone high enough that enough people on Mother Gaia have opened their hearts enough to experience that and they will not turn back.
What does that mean?  As we have said many times now, that accountability does not include violence in any way shape or form, so that means having some kind of calm as you discuss and dialogue, especially when the energies, representing for instance, on this stage tonight, except for Bernie, they are attempting to work within targeting people within a parameter that you do not go past, which is to say what Bernie’s been saying.
Bernie’s been saying literally regarding healthcare that it should be a right, not a privilege.  The privilege part is within the context of the Pyramid, controlling, saying we’re not going to do this for you. And Mr. Bloomberg said that a number of times. Elizabeth Warren challenged Mr. Bloomberg to release the gag orders on the many women whom he has silenced, and I guess, paid them off, that that should be released. He said in a very authoritarian way, ‘That’s not going to happen, and that’s that, period! And end of story, I am not going to talk any more about it.’
That’s the Pyramid working. And that has to do with the next step. And these characters in the Pyramid order things to be done, and then they use violence as their modus operandi of one form or another. So that’s where you can tell where a person is coming from, and as you can tell also where a person is saying there’s not that much money, and that’s not true and blah blah blah blah.
What is true is that when we come from the principle, the zeitgeist of the law, as we say, everything gets added onto us. So there is no such thing as ‘not enough’ or ‘we can’t’ because everything gets added onto that’s needed for every single Soul to receive all that they need, want and desire. That’s the law - the zeitgeist of the law. 
That’s what the Founding Fathers had in their intention when they put out this [Constitution]. One of the things they were so worried about was the party system, that one group would get control of both parties, and that would be the complete end of what Bernie Sanders reflects himself as being. He reflects himself as being, and this is a great word Sonja told me tonight - it’s called the embodiment. As we wish to ascend, we need to embody. Bernie Sanders represents the embodiment of ‘social democracy.’
That’s very different than the kind of socialism that is hooked up at the hip with communism, which states that the government owns everything. And they are using that excuse with the healthcare system.  Bernie is proposing that the healthcare system eliminates basically the corporations called the insurance companies. And he made a very clear statement in the last debate. He said, “It takes thousands and thousands of private insurance companies in this country, and their administrative fees, that have to be taken out of the health insurance, (which is not called healthcare, it’s called health insurance) that everybody is paying for.”
And there was an example. Thom Hartmann gave an example of two hospitals, one in the United States and one in Canada. And that the one in Canada has got one office room with 3 people and they administer to the, you might say, to the total of 3 percent, what do you call that, over the cost of administration. In the other hospital at the same size, same amount of beds and all that stuff, the other hospital has an entire floor with hundreds and hundreds of administrators to go over each health insurance policy from all the myriads of companies. 
So the difference of that represents the difference last year of 100 billion dollars that were taken out of our health insurance costs, last year, one hundred billion dollars. Where did it go? To the CEO’s and their cronies of the health insurance companies. And he is recommending eliminating that, by recommending Medicare for all. That is a crime in terms of anybody that’s working within the Pyramid structure, of which everybody on that stage is in one form or another. It’s got nothing to do about the person. It’s got to do about how they got there and how it is tethered. And we must recognize this. This is the same thing with now, this virus that has shown up in the midst of all these things. 
On Monday, the King of Swords called me late morning.  He said to me, “Lord Rama, Harvey Weinstein was convicted of two charges of rape, on a lesser charge of them. He’s facing 29 years in prison.  He will be sentenced down the road here in March sometime.” Yet they took him off to jail today, so he’s sitting in the jail cell. And then they said they were going to take him to a hospital.  He’s in Rikers. That is the most austere violent place, and it’s kind of surprising.
Yet I think that the statement that’s being made is that the Pyramid saying it’s sad he got caught, but that is what they do to him because he is going to expose what all of the rest of us Pyramid people have been corrupting in the world, including child tr*fficking, child p*rnography, human tr*fficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking. This is all that Pyramid stuff, money laundering, yes. All of those things which are the fingers of Sauron in this situation, which cannot be adjudicated within it.
This is very important.  Markets fell yesterday 1039 points.  This is about the markets closing in China because of the Covid19, corona virus. And the United States is a guilty party, as the United States set up this virus in China in a Chinese lab, made a secret operation and began the operation in August of 2018. They made it a secret operation the purpose of which this operation is, from its inception, is to reduce the human population greatly.  That includes intending to reduce the population in America by half.
Okay, now we are going to go back to what we are talking about here because we are getting more responsibility for how we are going to take care of our lives, and so back to the report from today. Dr. Z and Natasha said to me, “Lord Rama, the dark side is in the process of intentionally attempting to remove most of the population of Mother Gaia, yet that plan has been cancelled. The Arcturians and the Antarians, they are here with Lord Michael’s legions upon legions of Angels and they are all Master Healers. 
When speaking of this, it means they are on the ground in a body, even though they are Galactic agents. They are in a body on the ground, exactly as we have been saying for decades, 20 million sovereign world militia forces, 16 million of them that are from the Ashtar Command. They are in physical bodies on the ground, even though they are members of the Ashtar Command.  Now we’ve got these on the ground as well. And they are all Master Healers.
The dark side’s manufactured virus, the Covid19, sometimes called the Wuhan virus or the corona virus are some of the names, yet it cannot withstand the Light of the Sun and the Great Central Sun Alcyone that has amped up its vibration now. It’s past the point that it can withstand, provided that we do our work now.  
