2017 Ashtar & Mentors Messages

Ashtar:We'veTurned the Corner-Be Creators 9-26-17
Mother Mary: On The Road to Joy 9-26-17
Ashtar: Leaky Boats+Luxury Liners 9-12-17
St.Germain: Give Up War! 9-12-17
Ashtar: Co-Creating With You 8-22-17
Mother Mary: We Are All the Same LoveLight 8-22-17
Ashtar: There Is No Separation Between Us 8-8-17
Sananda: You Are All Radiant Beings 8-8-17
Ashtar: Your Light Beaming Helps Us 7-25-17
St.Germain:Join Us 7-30Call-NESARA-KeshePeace 7-25
Ashtar: Your LoveLight Creates Miracles! 7-11-17
Arcturians on Moving Between Dimensions 7-11-17
Ashtar:Free Will of Humanity Has Prevailed 6-27-17
Mother Gaia; Communion With Me 6-27-17
Ashtar: Keep Going Thru Darkness 6-13-17
Mother Mary: You Are All My Children 6-13-17
Ashtar: NESARA Leads The Way! May 23, 2017
St.Germain:What Is Divine Governance? 5-23-17
St.Germain;I'mInCharge ofYourAbundance-resent 5-26
Ashtar: The Energies Are Moving Up 5-09-17
Buddha: You Are All Enlightened Ones 5-09-17
Ashtar:Come Fly With Us+Lift Consciousness 4-25-17
Merlin: Ascension Is Alchemy 4-25-17
Ashtar: Divine Governance Brings World Peace 4-11
Sananda: Resurrection, Easter Blessing 4-11-17
Archangel Michael: Excalibur Tells Your Truth 3-28
Ashtar: Use Your Gifts! 3-28-17
St.Germain: Violet Flame,Alchemy,My Bank 3-14-17
Ashtar: Multi-Dimensional You 3-14-17
Merlin: Be The Magician w Dragonfly Energy 2-28-17
Ashtar: Be Not Distracted Feb 28, 2017
Mother Mary, Venus, Kuan Yin on Love-Feb 14, 2017
Ashtar:The Path of Truth is Fueled by Love 2-14-17
St.Germain: Keep Your Eyes on The Prize! 1-24-2017
Ashtar: Light The Way! 1-24-2017
Kuan Yin: World Peace 1-10-2017
Ashtar: Moving To Peace 1-10-2017

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