In other words, we’ve got to do some practical things. It’s going to be necessary to wash your hands often, and also to not touch your face, or your eyes, or your nose, or any of those things until you wash your hands, because they are making an attempt to take the Light down by these covert actions. And they are saying on the news, only as you are not keeping your heart open, your high heart, that you can be taken down.  And the fact most everything made in China comes over here and it’s on the shelves in stores. And that virus can stay on labels and all of those things for up to two weeks. So that’s that.
That being said, observe and take action and also this is another super important reason to buy locally. (And by the way, I have got to tell everybody right now as I’m thinking of it, that we are out of food and we need $150.00 as soon as possible so we can get some more food from our local Beneficial Farms.) 
But do everything you can to buy everything local and organic, and lectin-free – that’s something that needs to be studied. And there is all kinds of propaganda, thousands of doctors that ‘poo-poo’ all of that stuff. It’s not. They are part of that restrained Pyramid power. So take time to study that book. It’s called “The Plant Paradox.” Dr. Gandry has come out with another solution and he’s got all of these explanations. We don’t have to take a long time and it’s very exciting, and it’s going to clear a lot of things up and help people understand better.
And another thing about this is that we are going to be asked to really work on opening up our hearts and going deeper into the things that are called blind spots and take on the divine emotion, which we are, we are nothing other than, and learn everything you can to learn how to help the body to live on here, because that’s the precious vehicle in which we can make the difference on Mother Gaia so that that Light is laser focused on all the trouble spots on Mother Gaia. 
Natasha said at this point, “Lord Rama, it is imperative for everyone to take some form of silver (there’s Freemart silver, that’s very powerful. Nano Silver is good - a very, very, very well researched form of silver.) Silver represents the color of the Divine Feminine’s ability to receive Love into the body. That’s why it’s so powerful.” Okay, take it at least 2 times a day and use your pendulum or your intuition to tell yourself how many drops you need to take.
Also take Royal Jelly which also helps boost our immune system and also helps lower the blood pressure. And if we don’t think we have enough reasons to be raising our blood pressure, please don’t ask for more.  I would say ‘enough’ and let’s follow this. It’s a very, very good idea. Also, take American Ginsing. There are many fine qualities in American Ginsing which will boost your immune system very well.
Also the suggestion of Fo-ti Ching. There are different qualities of Fo-ti Ching. It’s almost impossible to find Fo-ti Ching that’s made from 350 year old roots. Yet there are some that are better than others so research it. That are also extremely good for our immune system. And again, breathe deeply, please stay in balance. Breathe deep, long and slow. Stay in balance. Smile - because it works - and look for the magic in the most unlikely of places. And as Dr. Z said, “Live long and prosper.”
I think that I said that the insurance companies made 100 billion dollars of our money.  Not for our health, yes, we know that. Also, there is a good practice, and it would really be good now.  Because we’re at the peak of the problem child that is missing from the knowledge on the platform of our elections, on the platform of our consciousness and all those things.  And that is that everything is polluted. And of course, we can use the blaze of the Violet Fire.
But there’s a practical thing for the body that it takes 16 hours for the body to cleanse and everyday that you stop eating at 6:00 in the evening, and then proceed to eat again at 10:00 in the morning, you have just given the body sixteen hours to really cleanse.  And you can drink teas and water, lots more water. Nobody’s drinking enough water.
And again, I will just recommend this because it’s true, the Freemart water has the ability to get the water into the cells in 2 to 6 seconds. Normal water, even structured water, takes close to 6 hours normally to process through the whole body and actually get absorbed into the cells.   That’s a huge difference. So at this time, that would be a really good product to look forward to and check out. And we could do that and we could recommend 8 to 10 glasses of really good water every day.
There’s another thing, just on that health insurances and the Socialist story.  Socialist things that we take advantage of in this country are our roads, our police, our fire departments, our public schools, and even hospitals at times. And by doing Medicare for all, you do not make the government own all of those things.  All it means is that there is overhead. That’s the word I was thinking of. All it means is that the government re-distributes our tax dollars to the overhead of 3%, where everybody gets to have any doctor they wish, any hospital they wish, any type of healthcare that they need, want and desire. 
And so the last thing that we want to say is that Rama was told three times, on three days, that he was going to be visited by the Faction 3 White Knights very, very soon. It’s been at least a decade since he has heard one peep about that. What that does mean, that they are telling him, they will be seen in the physical very soon. What they are saying is NESARA is very, very soon. Very, very, very soon.
Rama: Yes!
Tara: So in all of these hyperactive creations, we just need to get through the eye of the needle. And remember, Everybody, all of this is Maya. And in Maya you look for the silver lining. No matter whether that is the most harsh thing going on, remember that there is a silver lining.  The reason that we are getting the harsher things is that we are calling to it from the subconscious which we don’t have in our consciousness that we are actually repeating from the old paradigm. And so, that’s over.
And the other thing to remember is that, what does the Buddha say? ‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, and until I reach enlightenment, I take refuge in all the Buddhas and in the Dharma and in the Sangha, by the merits of accomplishment by the six perfections of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Beauty, for the benefit of all Beings, all sentient great Beings. I achieve this Buddha-hood, for the benefit of all sentient Beings.
And we are all Christ. And the Light that is coming in now, you know, as we talk about the Light of  the halo that Christ had on his head, that’s the halo that we have on our whole auric body right now. And it is working. Judge not, and help our neighbor.
And I am so grateful and thank you for assisting us at this time, and Namaste.  I pass this talking stick, full of Fairies, Angels, Feathers and Crystals and Rainbows to my Sister Fran. 
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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